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  1. bro you just posted cringe. stop, please spend some time with me. i can fix you dude.
  2. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” -MinionManXD

  3. “Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.” -MinionManXD

    1. Harrison


      this is really motivational + 1

    2. Corporatocracy


      very wise...

  4. Love @Sporadic’s hate....

    1. Flamelynx


      what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, what hates you makes you unstoppable – mlk senior

  5. Fullsized image

    hey guys, felt cute and happy today. Hope you guys are having a great time playing minecraft. I got a new toy after saving my allowance for 10 months!

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    2. Flamelynx


      you are a coder for lotc, you haven't had a real life in years 

    3. Inferno_Ougi


      i am so so so proud of you

      5 hours ago, Sporadic said:

      nice picture you found there but go and bully people in real life like a man this is cowardly.

      Stop harassing him.

    4. Corporatocracy


      stop harassing him wtf ? @Sporadic


      soooo soo proud of u minian, go get em tiger :3 

  6. Cowards..........

    1. Flamelynx


      aren’t you the guy that’s always posing like me? f off man

    2. soul_master85


      all i got to say 2 these impreials is bruuuuuuuhhh

  7. Diz da funniezt ting mi zeen all day!
  8. Shop at Nottingham Trading Co. for the best deals in Arcas!


    Need a delivery? We deliver!


    Need some livestock? We got that!

  9. Schnub claps and smiles, knowing that progress has been made and his beloved city will become better
  10. Schnub’Nub rubs his hands together greedily, “Yub, kum vizit owr shopz! Bezt prizez in Arkaz.....” He chuckles
  11. Index: Services we Offer and Products for Sale Where to Find the Corporation Employment Opportunities Mission Statement Services we Offer and Products for Sale With the capital gained from the recent financial success of our corporate venture Schnub and Crowley Trading Co. has purchased property within the walls of Adria allowing us to fulfill a broad range of customer requests. These requests include but are not limited to the tasks of: gathering requested materials, crafting specified items, and breeding livestock for consumption or service. Schnub and Crowley Trading Co. will also match or best any price that one can find within the realms of Arcas without fail. Where to Find the Corporation Within the stalwart walls of Adria one will find not one but five residences operating under the company. These properties make up the environment needed for us to perform the necessary functions of the company as they are the Frat House, Warehouses, and Office Quarters of Schnub and Crowley Trading Co. the Frat House and Warehouses can be found down Roger and Rupert’s Road towards the Keep. On the other hand, one can just follow the signs labeled with the name of our company to the property instead. As for the Office Quarters, they are situated directly across from the main gate. Employment Opportunities Currently, the only employment opportunities are for those who wish to be gatherers. Schnub and Crowley Trading Co. gatherer employees will be given a work chest within the warehouse that will serve as a storage unit for all items of quality gathered. At the end of the week or when the chest is full, Schnub and Crowley will assess the goods of each individual employee and pay them a fair market price. If the employee has a grievance with the price given to them by the company, they may request more and they will receive more unless the request is ill-founded. Mission Statement Schnub and Crowley Trading Co. is a for-profit organization dedicated to helping people help themselves. We seek to restore the dignity and quality of life for people affected by poverty by eliminating barriers to success through lucrative job opportunities, entrepreneurial development, and community-driven aid. Guided by the aspirations of the people we serve, we pursue this mission with compassion, transparency, and generosity. Schnub and Crowley alongside a happy customer
  12. The Minion will come, and he will come hard!

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