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  1. “Oi dis is ah great catch!” says Bronn, after he drank some eggnogg.
  2. “They will pay fer that treachery, ye will see” says Bronn.
  3. Holy father, I write to you, regarding a very serious matter. I would like to accuse William Napier for heresy! This individual allows and spreads heresy in to our community. We must deal with him, before more fall in to his treacherous and corrupt influence. I shall describe to you briefly what happened, as I do not wish to take up much from your precious time. One day as I was preaching, the accused man interrupted me. He then declared ME a heretic, for spreading false information. By this man’s opinion a matrimony, between a human and an elf, are in fact recognised as legitimate by the church! At the end, the man admitted in front of me that he doesn’t castigate the marriage of an elf and a human. I beseech you, your Holiness, to bring this man to trial and deliver a swift justice! With utmost respect, Marcus.
  4. Now i want it? Take a bit of your time and check my profile. I have been posting about this for quite a while now. Nexus can be remade, better than before. The idea of past devs was amazing, yet they sought to remove than improve it. Back to ur corner.
  5. Check my profile. I dont know you either.
  6. Took you long enough Arkelos to upload a meme...But let me tell you what. You dont have any points to prove me wrong.
  7. Brothers and sisters of LOTC, I call upon you to rise up and reclaim what has been taken from us!!! Lend me your strength and power towards the progression of my vision. To make LOTC a great server, even greater than the glory days of Vailor and Axios ! Its time to bring balance in the server by ressurecting Nexus (mechanic) and combining it with rp (roleplay). The balance wasnt perfect in the old days , but it was shattered when the traitors of the development team along with the admins decided to do a great injustice on us and the server. NEXUS , the beating heart of LOTC that was violently and cruelly ripped out from those who betrayed the very nature of the server, WILL BE BROUGHT BACK! Better than before the server will be reshaped in to a masterpiece of balance! No longer you will have to rp ur own breaths! No longer you will have to deal with stressfull rp! No longer you will have to rp that you make good potions! NO LONGER YOU WILL IMAGINE THAT YOU HOLD A GOOD WEAPON! NO LONGER YOUR STRENGHT AS A GOLEM WILL BE THE SAME WITH A HOBBIT! NO LONGER YOU WILL FEEL THE USELESSNESS OF OUR CURRENT BUILD! NO LONGER YOU WILL FEEL THE ABSCENCE OF TRADE!!! YOU WILL BRING THE LIFE BACK TO THE SERVER!!! YOU WILL MAKE THE SERVER GREAT!!! JOIN MY CAUSE! JOIN THE NEXUS REBELLION! Those who spat on the face of our precious server will see it reformed and maintained!!! UNCERTAINTY OF THE PAST WILL CEASE . MEANINGLESS REWRITES, WILL BE STOPPED!!! THE WORLD SHALL MATTER AGAIN!!! HAIL NEXUS!!! HAIL PROFESSIONS!!! HAIL RACES!!! HAIL LOTC!!!
  8. Still the danger exists. When you become like all other...you dont stand out. Soon someone else will attempt to do the same. Are you going to agree then? NO! Make the change now and stand out. As a unique server !
