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  1. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames LeWarmonger Reason for punishment OOC Targetting, Meme Roleplay Players Involved @Pun @WuHanXianShi14 By your own understanding, why did you receive a punishment? I Received a four month ban on the grounds of OOC targeting, and a separate instance of me ‘Meme Roleplaying’ later on, which i am still pretty clueless about. Why should you be pardoned? I want to make it clear that I have already stated my position on OOC targetting, I emphasized the fact that i did in any way intend or desire to partake in malicious/disrespectful/offensive out of character targeting against anyone (The Songbird Family [In Roleplay] being who has accused me of such). -Context- As I had explained in the Ban Report against me made by LeoWarrior, the two characters which i played, that had any serious/actual conflict with the Songbird family were Are’dal/Fen’ar, my elf, and Alfredo, my Italiano. My Elf persona had legitimate beef with the Songbirds, many small and significant instances leading upwards to create a larger feud between our groups in roleplay, this is where the problems started. One of the characters from the songbird clan had tried, in roleplay, to get my persona banished from the city, acceptable and fine, through roleplay it was eventually dismissed and dealt with, some odd hours later, SimbaTheFatDog (TheCombatDog) was in the Adrian (Ves) Discord channel with me, and had explained a plan he had made. He told me he had a plan that he already developed with the Baliff of the city OOCly, to create a group of Italiano themed characters and make attempts to go around and ‘establish fear’ within the city, firstly being to RPly beat Sun Watanabe, with batons (had been orchestrated OOCly with him). This had been done, a RP ruckus caused and Simba/Myself on the prowl for the next victim, one Songbird was astray in the camp outside, and we went there and did the same thing to her. The difference though, with this instance, is the player (UndoneGravy) Made no attempt to establish sufficient roleplay from the very beginning. She pretended to be AFK firstly, TastyCheesecake the GM coming and getting her to RP after some wait. We then made some combat initiating emotes and they responded with, and i quote ‘*is tackled?’ and things of that substance in response to all of our well made emotes. After a bit of dealing with the same quality emotes made by Undonegravy, we decided to just emote killing her, as she clearly wanted to make no effort in partaking in the roleplay, and i feel this lowers the enjoyment of all players in the situation. The Songbirds correlate this instance, with my beef that i have with them on my Are’dal persona, and accuse me of OOCly targeting them. -Explanation- I feel unfairly tended to, regarding my defense against my Ban Report, @Pun Never sent me the evidence that LeoWarrior had ‘privately’ submitted to her. I was not able to argue or rebuttal any ‘evidence’ that may have been taken out of context in the situation, i was not able to prove my case as the GM handling the BR never reached out to me, to talk and discuss the issues at hand. I had no say in the matter, is how i feel. Furthermore, ‘Meme Roleplay’ was added to my Ban Message after the fact, the GM not explaining what situation i had ‘Memed’ in, to this day, after i have reached out to them on the forums to ask. A four month ban for the situation is harsh, very harsh, it may be said that my prior history comes into play in the decision, though I really did not OOCly target them, it was never my intention, two of my characters had problems with them, yes, i understand that. To those involved, in the Songbirds, I hope my message comes across to you, that it is not in my taste to ruin someone elses fun on the server, i never had meant to do that. To the GM which may or may not simply deny this ban appeal, all i am saying is that my situation, defending myself from accusations, was not very easy as i was never sent any type of evidence, i was only able to write out a sloppy response on the BR, not fully getting my point across – i wish i had been able to talk to the mod handling the BR more, but i was not – and i ask for a lightening of this sentence, i would say retrial or something but that is very cringe and probably does not exist. That’s all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading through – LeWarmonger What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? Be careful, think through what each action may lead to, OOCly for the person on the other end of the screen, and what it may make me look to be. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. If players don’t follow such, the server will not be enjoyable for anyone.
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    [!] Having escaped the bloodshed of the tyrannical force, the raging flames devouring the city sparkled in the reflection of his pupil, his steed neighing and thrashing in fear from an impending fiery fate, forcing him from the land. A tear dropped from the corner of his eye. “Bastardous, scandalous, traitorous scum, the empire of blood and murder, it is..” a defeated soldier remarked as he rode into the night, howling cries from burning women and children within their homes echoing in his ears..
