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  1. After briefly skimming it seems fairly interesting, though the archon brand may have been a bad pr move.
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    Come the Beast

    mc name: Zidoax character name: Salazar bless up
  3. ^ This. There is already lore on the ‘expiration’ of blood. “Genus will decay and be lost to blood after one narrative day or three OOC hours (whichever comes first) following its host’s death or removal from said host’s body” (again, whichever comes first). The presence of a woman is arbitrary on its own, however this can easily be altered for the blood to have a fresh (3 hours) requirement.
  4. I like it, clever and flavorful. Though I would recommend changing the 10 ooc minutes to an emote count, otherwise there is the unfortunate side effect of dissuading detailed emotes.
  5. To avoid future confusion, the core potion index can be found here.
  6. Quattrocento is based but don’t leave out my boy Fondamento
  7. Admin tenures.....

  8. Thought inherently possesses sway over the material realm, though in the majority of cases such sway is minute.
  9. DISCLAIMER The Power of Thought [Music] (Art by Andy Thomas) “Tales have long regaled both the mortal and immortal mind as a titan of grandiose creativity and imaginative conception. Yet even to the most weathered of philosophers and wandering academics, the origins and capabilities entombed within the conscious mind persist as an utter enigma. Still, within the shrouded corners of forbidden thought, whispering to the very consciousness in which they plague, lie dull-dreary concepts of blindly ponderous alien dreamers, of ancient gods.” Regarding the singularity of primordial aeons past, it is conceivable that there may yet remain remnants, relics of times long weathered, lost to the ceaseless flow of eternity. Before the rise of comprehensive reality, were vestiges of an extraordinarily distant era in which consciousness first made manifest, bearing cryptic, angular forms and blurred abstract features. Yet to all but the most discerningly thoughtful erudite, the obscurities of ages past remain hidden, as faded dreams to the long sleepless mind. This nigh mockery of mortal sentience serves to taunt the dreamless masses, wholly blind to their capacity for un-refrained creation. Indeed, all amongst the mortal flocks possess the inherent ability of thought, employing such in whatever manner deemed most worthy. Most commonly this ability is squandered in pursuit of varied and wholly trivial matters, envisioning fervidly upon the actualization of mortal desire. Despite this, however, the true nature of thought has been locked away and concealed over long aeons, employed now through only the unconscious mind. This unconsciousness left utterly free to wander, unhindered by the static of the material plane, may dwell without hindrance, molding the material as a potter molds damp clay. These manifestations of the mind, though varied and laden greatly with rumor, all are burdened with a similar circumstance, products of odd times, and strange minds. Curiously, despite the apparent rarity of such a feat, the influence of such unconscious augury is frequently seen, notably so within varied and seemingly mundane phenomena such as Deja-vu, coincidence, and prophecy. Regardless of such titanic potential, the willful manifestation of thought lies far beyond the horizon of harnessed potentiality. Even amongst the most ancient of esoteric masters, the wholly wondrous feasibilities of true creation lie untapped. Excluding an exceptional few, such ultimate possibilities remain shrouded, employed only within the annals of an unseen mind. It is herein where the limitations of this archaic truth show most profoundly, for, without greater focus, the conscious ego may never actualize the facets of its unrealized gift. Of all horrific banes inflicted upon the mortal mind, few are greater a curse than this, this ultimate, unintentional malediction, divestment from complete control. It is only within extraordinary congregations, fanatically zealous, and feverishly deluded, may death-damned mortal thinkers taste of their lost grandeur. The Cult of Belief “Across the mysterious eons have there dwelt fantastical cults, venerating with esoteric splendor strange idols and obscure gods. Forgotten lore postulated these fantastical claims of unknown pantheons, and in the shadow of such legends, grim assemblies congregated with baroque stupor.” It was the bizarre revelry within hidden congregations that solidified their occult legendry within local superstition. Over long ages, the peculiar esoteric faith of varied and numerous cults merging ardently with the ancient convention of common folk. Both across land and throughout time innumerable zealous, though originally deceived cults have formed. Consecrating their outlandish pantheon, one of false lords, and pointless liturgies, glorified in constant and fanatical