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  1. "Right foot, les stomp." Asvi sings, stomping on a makeshift model of Providence. "Left foot, les stomp." Another Orenian village falls to her feet. "Cha cha now y'all." After a brief dance, Asvi picks up her axes. "Les go to vork."
  2. Asvi Frostbeard, absolutely covered in fuzzy squirrels, smiles at the news. "Our figh' to end ze sqvirrel massacrin' ov Yaz ze Cruel vas ah lon' and arduous vun. Ahm glad et's finalleh comin' to ah 'appeh conclusion."
  3. "Vow, anodzeh five star review! Business is boomin' fo' Urguan as usual." Asvi Frostbeard scrubs out the sky cells, hoping an Orenian can sample their finest 'top floor' lodging soon. "Ef anyvun else vants ta make arrows o' do 'ard labor, jus' send me an owl." Asvi then looks out over the Undercity and feels very lonely, realizing no one was around to hear her. In her overwhelming sadness, she tosses the random Canonist paper.
  4. "Jup! Vell sayd Mistah Kang!" agrees Asvi Frostbeard, giving a bow as she marches into the apparently open office to annoy him. "Brav, bu' killin' kids is soh hip und cool! Ah love hven zey troi ta defend zemselves, soh ah can kill em even 'ardeh!"
  5. Noemie de Astrea sneaks into Nikko's room and steals the sword he stole from his father, then replacing it with one she stole from the Purifiers in a needlessly elaborate stunt that only served to be quirky. "Me, well, I am probleh gon' sit zis out, because ze Oreners will ruthlessly kill eight year old girl me, et I am scared child! But, bad Oren!" She says to the Elysium streets.
  6. Noemie de Astrea picks up the missive and reads it once. She reads it again. She pours some lemon juice on it to check for a secret message, then reads once more. "I am... not Norlandic anymore? Unclo, where did zey bring vous? What 'as 'appened? Zis... zis is not right!" The girl frowns and takes a seat by the Elysium river as she thinks on this some more.
  7. Noemie de Astrea, in her youth, doesn't really care to comprehend the missive. Yet she cheers all the same upon seeing the O'Hara name. "Oui! O'Hara has ze snazzy drip, very cool clan, Oren slayers! Mhmm, join today!"
  8. Asvi Frostbeard sighs, "Mistah Gran' Kang 'as such vay vid vords! Bu' ah dohnoht zink zat mush good. Noh, umros need intimidatin' from scary dved lady, jah." She looks off towards what she thinks is probably Oren, a nearby animal pen, and bellows: "GIVE ME DVED MOUTAIN, O' GIVE YERSELF DEAV!"
  9. Asvi Frostbeard, a very mediocre fighter, reads the news with a smile. "More bodies to zrow on ze mountain! Good day! Bu' hmmm... Some'ow ah feel like dzese people 'ave killed me o' somedzing! Noh, ahm steel alive afteh all!" She chuckles, continuing on with her day.
  10. Asvi furrows her brow as she reads the treaty. "Is Urguan ze mos' diverse nation? Vow. Vell, as lon' as dzey 'elp take zem mountain back, ah loike 'em. Good luck Vasoyevehs!" She takes a sip of wine and folds up the publication.
  11. Asvi Frostbeard grins as she sees her name, sitting down in front of her wall of freshly-sharpened axes. She pours some fine wine of Veritas out and sips it politely like a true dwarf. "Fok Orange. All me 'omies' 'ate Orange."
  12. Asvi joins her Frostbeard kin in preparation, sharpening several axes
  13. Looking for lesbian lover to impress my irp friends, dm me ur social security number. Thanks in advance! 

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  14. Kiyoshi wanders into Providence, spotting the missive nailed under an Imperial propoganda poster. She glances around her and, spotting no close ears, whispers in thick Oyashiman dialect. "Where could one find truer bravery, and further, truer commitment, than under the cold grip of tyranny? Ganbatte, courageous warriors."
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