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  1. TheWitherKingHD


    Let's enter the damn renaissance already
  2. TheWitherKingHD

    Looking for Love - Edward Thorne Woodlaw

    "Now t'ats ah man who can provide fer is family." Dwifar Goldhand marvels at the 800 Minas in the bank.
  3. TheWitherKingHD

    [Bounty] DESERTER

    "Why would you offer 2,000 Minas for ah no name soldiur?" Dwifur Goldhand commented on the advertisement.
  4. TheWitherKingHD


    "Ye'll never get past our Dwed defences!" Dwifar Goldhand proclaimed.
  5. TheWitherKingHD

    Enough is Enough.

    Yeah shouldn't we be focusing on the real issue rather than a roleplay war?
  6. TheWitherKingHD

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Imattyz was banned for speaking out against Staff, idk about insulting each other. But I get your point, they just don't like free speech.
  7. TheWitherKingHD

    Ask me (almost) anything

    Why don't you play your dwarf more?
  8. TheWitherKingHD

    The Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC MC Name: UnusualBrit Discord: You have it Timezone: BST RP RP Name: Dwifar Goldhand Age: 82 Ethnicity: Mountain Dwed Do you have any experience in combat?: A few raids, nothing much.
  9. TheWitherKingHD

    [Denied]MinionManXD's Game Moderator Application

    +1 lets make this happen, dab on wolfkite.
  10. TheWitherKingHD

    Lets discuss NEXUS, INFLATION and WHY LC IS BAD!

    Nexus crafting and professions back? Yes. Timers or Energy system? NO
  11. TheWitherKingHD

    Tri-Annual Santegian Street Bazaar

    "I'd loike teh reserve ah stall." Dwifar Goldhand nodded.
  12. TheWitherKingHD

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    Josh I don't think you understand the point of this post, yes I believe players should be punished if they break a rule ( Albeit this is a server full of immature teens just keep that in mind) but to the extent they are usually banned for? No, as it completely alienates the staff from select player bases. Who personally feel the bans are too long or straight up unjustified. GM's so called right to ban you on the other hand is ridiculous; it creates a system where GMs can target ban players freely which is a system we as a community don't want. GMs should post public ban reports, if the ban is justified then they should have nothing to hide and can just use a vpn to hide their IP address. But if they don't want to post a public ban appeal then it's clear something is up with their so-called justified ban. Things need to change.
  13. TheWitherKingHD

    HOLM HERALD [02] Politics & Lotteries

    "Umri horseshoite tee DNN beh real news." Dwifar Goldhand slammed his paper down, he reached for the latest copy of DNN.
  14. TheWitherKingHD

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    The issue is when the staff start inventing rules. E.G their so called right to ban people no matter if they haven't broken the set rules. Or if they ban people on the forums and server as well. Perhaps a warning system could be implemented when you log on e.g you have 5 warnings.
  15. TheWitherKingHD

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    A very well thought out post that doesn't have an inch of salt, I hope staff thinks on this +1