delusion. Their mystical pantheons, though constructed wholly from the ingeniously false babblings of some long-forgotten forefather, all amongst the devout find some inherent, mysterious solace, each attributing their banes and blessings to some unseen deity or omnipotent god. With each passing aeon, the liturgies of absent faith converge further with locally established faith, assimilating such local religion into grand, mystical canon. Indeed it is this bizarre amalgamation of belief systems which gives rise to the strangest of esoteric pantheons, following deities of which their existence lies cemented within and wholly of thought. Of such peculiar, eldritch doctrines, often little is known, barring the odd rumor, and bizarre, otherworldly tales of which fevered, and scandalous chatter is the sole remnant. Yet, pondering thoughts of occult creation remain, as shrouded pockets separated from their purpose; to common folk, such legends serve little purpose other than a means of ensuring their children return home before nightfall, lest they fall victim to the blasphemous schemes of such ruinous congregations. Perhaps the most peculiar of such rumors, are the bizarre tales recited by the impossibly aged men of the hills. Recalling in inebriated stupor, cryptic accounts of the creator-worship of antiquated times. They tell many tales of strangeness new and old, yet of their spoken legends, those of uncanny relation of creator-cults to the profane esoteric gatherings of yore remain most unsettling. Though these blasphemous suggestions remain wholly questionable at best, of the subject, there remains a certain persistent unease not easily described by the conscious wanderings of the mind. Despite this inherent enigma, the drifting of such unnerving thought gives way to conclusions so utterly horrifying, the discussion of such would likely be declared heretical by all, save the eldritch machinations central to these abominable conclusions… The Outer minds “Remnants, rumored ruminations of an age utterly remote from the ordinary facets of our mortal existence, the Outer minds do toil, shifting idly in maddening absent thought. Such foreign concepts, musing in otherworldly abstraction and surmised in stagnant unconscious, lie in such wholly distant notions, they could be surmised not to exist at all.“ Of various ancient and maddeningly profane ponderings, none but the most horrific draws nigh to loathsome ruminations upon the great and fell being of the Outer minds. Foul delving murmurs into the earliest of mortal minds spoke of their being, and of their implication. Ancient beyond the furthest reaching pillars of time, such dismal ruminations of such impossibly time-defying durations give way only to the most nightmarishly maddening of conclusions. It is feasible, however, that such conclusions, despite their extraordinarily titanic implications, are still the result of a mortal mind, running mad with primal, existential terror. It is due to the nigh mythic nature of such archaic rumor, that the proposed conclusions hold naught more truth than the most dubious of drunken hearsay. Despite the apparent obscurity of such matters, there remain still, zealously adventurous scholars, of whom, the exploration of these esoteric matters remains wholly central to their most wildly fevered of dreams. Of such intrepid scholars of the occult, there resides within all, dampened whispers of greater truth, odd dreams of peculiar things beyond space, and out of time. Conceivably the most utterly bizarre of the various unorthodox suspicions held by the already quite odd groupings of various esoteric academics studying the subjects is a curious belief in what one might deem, alternative pantheon. Unfortunately due to this extraordinarily odd phenomenon, the extensive study of such wholly nonsensical occultism has become largely abandoned, most prominently due to imposed restrictions against such inquiry. The largest contributor to such restrictions resulting from extensive localized taboo, central to such, prominent anathema is the frequent, though surely dubious accounts of insanity amongst the population of prior researchers. This is not to say directly that all of such scholars become wholly overtaken by the peculiar beliefs of those whom they study, rather, various seemingly latent beliefs inherent to these aforementioned occult pantheons have been suggested to subtly influence the academic mind. Most notably of these corruptions, are the persistent and vague hypothesis regarding the existence of bizarre entities residing out of the planes of existence perceived both through either direct observation, or the further considerably more eldritch regions, whose identifications can only be classified through witnessed interaction with the perceptible realm. Such cryptic and wholly lacking evidence of such does little to strengthen wide-spread belief in these supposed beings. The phenomena of such outlandish beliefs most frequently being attributed to excessively deep immersion into the profoundly mad scriptures in which such cults have been founded, rather than the factual existence of some wholly alien sentience. The Narrows “In dull annals of deepest thought, machinations of the mind run wild, entrancing displays of boundless repetition, and dizzying depths of waking dreams. It is of this place that unseen things of unconscious being swell, growing perpetually preponderant in the thoughtful lands of absent mind, their existence as uncertain as the passage of time. Of the realm of frenzied thought-storms, few truths emerge, none but the incessantly loud, and swelteringly sonorous.