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  1. Looking for people to play family. Hmu for offers.

  2. Looking for a place to rp at. Need a new group to try out.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      I remember you from Mellsburry like 2.5 years ago. If you want to play a halfling feel free to.

  3. I apologize that I have failed you all.

    1. Potts244


      Take a breather man, at the end of the day it’s all a game. Don’t let this weigh you down. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Cornivore For Application Team!

  5. Its been a Long Ride guys, Ill see you all in three weeksish. If I come back, be prepared for a Raid Haense.:megustacreepy:

    1. Freischarler


      didnt you show up to help haense with full diamond against us?

    2. Syfy


      haense is dead they're savoy now

    3. rotund_man



      how am I gonna get more wool

  6. Time to Rethink some of my lotc friends!

    1. Haintrain


      Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?

    2. ibraheemc2000


      ? What happen bud?

  7. 66de660fc91cd392c020f146411c9ada.png

    1. KiiwiFruiit


      Ariana thinks this is horrible, but tells Gonzalo she loves it because she is nice!!

    2. Esry
    3. max.


      cornivore ur a cool guy but i really wish u would stop. please

  8. 83e787e3dbdf4dff36a846bd98c3cc53.png

    1. KiiwiFruiit


      Ariana Staunton will sue you for using her face like this!!1!!11!

    2. Cornivore


      Gonzalo de Castro looks at this in disapointment

  9. 4b6aab11904d00a474ef9c9a81b9602e.png

    1. EcofascistHuh


      Why did you upload a shittier version of Kukiii's?

    2. Cornivore


      my memes are never quality


  10. Malgonious for Gm

  11. LOTC Is the Best Minecraft Server:mexican:

    1. Nekkore


      Yeah it is

    2. Archipelego


      i couldnt agree more

  12. Tired of Being Banned From LOTC!

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    2. Thornz


      Lemon head you ******* spastic. You literally sound as braindead as Pando in TeamSpeak, actually worse. Pretty sad to be honest.

      Kid, I bet I've got more of a mind than you do.

    3. McDaedra


      Yup, I think 0 is bigger than a negative number, Mr Thornz

    4. hudsun202


      @McThornz so brain dead is mentioning your homosexual tendency with W3IRDO? If you ask me, I'm just trying to assist you in coming out with your relationship pal, also no, you don't have more of a mind than me, quite frankly if you'd like I could do an entire debate talking about as to why you fail to even get near my mind of intellect, listen to me kiddo, there are leagues folks like you don't contribute with, this is one of them. Also I find being called a spastic offensive (;____;)

  13. Feeling Blessed

  14. Everyone remember that this server is all just Pixels.:megustacreepy:

    1. Ayevia


      until a 19 year old tries to get with an underage person out of the server and it's just .. kappa

    2. Cornivore


      they have already done this. 

    3. Archipelego


      uther more like udder

  15. Victim of Serial GM Biasism!

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    2. Cornivore


      Alright, well this is the issue.....

    3. Vege


      I can't help you yet I'm only a trial-trial GM at the moment sorry 

    4. Cornivore
  16. I fixed my aplication.

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