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  1. A King's Coronation

    "Probleh because ye live in Kaz'Ulrah. No point sending invitations to someone who's expected teh come anehweh." Dwifar shrugged to Throri.
  2. House de Castro Reformation

    "What bear? All of your men are terrible at fighting." Alexandre de Castro snorted. "Does your support matter? You hardely show your face around Santegia anyway. Besides Louis is only acting patriarch. Until Emanuel returns." Alexandre de Castro told Hektor.
  3. Your skins may have been stolen!

    Wait how old were Who would want to steal your skin? I I U
  4. Important Skyrim Tutorial

    'Someone has killed Grelod! Ha ha ha ha !'

    "Excellent!" Alexandre de Castro smiled, clapping his hands together eagerly.
  6. [Kadarsi Tribe] Declaration of the year of Jihad!

    "Bloody troublemakers, staining our reputation!" Alexandre de Castro grumbled.
  7. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Vote Mc Name: UnusualBrit RP Name: Dwifar Goldhand (Place an X next to the candidate name) Hamnil Frostbeard: Torvin Blackaxe: X "Shame Bogdun abdicated, we could've used a Goldhand leader teh make Kaz'Ulrah roch agen. Ney worrehs, Torvin Balckaxe has led dwed befure as Grand-King, befere he was cast out by the biased urguan system. Give tha dwed anotha chance [email protected]
  8. Who wants to be King?!

    "Et beh time fer a knew clan, ah vote fer.. Bogdun Goldhand!!!!" Stated Dwifar Goldhand nodding.
  9. How dare you silent flurgh Kevin blaba is a very bad man and he ddosed  both flurgh AND kaldwin!!! Down with bias gms!!!

  10. His hour had come

    ((It's not, I probably shouldn't have used the word racist. It's controversial however and he's mocking adamc.))
  11. His hour had come

    ((Fellow... yet you don't even play a farfolk. Seems like your using this opportunity to be racist.))
  12. The King is Dead

    "Ah sad dey et es! Teh seeh ah lead'er doi." Dwifar Goldhand sighed, before going to place his vote for Bogdun Goldhand.
  13. The Pact of Az'adar

    "Focken traiturs, could've as ah chance teh run fer High King an insted chose teh easeh way out. Ye won't beh bleaten fer much longah, mark meh words." Dwifar Goldhand proclaimed angrily.
  14. help me get some low af rep

    My god it worked for me
  15. Proclamation of Friendship and Trust

    "High Pontiff seems to be going mad with power!" A certain de Savin confided with the fat chaplain.