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  1. Lounging within the foyer of comital Metterden whilst visiting her kin, the Lady Elizaveta joyously began to finalize invitations to beloved relatives, comrades, and other intimates of Lady Irene, the youngest flower to bloom of the union between the Dowager Countess Katherine and her late husband, Konstantin. ”My, my! What good fun this will be, wouldn’t you say?” She cooed to her eldest daughter Sigmunda and the doting nephews who surrounded her.
  2. keep working at it! you seem to be a creative individual; keep yourself informed and educated as to the lore, as others before me have mentioned, and soon enough, you’ll be a proficient lore writer with awesome pieces (I just know it)! My suggestion is looking at accepted lore and taking note of their styles, the systems they use, and so forth while maintaining the authenticity of your own writing – we learn by observation, after all.
  3. A descendant of the fraternal union between Emperor Augustus and Empress Helen Elizabeth rattled her chin in dismay from the heavens. “How presumptious,” she bellowed challengingly, scrunching her crooked nose whilst having to readjust her unhinged jaw.
  4. Elated, the devout Thespian Madame Elizaveta Carrion sought to reach out to her dearest friend, the Princess Imperial. This, surely, was the opportunity of a lifetime!
  5. ”God-Fearing and diligent. If I were partial to politics, and all that, I’d vote for her,” declared one Secretariat by the name of Sister Anabel, heftily heaving out a breath into a withered kerchief.
  6. Elizaveta donned an elated grin, her crimped brows leveled on the lengthy issue lain on the desk before her. ”Such a magnificent work by a magnificent mind! I cannot wait to see what else she has in store..”
  7. The Madame Carrion raised a glass of mead in revelry, contented by such craftmanship shown by her dearest, and oldest, friend. ”Ohohoh,” harrumphed Elisabeth, sporting a wry simper. ”This will be quite the show.”
  8. Deep within the Palace Ekaterinburg of the Northern demesne, seat to the ancient Household of Barbanov-Bihar, lurked a desolate room. To any privy to its existence, there would have been an archive, untouched for ages with a telling quantity of dust and cobwebs strewn over the various cabinets. There, upon a lacklustre table, aside the Cerulean Tiara first worn by Queen Elizaveta of Vidaus, were discarded drafts of letters – the very last remnants of one Queen and her beloved sister, a relationship that withstood the mere concept of marriage and varying parentage. It was there that Milena Ekaterina had toiled in writing a response to the Duchess of Adria, consumed by the grief that surfaced with the latter’s demise. She could not thank her once more for their habitual correspondence, nor the illustrious gift Mariya had bestowed upon her – A dress and Diadem that was fit for an Empress and eventually worn by two Queens. Even in death, her sister kept her best interest in mind, as they always had for each other in life. She never did manage to honor her deceased confidant with a reply... at least, not in life.
  9. In the blessed expanses of the Seven Skies, or perhaps the inferno that was the Netherworld, Queen Milena Ekaterina partook in a lengthy inspiration inward, a bitter-sweet smile overtaking one imperious visage. With each movement she took, the tresses of her vermilion gown followed in suit, grazing against the ground she traversed. ”Perhaps, mmh.. I did in fact warrant the moniker of Vulpine. I was a most calculated girl in my youth – one prone to err, as any of mortal mind is, you see, but nevertheless devoted and utterly in love with my people. I praise this Anya Petrovic and Father Otto, who so eloquently shed light on the truth to the best of their GOD-given ability.” Promptly, she discarded of the informative missive, ironing it over with spindly fingers, bereft of rings and insignia. ”Isn’t it so,” cooed the woman past her shoulder, chin piqued slightly. “dear Queen?”
  10. ”Oh yes!” decreed a woman, reveling at the news. “At long last, unity is in the stars for our people.”
  11. ”wtf,” says Grand Princess Aleksandra the First from certain death when discovering the cause of her kith’s demise.
  12. Sister Anabel duly nodded towards the Lady Isabel, proffering her amiable blessings as she sought to distribute the mass of invitations unto her fellow clergymen, and of course, the Vicar of GOD himself. ”Such blessed revelry will make joyous men out of the melancholic and enliven the spirits of the desolate. God bless vy, my lady; I wish your union well.”
  13. The Secretariat, Anabel, imparted on the Archbishop a thinly smile, her splindly fingers hoisting the parchment to her eyelevel. ”Brava, Cardinal. Through such honest work, the faithful will be recognized and unified in your demesne. You do GOD’s work.”
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