  9. ARISE LOTC ! Its been a while since i wrote about how things were better in the past and how the server shifted to a wrong path. Before i begin let me make clear that i dont mean to offend or create hate among the community. Sure i will be hated by many, like the powerfull people up top and thats certain in my opinion. When I joined back in 2015, at first i thought that this server would be a disappointment. Many servers “claim” that they are unique and have good features etc. Guess... I WAS WRONG. The ONLY unique and true rp experiance in mc community was LOTC. Honestly what other server could ever hope to compete with this one, Thronecraft or Castia? (ATTENTION! This reference is only used as an example ! ) PLEASE....NONE COULD. Lore rich world, races with skills and attributes, a real economy that mattered, factions, monsters, magic, professions and many others things. Ofcourse my character had his arms choped off emediatelly by a maniac..., but lets get back to the point. Nexus was the beating heart of LOTC. Now LOTC is a body without a heart left to rot little by little, all for the sake of pure “rp”. Tell me isnt it a huge mistake to completely wipe out the mechanical aspect of LOTC and leave the typing one? Am i playing a game or am i typing online on an rp chat website? Nexus mattered a lot and because 2 people and some of their friends wanted it gone, it was removed. Ofcourse they have the right to do as they please with their authority, i simply cant tell them what to do as a VIP coal member. But why attempt a democratic community vote ? The percentage i heard about wasnt even half. I even attempted to find out the true percentage, but i never got an answer. I truly love the server and even if i have the option to just leave as others did, here i am trying to bring it back to glory. Others have already started attempting to create a server similar to LOTC of the past (Axios, Vailor). They are wise. Those features of the past made LOTC a colossus in the rp category of servers. I wont say that im fully possitive of how things were in the past, surely though they were better. Let me talk about some of the problems of the past years since Atlas. With the removal of nexus the economy came to a halt. It became POINTLESS. Whats the purpose of a farmer? To produce food. Food that would feed the mouths of a factions residents. Guess though what all these feudal societies( apart orcs) did. The became communist. FREE FOOD FOR ALL. Public farms...IMAGINE, if that was proposed in a feudal medieval society of the past. To those LOTR fans out there, imagine Gondor having pelenor fields made in to public farms...IN A FEUDAL SOCIETY. It would make a great sequel though. The bolsheviks of middle earth rise up to form the United Middle Earth Communist Republics. Do you see now my point? How in rp do the factions excuse or legitimise this decission? They cant.... How many times did you have an annoying and stressfull “rp” experiance with someone? I once rp combat an orc, after chopping her arm off the person playing her, insisted that he could continue the fight. The female orc successfully managed to even reload her small crossbow....please...serious? Thats what the mechanic aspect can shield the player from. If it was pvp the outcome is simple without drama. I dont propose removal of rp combat at all, but none can deny how annoying and chaotic it gets most of the times. How can a hafling defeat a olog with a punch(roll)? You might say “Hey we got mechanic combat” no you dont. Racial skills and attributes gave the realism of the mechanical combat. Is it fair if a human has the same health and mobility as an olog or a wood elf? NO its not. Is it fair if a lord has the same quality armor as a lowly thief? No, as it isnt fair when overpowered items or overgrinding individuals allowed to exist in the server. There was an attempt to slow the grinding before axios was over, but instead looking to improve nexus people tried to wage war against it. Why give in to hate than question the problems and solve them?. Instead a HUGE step backwards was made. Is LOTC still unique in the rp server community these days? In my opinion no. BE AWARE admins !!! Servers like TaleOfBanners https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/tale-of-banners-4161378/ (ATTENTION! This reference is only used as an example. I am not a part of or seek to advertise TaleOfBanners) might be a huge problem for LOTC in the upcoming months ! Upvote this now and show your love and support for a TRUE LOTC. We can make the server unique again with the right decissions !!! Make your voice be heard !!! Sometimes you got to go back to step forward. Onwards for a new era ! For a GREATER LOTC ! With utmost respect, The_Real_Draegon
  10. Name of the club:LOTC revival!!!What type of club is it? (Public, Private):PublicWhat is the theme of this club? (Politics, group, etc.): GroupWhy should this club be created? What is the purpose of this club? Does it add something not already fulfilled by an existing club?: The removal of nexus and racial skills has downgrated the server. Many aspects of rp are now removed because of this. The world is not alive as it was back then. Also makes all races equal which doesnt make sence. Failing of trade is the beggining. I aim to gather those individuals and in a peacefull way show our support of nexus and racial skills. There is a good number of people that share this opinion. Why have a featured club only for one side of the things and not fotr both?Who will moderate this club?: I will and others i might assign.Do you understand that failure to moderate your own club to their respective rules can result in FM interventions?: I doAre there any exemptions to the rules that you would like, if so why? (N/A if open club or none needed.): N/A
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