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  1. The Military of Ruswick Formed by: Leofrick Barbican IV Commander Tal’Feta,“The Defiler” 8th of the Amber Cold 1747 ——————————————————————- Origins Once, Ruswick was ruled by a tyrant, a gluttonous woman of filth ordering men and women alike to do her bidding. Wealth, social status, and power were lusted fiendishly for, the selfish Queen quickly washed over by her own greed and corruption. After time, the people of Ruswick grew hungry… hungry for salvation, for a new Ruswick. Citizens of Ruswick swarmed the throne room with haste, the footsteps of Laurier Labdacus heard from upstairs. As the queen of horror scrambled to gather her precious belongings in escape, the warriors of Ruswick filled the room. This very moment marked the end of a tyrant and the dawn of a new age for Ruswick, a violent beginnings. After the rebirth of Ruswick, the men soon realized they would need to collect themselves and organize a proper military. A vicious warrior coined “The Defiler” soon was appointed by Leofrick Barbican the Fourth, to lead and watch over the crowds of restless men of Ruswick. This commander would go onto guiding the hounds of Ruswick with calloused hands, precision in every movement, going onto garner many victories to his name. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Structure The military of Ruswick is split up into 3 different branches. “Riders of Ruswick”, “Ruswick Marauders” and “The Pride”. Each one as important as the other, while maintaining different prerogatives and ambitions. Not skilled in combat? We can train you into the military as well, each branch offers training programs to become one of the greats. Riders of Ruswick The Riders of Ruswick are cavalry. Only the most elegant of horse riders may join this band. They are armed with spears and pole-arms to effectively eradicate the enemy, by blood and bronze. Ruswick Marauders The Ruswick Marauders are infantry suited with medium - heavy armor and typically use anything from swords to bows and most things in between. They are the brute, the strong, the pillagers of Ruswick. This branch suits the skillsets of a true blood-lusting warrior, willing to follow the guidance and supervision of the Crown and Field Marshal. The Pride A true group to be afraid of. Ruthless machines of attack and defense, nothing gets past the infinite grasp of The Pride. It is the royal guard serving only the highest of superiority within Ruswick, honor is granted to anyone that is part of The Pride. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Military Hierarchy Commander: The one in charge of the military, tasked with the supervision and growth of the three branches. They are revered within the nation, due to Ruswicks undying faith in war and tribulation by combat. Branch Captain: Each branch will have one captain in charge of maintaining that branch. They are tasked as leaders and trainers of each branch, holding the ability to transform a common man into a skilled weapon of destruction. They are respected by all. Soldier: The standard military rank. Awarded this rank when finished recruit training. Recruit: The recruits are new-joiners of the military, they will under-go training until they earn the soldier rank. Revised and Signed by Leofrick Barbican IV, Crown of Ruswick. Signed, Commander Tal’Feta ‘The Defiler’ Revised and Signed, Mark Ezelsteen Requirements: Citizen of Ruswick or Affiliation with Ruswick. Not affiliated with any enemy alliances of Ruswick. FILL OUT, COMMENT BELOW. IF YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR DISCORD REMAIN PRIVATE YOU MAY MESSAGE Nozgoth, myself, or Mark2282 on the forums. (IRP) Name: Why do you want to join: Skilled or needs training: Particular Skills or Faults: Desired position: (OOC) Discord: Time-Zone: ———————————————————————————————————————————— ------------------------------------------------ WRITTEN BY: @Nozgoth Revised by @Warmonger
  2. I can confirm to you that I have no strange addiction of being a bad person. Sorry if you feel that way; Please keep in mind that incident was 2 years ago the two year span separating past from present gave me a lot of time to mature. 17 IRL, was 15. Doxing myself but it doesn’t really matter. At 15 I was not thinking of what I said before I typed it, I did not understand the severity until after it was pointed out in LOOC, that **** was not cool for me to do, or funny. I made a lot of impulsive decisions on LoTC and I understand why you think it may not be good for me. I can confirm LoTC does not make me worse as a person. Hope one day we can be cool, for now thanks for telling me how you feel. Not trying to use age as an excuse, I still do slip up and make dumb mistakes. Though that ordeal with my Hei-Zhu character was majorly inconsiderate to many people and I do really apologize.
