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  1. i will be applying to the moderation team shortly.

  2. i hate you

    1. mitto


      please step down as a news broadcaster or whatever you do and be a mineman gm again

    2. Gusano
  3. dm me your discord knobhead

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  4. “slap ‘em red boys silly” says ex-emperor duke of aenus achilius
  5. finished my admin interview (a bit delayed but that’s just how it is) can’t wait for my second stint, hoping this one will be even shorter!

  6. “what the ****” says achilius
  7. THE SUCCESSION Signed by His Imperial Majesty, John VII of the House of Cascadia, Holy Orenian Emperor, on the 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1725. This shall be adhered to as the new succession system of the Empire for evermore to come, no Emperor shall ever ascend to the throne of the Empire through any other means. SECTION I: ELECTION The position of Emperor shall be decided by a grand election involving and encompassing the entire populace of the Empire. Each vote of the populace should be counted as a singular vote. Each vote of a vassal should be counted as worth double of a vote. SECTION II: PRE-REQUISITES OF VOTERS To preface this, any voter not deemed eligible by the Regency Council may be discarded at the august body’s discretion. A member of the populace must own residence within the encompassed lands of the Empire for a minimum of one saints month before the election in order to be eligible to vote. A vassal of the Empire must have his title, and be landed for three saints month before being eligible to cast their vote - which is worth double of a vote. Any member of the Empire may have their ability to vote stripped from them by the Regency Council during the process for corruption and attempt to pervert the electoral process, criminal dealings or any other deemed suitable reason. SECTION III: PROCESS OF THE ELECTION Upon the passing of a monarch through death or abdication, the Empire shall ascend into a regency with one member chosen to lead the regency council - this leader should oversee the election process for a new Emperor. Before any vote is commenced, the infrastructure of the Empire must be in a suitable position to conduct such an affair, and a list of all eligible vassal voters must be published for all to view. If all is prepared, then an election period shall commence, this will commence with a large empire-wide gathering at the palace of the regency council’s choosing, where initial speeches and candidates shall be displayed to the populace. Once this is concluded, voting shall start immediately. The election period shall last for a period of one Saint’s Week, in which it shall conclude in a similarly styled meeting as to how the period began - the announced Emperor will be crowned on this day. SECTION IV: PRE-REQUISITES OF CANDIDATES Any vassal who is eligible to vote may cast themselves forward as a candidate during the election. A candidate must make himself known to the populace and the Regency Council before, or during, the election period - and not after. A candidate must be a minimum of 16 years of age, but may be of any gender. The Emperor cannot be a King, and any Kingly candidate who is interested in putting forth their candidacy must first resign their Kingdom and titles before being considered and entered into the election. SECTION V: RIGHTS OF AN EMPEROR The Emperor is the supreme authority of Oren and shall remain as Emperor until their eventual passing, having full power until then. Their word shall be law, total and absolute. The Emperor will have no authority however, to alter succession. If an attempt is made to alter the current succession, then they shall be deemed as an unfit and incompetent person, removed from their throne. However, with the backing of subordinate Kings, and their Privy Council, they may alter sections of the succession - but must keep it as close to its original intention. The Emperor shall be seated in his own Palace, though may use other Palaces of his subordinate Kingdoms to his leisure. The Emperor shall be addressed as “His Imperial Majesty” The Emperor's direct family shall be named as Imperial Princes and Princesses, and his House the ruling Imperial House, for the duration of his reign but no longer. POTEST DEUS PERMITTERE
  8. MY FINAL LETTER Signed by His Imperial Majesty, John VII of the House of Cascadia, Holy Orenian Emperor, on the 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1725. TO THE DENIZENS OF THE IMPERIUM, A succession abiding by the laws of primogeniture has done nought but cripple the realm of man, not just for children like myself but also Godfrey and the many others who have fallen victim to the heavy crown that torments the mind, corrupts it and leaves nothing but a husk of a man remaining. I, just as my most beloved brother Godfrey before me, want no part in ruling an Empire. An Empire is something that no child must endure and yet beyond that this form of succession has long been the cause for controversial rulers, such as Antonius I, who drove the Imperium into chaos and was only saved by the rejection of primogeniture. Therefore, I write this as a final letter penned to the denizens of my realm. I write this to inform those that I shall abdicate from my position, I shall disavow the name of Cascadia and change the succession of the Imperium. SECTION I: ABDICATION The Empire shall henceforth be passed in to a state of regency council, led by Persus of the House of Helane in unison with Charles of the House of Talraen de Rennes. No new Emperor shall be chosen by the regency council under the old laws of succession, for one shall be chosen under the new laws. No new Emperor shall bear the title Holy Orenian Emperor, but may name their Empire upon their ascension to the Throne. The Kingdom of Cascadia shall be abdicated to the possession of Tiberius the Younger, who shall henceforth be known and styled as His Royal Majesty, Tiberius I of the House of Tiber, King of Cascadia Therefore, the new royal house of Cascadia shall be the House of Tiber, with its royal seat at Helena. SECTION II: DISOWNMENT I disavow the house name of Cascadia from myself, I shall no longer bear the name nor style myself as a man of Cascadia. I shall take the name of Aeneas, accompanied by the Duchy of Aenus underneath the crownlands of Cascadia. SECTION III: SUCCESSION There shall be no more primogeniture, lateral or any other form of succession in the Empire anymore apart from the new system that shall be published and put into immediate effect, penned by my hand. The newly elected Emperor shall have a new palace constructed for them and until the completion of such they may use the palaces of Reza and Helena at their leisure. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, John VII of the House of Cascadia, Holy Orenian Emperor, King of Cascadia, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland and Santegia, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, et cetera.
  9. Gusano

    The Response

    I’ve never had an issues with TrendE or his RP. I think that limiting people’s opportunity for roleplay is way worse than just trying to work out whatever issues there might’ve been with it. Also people not being able to defend themselves is just ???
  10. Achilius frowns from his hiding spot whilst he prepares to retake his home.
  11. A green background with a ghanyan slave servant dabbing, blue fez with a frog resting on top ”Hail the Righteous, Hail the new Emperor, Hail Donaldus Dabber the First of His Name” The banners of Helena are adorned in green and purple banners as the new reigning dynasty ascends to the throne. ”Rejoice people of Helena, the people of the Empire. Donaldus Dabber has ascended to the throne, prepare for his coronation in a week!” Donaldus I of the House of Dabber, Holy Orenian Emperor
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