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  1. Golin frowns upon reading the pamphlet, "Oi se'e nut 'ell dwed' re 'appe, wit' is declareat nuw?"
  2. Olbrecht reads the pamphlet, able to do nothing but agree to what was on it. Mumbling he said something to himself; “Turns out I was right after all.”
  3. RACE: Snow Elf Gender: Male Skin color: Pale Bodymass: Average Hair color: White Hair style: doesn't really matter. Facial hair: None Eye color: Blue, silver Clothing: Blue, whiteish robes, also includes a blue, white colored hood.
  4. DusRamon

    The Green Cloaks

    Name: Olbrecht von Denhardt. Race: Human Sub Race: Highlander IC Age: 19 IC Reason for applying: Olbrecht has met Zoot Grumblehill, and has the same motives and goals as to protect the people of Adria and beyond, hoping to ensure safety for all. OOC OOC Age: 15 Username: Zyhaveus Discord Tag: Zyhaveus#7841 Timezone: UTC +1, CET.
  5. General information: Name: Golin Titles: Beardling Aliasses: Hammerhand, Shortbeard and Stout-ale Race: Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf Family: Father: Barthain Grandaxe Grandfather: Fimlin Grandaxe Clan: Clan Grandaxe Age: 63, born in 1644. Biography: Hair color: Red Eye color: Brown, often grey looking Skin tone: Olive Height: 4’5’’ ft Weight: 225 lbs Build: A stout and muscular dwed, broad shoulders; yet fast in battle. Facial features: Golin is a young dwarf, one could say his face is a testament, proof that this dwed is not yet experienced. Clothing: Golin is clothed in brown and grey, always wearing his gold and silver necklace. History and backstory: Golin was the secondborn child and son of Barthain son of Fimlin, Fimlin being the current Dwarven King of the Dwedmar. Like most other Dwedmar, especially his Mountain Dwarven kin Golin took a liking to gemstones and craftmanship. Golin however, understood that in order to gain something, you need to do something and became a miner in his early years, straying away from the Legion and straying away from becoming a blacksmith. Digging up much stone, gems, coal and iron in his early years. Eventually delving deeper with too many greed, thus he stumbled upon gold. Taken away and inspired by its glowing beauty Golin brought it to a blacksmith that made it into a necklance, adding silver into it. It is said that Golin helped him on this project and thus earned his alias, ”Hammerhand” though this is only speculated and nobody knows for sure but him. Golin himself however, continues his mining expeditions and continues selling his wares to other Dwedmar. And he has yet to pass his trials to become a true Grandaxe. Non Physical information – Good character traits: ♦ Hardy ♦ Open-Minded ♦ Fair in skill with an axe ♦ Confident in his works Neutral character traits: ♦ Loyal ♦ Stubborn ♦ Proud Likings and dislikings: ♦ Trading ♦ Mining ♦ Woodcutting ♦ Elves ♦ Humans ♦ Orcs ♦ Goblins ♦ Respect ♦ Jokes ♦Unhonorable names
  6. I appreciate it, but have joined clan Grandaxe in the meantime already, thanks for readin’ this application though.
  7. Everyone needs dem Halflings, going dwarf myself though.. don’t even know where Halfling cities or settlements are.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      We live next to Aegrothond.

