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  1. [Player Report] Devvy

    You know I think it’s funny it started as a joke but it really proves how much of a ****** Devvy is LOL
  2. [Player Report] Devvy

    screeched at me when I joined coal miners discord, overall toxic individual and blocked gucky on skype. meaniehead. id say she deserves 6 months minimum.
  3. Faith Returns - A White Flame Burns

    Adam Carwyn attended, the lean Kaedreni man having been inspired by the meeting. A white flame kindles within his heart...
  4. @Malimom nice banning Dewper then resigning right after really cool xDDD

  5. @Trumpies 


    1. Freischarler


      donald is an israelite puppet, no better than hillary. democracy is one of the greatest lies

  6. Santegia Memes

    A boy makes this face And finally agrees with maxgemini on something
  7. Who would win the knight or the old man

    1. rukio



    2. TheSilentBestMeme


      That one screamer with the glitched carbum warhammer.

    3. Keefy


      The Hyena with a bike

  8. @devvy you have contributed to 30 of my 38 notifications today...

  9. Free dewper ;333333333333333333333

  10. your own team hates you more then the enemy team

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. chardiddler
    3. Ad_Victorium


      Why would u say such a thing :**(

    4. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      because I want u on my side. come, join the dark side

  11. ggt and vege ally to do some gnarly sick plotting and ggt once again reforms felsen guard merc group and singlehandedly defeats oren yes i feel it coming in the air tonight

  12. [!] Red Scrolls: Fortitude

    “For the alliance.” Says a man
  13. [Trial]StokedOff's GM Application

    Idk Dakota well but he seems like a good guy. +1
  14. zoey ama

    why do the flays keep you around when u r a member of a religion of “hatred”
  15. [Denied] Pureimp10's FM App

    keebobway is a qt +1