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  1. Garion would sigh EVER SO LOUDLY as he signs the paper..
  2. Application MC-Name:shadowtail00 RP-Name:Christian Thulbrok Skype: (Pm if you desire) shadowtail00 Profession: Blacksmith Have you teamspeak?: (It's not optional.) Yes Time-zone:GMT Do you agree to our PK Agreement stated below?:Yes PK Clause To join the Red Brothers, you must agree to a PK-Clause upon dishonorable desertion, betrayal, or any other form of rule-breaking. (With appropriate RP backing this.) We don't do this to limit RP, we do this to enforce an environment akin to what we expect of any of our lads joining, and to ensure our rules are followed. You can always leave the Brotherhood. and may do so if you desire. This will only be done if you break our rules.
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