  8. I see, though I thought I had to apply in order to become an Irongut dwarf in special?
  9. Upon noticing and further examination of the piece of paper nailed outside the entrance to the Sutican Tavern Morgan slightly smiles for a moment, he looked at the date and time on the parchment before wandering off in to the wilds again, thus making sure he would remember to come to the wedding.
  10. So I don’t even know where to start honestly, I’ve only joined for around 48 hours, this also meaning I have only just been accepted for two days and have already experienced quite a lot in these hours, it makes me realize how awesome and immersive LotC is, no matter where you are you just know someone else is active on the other side of the map, or perhaps one of the closer cities next to the city you’re in or at. Now I would actually like to introduce myself, I’m Ramon and I am from the Netherlands. I’ve been role-playing for a couple of years now, I think it all together would come to a total of 6 to 7 years already. I enjoy writing and therefore roleplay, and love noble roleplay, diplomatic roleplay but also casual and overall just fun roleplay. Now I could tell yall more about who I am in person, what my interests and hobby’s are, perhaps what my age is but.. well, that doesn’t explain why I find this world so immersive and why I enjoy it here, not even why I decided to write this message, so let me start with an introduction to my first and current persona (character for those who are also new) My current character is called Morgan A. (Asher) Brown. He’s currently a 20 year old heartlander human (at the time of writing this that is of course) and has experienced quite some things the past 48 hours, two months I believe in IRP time. Upon joining he met two nice men, one named Leon, some knight Morgan assumed whom he sees as a close friend even though they parted ways. He also met Aldis Chase, marb who actually taught me quite a lot out of character and helped me along the way, Aldis showing Morgan the way to Helena and showing him around the region overall. He met another close friend of his, I don’t remember his second name but I know his name was Eoghal IRP, my character Morgan sees him as a close friend even though he well, steals horses and saddles and sells ‘em (not that people know this IRP!) Together with Eoghal he joined the Imperial Legion at first, managing to defeat Aldis in a brawl at the start though being defeated whilst fighting Eoghal. He mined, and Morgan sold some of his iron around a stack and four I think for 1 minas (moneyz) pp (per piece) Though this was not done IRP I still recall it as one of Morgan’s actions, I mean selling is a good way of making friends and gaining character progression ain’t it? Eventually he left Helena for a while encountering an orc and a half-orc, being beaten up and robbed as he had no armor yet, gave it to Eoghal who lost it and by giving it to him instead of keeping it himself, Morgan simply recovered not being able to remember what happened. He later left with Eoghal to Adria, buying a house there with him, sharing it as they both has business in Adria. There he met someone named Maximus, some local criminal that tried to intimidate him though he just walked past him. Maximus had howerer followed Morgan and eventually it turned into a fight at which a guard stopped them both and after some stuff arrested ‘em. They were both brought before Paul, the duke of Adria I guess and think. After some talk they found out Maximus was a wantd man, a criminal that had murdered countless of people, though Morgan was first to become a servant, Paul later pardoned him after he spoke for himself and said he only acted out of self defense and tried to surrender to the guard, which was true. Morgan also joined the guardforce of Adria and protects it now, after Maximus was executed publicly he got his head and just dropped it somewhere to get rid of it IRP (sssh!) Well that’s it really, I also applied for a second persona, an Irongut dwarf to be made so I can roleplay some cool stubborn cave dwarf but for now that is my story, and it all happened in less than 48 hours actually, around 16 in total worth of RP. If anyone would like to roleplay w/ me, talk w/ me or simply become my friend and talk, here is my Discord: ”Zyhaveus#7841” Don’t wanna be greedy but some reputation just to get started would be nicee, someone explaining to me how to gain reputation would also be appreciated heh.
  11. You’re a nice dude, up for roleplaying w/ my heartlander human Morgan A. Brown or my to-be dwarf character this week? 

  12. [ MC Name: ] Zyhaveus What is your name? (Ramon IRL) Thorin “Gemstone” Irongut Where do you live? The Netherlands (IC) Agnuram What are your primary skills? I’d be make for a fair fighter amongst the Irongut and am a fairly good miner, however the mining part is a little bit harder due to the dried out mines, I’d also be useful for farming and perhaps as someones smith apprentice. I also enjoy and like writing, so hit me up if there are some diplomatic roles lying around. Short biography (5+ sentences): I, Thorin Irongut grew up, and spend my young dwarven years with a lovely family that taught me the values of being an honorable Dwarf, what else would you expect anyways, being born in Agnuram doesn’t allow for anythin’ else of course, we’re all family here! Terror however stroke, as on my 30th birthday my mother got and brought me the news that my father had perished in an attack. He had ventured out of Agnuram for whatever reason and headed to Adria, where he met a man whom they could not identify, as he had also been killed but were unable to identify as it was a citizen of Adria and not Agnuram, apparantly a bandit group called the “Reivers” I believe were after this man and shot him, mistaking my father as one of his friends they shot him too; causing him to die right the and there. I had a decent upbringing however, more then enough support of my family and of course my mother who wanted and still wants for me to be a smith, I went into the mines however; it earns decent money, I’m fine with my life as long as I have enough minas for bread and weaponry. On my daily mining I however found a common, yet to me beautiul looking gemstone the others call “Emerald” in common tongue, instead of selling this to me precious gemstone I kept it, and kept it clean and nice for the past months. The others call me Thorin “Gemstone” Irongut because of this, not that I mind – it is a decent alias afterall. I still want to become a smithy however, this minin’ is hard work! I’ll just see whether or not I’ll spend minas on trying to get a job at a local blacksmith and of on some decent equipment. I’ve only just started my training in combat however, it is quite interesting to learn how to break one’s skull with an axe or sword really. How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): One of the many beardlings was a father to my character, Thorin “Gemstone” Irongut. Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: Yes, of course I do! OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Yes, yes I do. Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required) Zyhaveus#7841 Btw, if anyone would like to roleplay with me if I get accepted: Just add me on Discord, I’d also really need someone to teach my character how to fight and if someone happens to be a blacksmith and needs a apprentice to roleplay with also hit me up please, really wanna learn blacksmithin’ Add me to the family tree if accepted btw ❤️ (if there is one)
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    My apologies for the text going white, assuming it has something to do with old formatting. Just ignore it please, thanks!
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