“ In thoughtless lands, with landless thoughts the mind does roam, dull machinations of the rambling mind invoking a strange and primeval intoxication in which the melancholy spirit may wander, entranced within its own solemn dreams. So too can the formless thoughts of the drunken dreamer be seductively sweet, evoking beguilement within thought, not by primordial chaos, rather, unbound desire. All of such astounding creations lie intangibly before, and within the thoughtful mind, coating their being with unusual, yet bizarrely familiar amalgamations of unheeded sight. Strangest of all amongst the aforementioned outlandish displays of the fabled narrows are those of the alien thoughts, which don forms greater than that which may be discerned by mere visualization. These oddities manifest most frequently within singular formations, bearing strange and angular shapes, invoking primordial wonder across the aeons of conscious existence. It is the sphere of the primeval narrows that these eldritch manifestations are rumored to originate; varied and peculiar sightings of singular things attributed to the occult congregations, long rumored to fester in the depths of shrouded thickets, and abandoned halls. Of the few dubious accounts associated with eras of varied age, the vague suggestions of greatly frightful patternings begin to arise. It is of these peculiar patternings that the most greatly perturbing of implications grow ever more present, as the significance of such chaotic thinking marinates in the deceived sanity of the mortal mind. Of proposed explanations generated by and for those of sound mind, there are exceedingly few able to ascertain, and adequately explain the horrific state described, as some sort of maddening familiarity with the various perceived anomalies. Despite the comprehensive involvement of aforesaid, and wholly pioneering academics’ unhealthily extensive inquiry into these instances, the causation of such bizarre and fading recognition remains utterly foreign. In the more remote of esoteric circles, bizarre theories emerge, attributing such anomalous recognition to some bewildering sense of primal, timeless connection; interlinking such phenomena in origin to some unseen common ground straddling time between the corporeal and metaphysical. Though indeed, such occult circles acknowledge these peculiar occurrences, they who accel in deciphering the inexplicable have yet to offer more than theory. The offerings of mainstream academia are even slimmer, regardless, however, the few hypothetical explanations offered entrance the mind with wonder, presenting otherworldly fables, of lands mirroring only thought. Tales of strange realms, broadcasting their creations into anomalous manifestations of contemplation made physical. The validity of such claims, though unquestionably outlandish, continues to hold a semblance of continuity within recorded history, the claim often made that such alternate lands are to be held responsible for the varied hallucinatory phenomena associated with psychedelic intoxication. The Thoughtform “Isolated, profoundly foreign formations descendant of alien swathes of time that heralded their conception. Eternal within predestined present and unbound from the primordial edicts of material existence. They dwell without form, consciousness beginningless, and fated without end. The thoughtform is contradiction incarnate, progeny of unconscious mind. Of them, all are endless, some looping incessantly within uncountably infinitesimal snaps of presence; Others unbound from all, great ethereal minds undulating in the tenebrous void of most distant futures, and long-forgotten yore.