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  1. John de Vitus, the former Archchancellor of Courland admires the renunciation, agreeing to every bit of it in silence, he shook his head afterwards, wishing he had not helped the Stauntons at all, ever.
  2. ”Still near Helena.” remarked Charles.
  3. To Emmeline Neumarkt To Emmeline of Neumarkt, far stretched cousin of mine; Let it at first be known that I care not for styles, or the way this hastily written letter looks, for it is simply to deliver a message: It has come to my attention as well that you have made false claim against the Kingdom of Courland, the House of Staunton and all that is Courlandic to the very core of your bones. I question you, I question your existence, I question your legitimacy and above all I question the truth not-so present in your words. It has come to my knowledge that you say your father,
  4. Charles chuckles, knowing full well she took advantage of the assassination of her own nephew, who was killed on her father’s orders, and should stop shifting the blame to the innocent to save her own reputation.
  5. Charles Staunton supports this wholeheartedly, raising his cup in the air till it was just above his head in memory of Courland’s past as a smile seemed to adorn his visage momentarily. Charles himself was safely tucked away in a remote tavern, far away from those whom he dubbed pretenders.
  6. Adolf the Younger narrowed his eyes at the missive, having the utmost trouble at understanding. He simply signed the Lorraine instead.
  7. ”Easy there, miss one-eye.” Replied John with a frown, secretly in approval.
  8. Jószef nodded in approval, enjoying that what he was still in the midst of reading.
  9. Paul Alexander frowns from the Seven Skies, keen on the fact those were not Varoche in name.
  10. “GOD speaks aye, to all of His flock.” Jószef commented in simplicity
  11. You robbed me a few times, I’ll never forget that, was fun. Sad to see you go. I wish you the best of luck with life.
  12. John smiled for a moment “Finally something worthwhile.”
  13. Jószef looks up from his studies, a smile adorning his visage.
  14. John fails to understand why they weren’t just executed instead.
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