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  1. "Ef tis is what we 'alflins get when we host a Global Assemberly what's the point, I say we keep ourselves out of bigguns politics and keep ter ourselves!" A brandybuck preached in Dunshire.
  2. The Final Stroke of the Quill

    Dwifar Goldhand privately sends a letter to Azoth congratulating him for his tenure as lord treasurer, though he is grieved at the loss of an ally in trade.
  3. DNN #5

    Dwifar Goldhand spat out his ale, furiously he shouted. "Ow dare te Frostbeards try teh ban ale!"
  4. Lord of the Meme, VOL. 1

    It's scary
  5. Zhulik was only memeing 

  6. The Creation of the D.N.F

    Dwifar Goldhand grunts in support.

    That beh a lot ef horuns." Dwifar Goldhand commented.
  8. Raomir follow me I'll follow you

  9. Ah the good ole delaying warclaim trick, so just because Renatus didn't post all of their reasons we have to wait another week for an already seemingly delayed war?

    1. Show previous comments  22 more
    2. Its Just Leap

      Its Just Leap

      I do think its ridiculous that war rules took so long to get out and honestly after 4 months there's no excuse for it, but this isn't about the war rules being delayed anymore. There's actual reasoning for it to be delayed now. I guess its sorted out now. I don't really keep up with it so I'm going off of what @TheWitherKingHD said earlier.

      @Raomir I get that you're bored because you play in a nation/group that's all about war and major nation conflict, and I can respect that. But saying things like Wither said and making it seem like the warclaim is only being delayed to make it unfair for Renatus is a bit salty don't you think?

    3. TheWitherKingHD


      I hope so fireheart a gm took it to pm

    4. Raomir


      I don’t think salty is really the correct phrase, probably annoyed is the right one. And it’s nothing to do with focusing on big wars, it’s to do with the natural flow of RP being halted for no real reason. 

  10. Lower the price of Heads

    1 Minas!
  11. [Updated] A Cycle of Rebirth

    Right, seems a lot of hassle for mere recollections but if people are interested...
  12. [Updated] A Cycle of Rebirth

    Wait so their entirely new characters and you have to apply to get them? What's even the point when you can just make a new persona ?
  13. Death Amendment: Consequences for Dying

    Only because people launch themselves into hopeless situations for death because they mean nothing, get involved in a big fight with very little to lose and you'll be fine just get knocked on the head and the monks will just revive you, with this both aggressors and defenders won't get into suicidal situations knowing doing so will get their chars killed. And even then reality shouldn't be fair. But what do I know it's a fantasy server but we should at least fix people being able to return to their death spot and tracking down their rp killers.
  14. Death Amendment: Consequences for Dying

    I mentioned a brainless cretin wtf, besides what's the point of death if it doesn't even make an impact. Death is supposed to the final, the end of a character having an uneasy feeling of your own survival will enhance realism in Lotc.
  15. Death Amendment: Consequences for Dying

    A perma kill should require proper roleplay not some brainless cretin one emoting your death. But if there is roleplay it should be Pk. And if you fight in pvp and lose pk as well.