“ Long have there been tales of great beings, dwelling in their grand immaterial planes, and worshipped with a fevered splendor. Yet of these grand beings, and their associated pantheons, there remains little vestige of their greatness, save of ancient tales, and dimly murmured miracles. Some speak of fables, of devilish demons, monstrous and phantasmal, skulking the dreary minds of sinful heathens, and wayward priests; all speak of dark and foreboding tales of folly come vengefully the mindless blasphemer. To academics, these tales of vague legendary and verbal tradition seems to serve little purpose other than conserving piety and order amongst the masses. Yet, despite this dismissive outlook often attributed to the varied peculiar taboos and local doctrines of remote villages, there remain outliers. Though indeed amongst the scholarly sort, the vast majority ere on the side of caution, still of such academics, a peculiarly large grouping considers the validity of such concepts far more carefully. Though indeed, the study of these various tales remains wholly esoteric to the casual onlooker, the particular content and methodology of such inquiries invoke what can only be surmised as frightful conclusions. It can be detailed that the general procedure of such research consisted primarily of the subject’s assigned objectives whilst immersed in the extensive study of such uniquely superstitious cultures. Of the subjects instructed to adhere to the various societal taboos within the local culture, there is little to be said; the most noticeable phenomenon that of an unnervingly strong drive to adhere to local taboo. Within the subjects instructed to disobey local teachings, the general compulsion to adhere remained wholly present, though such symptoms were greatly exacerbated in scope, certain subjects experiencing significantly larger amounts of general anxiety, deja vu, paranoia, and a particularly frequent sense of ‘being watched’. Furthermore and perhaps most disconcerting amongst the various incidents was the exceptionally high rate of mental deterioration, unexplained disappearances, and death amongst the former subjects post-experiment. Whilst far from concise evidence, the aforementioned phenomena have provided significant enough credence to such localized taboo to inspire deeper ruminations upon the exact nature of the alleged forces rumored to be responsible. The most common of theories places significant stock upon the local legendary, which describes such phenomenon as the work of ‘demonic’ beings, existing solely to befell those who seek to undermine their doctrine. Of these varied localized systems and pantheons, there do indeed exist significant precedents for the maneuvers of the supposed entities within them, though of such precedent, the vast majority is vague. Furthermore, almost all of such folklore can be traced to a foundation within the dubious historical accounts by long-deceased figures. The validity of these local legends is most prominently drawn into question by the weathered researchers of the subject; the majority of refutations based upon the variety of such ‘entities’ within disconnected pantheons. These refutations have proven the catalyst for further theorization, of which arise numerous wildly varying theories and proposals, though there have proved to be exceptionally few bearing any semblance of truth. Of the most adventurous academics and philosophers, there are those who uncover things far stranger than theory, ancient things, forgotten relics, and archaic ideals. Amongst the more intriguing of proposals, is a singular, exceptionally peculiar theory tying in such localized phenomena into esoteric, and exceptionally antiquated forms of so-called ‘thought magicks’. Whatever the functionality of such lost arcane liturgies, they elude current approximation of understanding; though, within unearthed manuscripts, there exist suggestions of varied entities, immaterial formations of infinite probability. Proposing that across time, psychic manifestations ceaselessly take the shape of lesser beings dubbed ‘thoughtforms’; with each shifted attention, such infantile entities are eviscerated, their minuscule presence drowned by a meaningless infinity of time, a consciousness unfathomably brief. Such incorporeal sentience rarely endures beyond mere instant, yet it is said that some endure, delphic tales of phenomena impossibly alien, the progeny of titanic singularity, or generational belief. It is upon these tales that the most maddened of thinkers toil, stricken with incurable eldritch belief, and laboring in repetitively ceaseless zeal, striving to create that which some deem gods. Purpose The primary purpose of this lore is to provide background information and precedent for future lore and event projects. In addition this to providing further, intentionally cryptic information regarding assorted occult/or ‘mainstream’ religious gatherings in a manner that allows for varied and open-ended interpretation. If you’ve read this through to its entirety I thank you and hope it was enjoyable; I look forward to building future projects upon what has been established here. Overall Tl;Dr Lore regarding the material impact thought can have upon the world, and how it contributes to the manifestation of various things, and entities. Credits to a ton of people for providing feedback (If u want your name listed, hmu. You know who you are.)
  10. Ah yes, and here we have a wonderful example of the fabled ‘minmax’ in its natural habitat.
  11. Haven’t given this a full look over yet, but this looks nice! brings back much needed variety.
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