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  1. “What is your baptismal name?” Paul Alexander Sigismund “Hm, and how many years have you lived?” 21 “I see, interesting. And where were you born?” Ves “Aha, and your ethnicity?” Heartlander “Are you able to read and write?” Does it look like I’m able? “I see. And your family? Are you married, do you have children?” No. “How do you wish to serve GOD? As A Monk? A priest? A layman?” Priest obviously. “And finally, do you have any issue with taking up oaths of chastity and devote yourself to our Lord GOD?” No
  2. “That they take so much pride in the slaughter of a simple peasant, shows how lowly their ambitions are in truth, how shameful.” Paul Alexander shook his head.
  3. “Johannes Barclay, of House Barclay?” Paul Alexander frowned. ”They ruined the surprise!”
  4. Paul Alexander snorts upon reading about the matter. "For such a great army with a self proclaimed purpose of righteousness they surely take pride in the most insignificant of victories." He'd sigh before stating one final thing before returning to his duties. "It seems GOD forgot to give them proper brains on purpose."
  5. Paul Alexander crossed his arms, replying: "Wrong, you seem to have awoken from your very happy dream – too bad Suffonia is no kingdom at all, nor will it ever be. "Senseless murderers deserve no crown."
  6. Merry Christmas and please remember that you shouldn’t die this year.

  7. "THE KNIGHT FALLS" 7th of Harren's Folly, 1747 It was late in the night when Ser Brand was awoken, awoken as a result of the illness that had plagued his life and affected his mobility from the day he had decided to move into the barracks, yet he nevertheless persisted. The man arose from his bed with great trouble as the illness had rendered his hands and legs shaking, his vision blurred and his head felt as if he had been hit with a shield from all sides. However, as if it were a miracle he was able to find the strength to grab his sword and belt and make his way to the kitchen - only to be stopped as he heard three silent knocks on the door. Upon opening the door he was met by a rather strange fellow of short stature, pointy ears and red eyes. His actual face appeared hidden from withunder the black mask he wore. The man pushed Ser Brand aside, inviting himself. "Ah yes, I must run a darned tavern in here." He muttered underneath his breath as the man passed him. "You wish for an audience, is it not?" He inquired of the mysterious man that had allowed himself entry as he was met with nothing but silence in return. "Fine then, follow me.. I need fresh air." The by now limp knight made his way to the walls alongside the mysterious man. "T-tell me, w-what do you seek of me?" He inquired once more, the 'illness' had given him a weakish stutter - his question was only met with further silence. "W-well?" He turned around to look at the masked man once more, though suddenly halting in his tracks, his eyes widening as he felt a sharp pain in his chest - looking down onto the blade that was plunged into his chest by his to-be assassin. "Why did you abandon your previous ways?" The assassin inquired of the knight as he threw the wounded and poisoned man to the ground, giving him time to respond. "Y-you wouldn't understand.." "How about you take a nice dive off of this ugly wall?" "As would be appropriate for a man descended from a house of bastards.." The assassin lifted him up by his throat. "T-the walls?" The knight's eyes widened as if he had a momentary breakthrough, remembering his last conversation with Allim Barbu. "Would I die if I jumped from these walls?" Allim had asked him during a previous meeting to which Brand had responded: "Yes, I think so.." "A-allim?" He asked out of desperation to know who this assassin was before he would meet his end, never to receive his answer in life as he was thrown from the walls to his early demise. With his passing came uncertainty for House Denhardt – all of his other relatives were considered either deceased or missing at present. As for Brand - of his fate was more than just certainty as his broken body laid at rest not far removed from the Curonian gates as he had died at the ripe old age of 21. OOC: Quick thanks to everyone who contributed to the story of this character, even if short. Merry Christmas and don't get thrown off of buildings this Christmas. Will likely be changing some things when I have time and stuff is likely missing or p wrong placed but :shrug: I just wanted to get this over with.
  8. "Ah yes, I see the problem!" Ser Brand, Rickard's right hand man would state upon hearing of the matter. "They must be sending the wrong Diplomats, they forgot to send a Curonian one." He'd take another sip from his wine before returning to his previous duties.
  9. "Ave Curon" Ser Brand muttered underneath his breath as he signed the Teutonic Cross across his chest according to his own style.
  10. Ser Brand lifts a brow, his gaze fixed upon the document that lies in front of him on his desk before be finally looks it through, a small smile appearing on his face upon finishing. "Very decent folk." He'd state as he recalls reading of Yugio.
  11. Ser Brand Aldis von Denhardt shakes his head upon hearing of the declaration, unsure what to think or make of the matter at hand.
  12. "I am happy for them." Brand Aldis von Denhardt states upon hearing of the news, afterwards returning to daily routine once more.
  13. The news of Ester's death reached Brand in abrupt manner as he was in a meeting with Lord Ivan Ruthern-Batavus to discuss private matters. Brand himself fell silent upon hearing of what happened – demanding that any and all men present leave immediately as the aftermath of the event had left his hands shaking. Brand's gaze was fixed upon the closed door for a few minutes before he finally laid bare his troubled soul by flipping the council table aside in abrupt manner. He signed the Teutonic Cross across his chest in very much Teutonic fashion in memory of not only Ester but also his father and many others close to him who had died due to this senseless war. "How much more will you take LORD – how much more till you deem our suffering to finally be enough?" He cried out in desperation once more before he took to silent prayer.
  14. Brand Aldis von Denhardt simply raises a brow in confusion.
  15. Zyhaveus

    Honor Bound

    "HONOR BOUND" 22nd of Tobias' Bounty, 1745 [!] The Family Crest of House von Denhardt was shown as to mark the fact that it was Brand Aldis and not Ivan that answered the call to a duel to the death. The month had been a peaceful one for a time after the successful coup and it was not unknown Brand Aldis enjoyed himself a care free month for once in his life; which allowed for his wounds to finally be treated properly which allowed for a swift recovery. If you so wish to duel anyone de Alence, why not me? Afterall it was me who marched an army to the gates of Brunswick; and it was me who had been plotting for months; as it had also been me who banished the Knights Templar and their band of misfits and heretics from Brunswick and handed the lands that had so swiftly fallen under my iron fist and that of the Empire to Ivan Ruthern-Batavus. I therefore accept your challenge to a fair and honorable duel; though you will have to duel me and not Ivan Ruthern-Batavus if you deny this acceptance in good faith; then why proclaim you fight against a snake but refuse to cut off the head of the snake in favor of it's tail? I only urge you to see the error of your ways before GOD and His Church as you have abandoned not only Him but countless of innocent women and children and in doing so the foundation on which your Knights Templar proclaim to be built on. I led this group that chose to take these lands from you as I brought them together and I alone am responsible for what happened. THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Ser Brand Aldis von Denhardt
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