  3. I am coming off of a 3 month ban (To clarify) to you, and others that may think I did this post because I am perm banned. The only ban I received that was actually for the inappropriate roleplay was the comment I made about birthing hips. The previous situations mentioned I had been banned for power-gaming toxicity, and OOC targeting. But I understand the point you were trying to make, because things I said could be interpreted in such a manner. Similar advice as a friend I was dming on discord gave to me. Thank you, as someone I am presuming doesn’t know me (I don’t recognize your name) For your feedback, I have in fact been trying to prove reformation in the past 3 weeks, I made a lot of roleplay posts to show people I could be serious, I dmed staff. You are right I should have just allowed the appeal process to happen, and if accepted just focus on being a better player. Good point, and have a nice day. Thanks
  4. And to answer this. I love LoTC, the concept, the people I personally have made friends with. It is unfortunate that I have dug myself into this hole with a lot of people disliking me, hope we can all work past this if I do ever return to the server, and I can change your minds about me. Not trying to be snide in any responses you all you people, I understand and am happy people are telling me how they feel, even if it is I am a degenerate. I need to hear these things as it is teaching me a lesson. 👍
  5. I find it interesting though as this post was not supposed to be about my ban, it was supposed to be a debate about infractions. The inner dislike for me is being sucked out of a lot of old people I have had arguments with, this is the first step of the healing process! Let it all out onto me, then maybe we can all be friends in a couple months. Keep an open mind! : )
  6. lol ok You do not know me or how I am IRL, you know my record on LoTC. Making assumptions is not productive!
  7. Not trying to justify it, it was stupid. What I am saying I was banned for 3 months for it, that seems like a good chunk of time to be gone for something that is joked about by others. Me saying it is bad because of how people perceive me and the things I say. It was dumb and I shouldn’t have said it. My point is I received a 3 month ban for it, which was long because of past history, and then I appeal and it is denied because past history.
  8. Those were the emotes of two different people, not all by the same. I apologized to the player in question as I did not think of it that way at all. The player asked we just killed her in OOC, hence the choking, as it was just something to end the RP because they were uncomfortable.
  9. I get you don’t like me, but forging this idea that I ever roleplayed anything that was meant to be rapey or.. whatever. I have been in many roleplay interactions, my characters attacking members of your large group each had their own situations leading to that point (My main character was never exiled, he was let off with a warning by the leader of the city) MY main character Are’dal had it out for your group due to extensive RP. MY character Guuruk harassed all elves in RP, sorry but your group is quite literally a large amount of elves that camped outside his city. MY third character was a request by a friend, to help him create an Italian ‘mob’ in the city, I helped him going around attacking members of the city all over, when the incident with the Songbirds happened in that caravan I did not think much of it. I understand it from your perspectives as it could seem like you were targeted but that is not the case. I am foolish for allowing 3 of my characters all have issues with the same group, because I should have thought of how it was perceived. In all my time on LoTC the only RP I have made referencing anything sexual to that nature was my first ban, implying selling a character to a goblin that did questionable things to them. I have apologized to the player that actually was mentioned already and we are on alright terms now, I have learned the rules regarding stuff like that, it was a mistake. Calling me a rapist and assuming any RP that could be somehow interpreted as that kind of stuff is just an effort to shun me, as I see it. I shouldn’t have had all of my characters have problems with your group, for that I am wrong. To be fair, you never reached out to me and mentioned these concerns. That is the past now though and I take responsibility for my faults in it
  10. So my italian character saying “How-a are you beautiful” is borderline rape?
  11. Also... what? “This should have been a permenant ban but Pun gave you a several month ban because she viewed it as borderline [rape]” https://gyazo.com/0209fc7393452e6d98443cfebab8bfb1 How is this borderline rape, it is a running elf joke I should have known I shouldn’t have said due to my hot-water in the server. How is this bordline rape you are just making things up now. My six month ban was for OOC targeting, never anything involving things that were sexual! Give me one piece of evidence that would show it had any type of undertone. The person who was banditing the songbirds with me tied them up and threw them on a bed. That was NOT me. Please fact check yourself because it seems you are just trying to scrape and crawl for bits and pieces of lies people have said about me to make me sound like a predator, thanks. ME pulling her off the bed was after I told the person helping me bandit that it was strange! I am being misportrayed
  12. Never happened! Though I understand you don’t like me, thanks for your input. This is a running slander that certain players have spread about me in aims to shun me. I understand your point, but would you rather a player just not do anything and make an appeal on their scheduled date, instead of actually putting effort into their return? Also people seem to be focusing in completely on me and not the issue of infractions I made this for, thanks for touching on it. If you remember correctly, that is not what happened! I will provide a screenshot of the RP which occurred in a spoiler in a moment for you.While this was a stupid thing to do 2 years ago, implying such, saying I raped anyone is just a lie. That is what I said, my first ban I ever made an appeal for. I did not know the rules regarding such topics at the time and thought it would just contribute to you guys hating me in roleplay. I know my mistake now. @Harrison But, lets not say I raped anyone! Also, nice mini-map to whoever screenshotted this for my report, it wasn’t mine! Thank for for the input
  13. Just to clarify to everyone I was never banned for rape roleplay for all the people that keep saying that! Not going to in depth but it just did not happen.
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