  4. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames LeWarmonger Reason for punishment VIOLATION OF VILLAINY BLACKLIST Players Involved @tastycheesecake By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? I violated terms of villainy blacklist via tackling a mage whilst she conjured upon a villain, whilst i was under the guise i was in the right through the miscommunication with players in discord, i indeed am now aware of my violation and regret the decision. Why should you be pardoned? I had believed i was not going to violate the VB, but i did regardless, i acknowledge this and shall now refrain from any sketchy activity while my VB persists, until 4/6. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? I will try and just avoid any type of combat role-play whilst still under villainy blacklist as to not push any boundaries set by the rules. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Bad things happen if players make anarchy in a peaceful setting such as LOTC, I broadcast a message that people will PLEASE follow these guidelines – as i should have – as to not make headaches for the good game moderators and rule abiding players of this server.
  5. Wu-Shun grumbles over the parchment in his wide hands, squinting over the text before crumpling the paper and tossing it aside to a corner of the room, accompanied by dust and strings of hay. Wu-Shun turned slowly to a Kharajyr in its cell, cracking his knuckles and lifting a key from its place as he prepared to commence another beating.
  6. [!] A fattened Dwed hears word of the mystical force rising against the tyrannical Imperials, he engraves a tally into his sky-prison cell walls to add to the numerous etched in previous. “Oi wager d’eze be some folk bear’n wizdum ahn trooth, perhaps ah’ kuuld beh of use once d’ese damn sky-gods free m’eh frum meh cage..” He grumbled, finishing the tally and polishing it off with gnarled fingers, scarred from years of Magus activities. The buzz of electricity writhed from within his palm as he laid back upon the cell wall, beard companied by the bits and crumbs of molded bread and rotted cheese noodles fed to him by his captors. [!]
  7. >Makes forum post to frame someone
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    Cassius & Co.

    Richard Barnabus smiles, proud to help such a rich and powerful man in his heroic efforts to bring peace and calm to the city of Carolustadt.
  9. I have yet to be able to login to the server @Tofuus , it has something to do with the warclaim as it says ‘Kicked whilst connecting to war: you are banned’ ect. At this point maybe you could unban my account from the actual war server and it may fix it, im clueless but i’d like for it to be fixed.
  10. we in this together brother lmao
  11. Well just ping me or something when its gonna get fixed i guess
  12. Im still banned, do you have a discord or something i could reach you with for further discussion When i log in it says ‘kicked whilst connecting to war: (then my ban message).
  13. IGN – AppropriateIGN After trying to do /warsend for the claim, it cleared my inventory and said i could not join because i’m ‘still banned’, the pop-up showed my ban from two months ago which i already got unbanned for. I logged off and now when i log back in it has my ban message which, again, i already got unbanned for. Now i cant even log into the server so i don’t really know. If this could be fixed that'd be cool.
  14. Good boy.

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  15. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames soundcloudfapper Ban Reason Inappropriate Roleplay Players Involved NurpleDurp (Myself) and a small group of others players who i have no recollection of. By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned for making several questionable emotes where i ‘thrusted’ myself onto other players and made a series of licking emotes against other players who i did not have consent from to even partake in. I violated the rules and made a cringeworthy scene that called for game moderators to later review my logs and ban me for two months. Why should you be pardoned? I was very intoxicated, and i know what i do when i am under the influence is my own fault and i take responsibility for the bad emotes which, while being extremely funny to me at the time, may have left a sour taste in others mouths. I hope the players saw it in good fun or just as a slight annoyance but i apologize to anyone i may have offended or pissed of with the low quality troll roleplay. I have served my ban out of two months and hope i can get a second chance to display my full potential, sober. I again apologize for my less than quality roleplay and pledge to hold myself to a higher standard in the future. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will not play inebriated again. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. if players embark on their own agendas for self entertainment by putting the enjoyment of others on the line, it makes the experience less enjoyable, and i understand that. Rules and community guidelines provide a basis that all players can build off of and function in harmony together.
  16. A weathered dwarf approached the crier, he grasped an old wooden staff and spoke gruffly, leaving him a blunt message "Oi'm up f'er t'a challenge, t'a names Ulrick.. y'ew can locate me in t'a Dominion or send bird t'ere.. I may look old bu' I can put up a fight, oi 'ave a friend t'at will come along t'oo an' 'es nae one t'a lose a batt'ul..." With those words, he turned, hobbling off into the nearby tavern IGN: IclapYOURcheeks
  17. IGN: GucciCoochie300 Ban Time: 3 days Ban Reason: Griefing Involved: Me, GloriaPreussens I should be unbanned because I have never intended to grief anything or mess up anyone's builds, I don't really know what I was banned for griefing but I am assuming it could be from building outside my house in curon or breaking some leaves in a hedge, I am very sorry I did not know it was raid defense or anything like that and if I did I would not have broken the leaves just for ease of travel. I really will not break any blocks anymore unless they are in my house or I have permission from a region owner, sorry for the troubles.
  18. Accepted in to the Tradesmen Guild
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