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  1. Zidoax

    Jackal Sect

    scps I see
  2. Marek thinks that’s pretty gnarly, and puts it on his to-do checklist
  3. Marek thinks modus should calm down with the cactus green
  4. I cant stalk people with buddylist, now I cant look at randos faces? Sad!
  5. Zidoax

    New skin shop

    Yeah so I make skins, Ill do any skin type you request. Payment in crowns is Ideal, though I’ll hear out other payment methods, I don’t have a set price. If you want a skin PM me on the forum or in game and we can discuss what exactly you want VIA discord. I prefer to do and almost exclusively make skins from scratch. Here are some of my more recent skins https://imgur.com/a/Oma33LX
  6. Zidoax

    Nazark's Cartography

    do you do 360° VR maps?
  7. Real kraken hours
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