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  1. .... Remember when people argued over how Oren wasn't needed for human activity? It's good to see these reports come out every now and then to prove accusations of places having '30+ ppl in off hours' wrong.
  2. SnOW ElVeS AReN'T A RaCe They'Re a CulTuRE!!! A culture of outcasts irl and irp... sad but tru
  3. Leo: *sends skype contact req "Ni xiang wangba?" Asian Welf E-Girl: *swoons and accepts upon envisioning Artemic Car'Moron's TONED and SWOLE bod Leo: "Time 2 go to the FAE RING CIRCLE" 2 hours l8r After tearing the welf egirl a new one leo adds a mark to a massive tally
  4. A direct correlation between less posting and increased post to rep ratio.... I must investigate this trend further in order to achieve my final goal of 1:1....

    1. Hero_


      Did I hear something?


      (gotta love delete option for statuses)

    2. Gob


      this is why villain_prodigy is the alpha and you are the beta

  5. Havoc cakefool and several others were mentioned however
  6. @TankM1A2 elemental wasn't mentioned in the cave.... :thinking:
  7. Warhawkes Build Server 5:45 PM EST 8/16/17 I log onto the server, spawning into a world dubbed 'Norland2'.. What I find as I join is staggering. Heads of orenians and flays alike scatter a flatworld... after trying to find myself I find a large pit in the center. Elfen heads line the chamber, and I jump, landing at the bottom. "Satan's Playpen", the etchings read. I follow the signs, and read the messages upon them. The following are various screenshots from the cave - (They're talking about me here) *GASPS* Poor ggt :( Finally, the cave ends. This cave adventure was horrible, a journey through archives of hellish memes... but the question is, who made this cave...? NOTE: I thought this was a funny thing, not intended for insults or anything. Also my minimap doesn't show players dw!
  8. That's what max says to me everyday :(
  9. Just passed my 1000th post and my post to rep ratio is still absolute ****. Not even 1:1, what a dirty peasant I am.....

    1. Gob


      dont give up son

    2. Nathan_Barnett36


      just for that I'm banning you from teamspeak!

    3. Hero_


      Adam's the better brother u poopyhead !

  10. Dehydrated Ser Maxwell engulfs 10 covfefes before reading the northern news, giving a firm nod. "Good read."
  11. porn-pros-and-cons-cons-thicc-superior-t

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      Mitto if you wanted it gone you could've removed it yourself


  12. Awakening from a brief sleep, the knight finds himself alone, whilst he rested his captors likely went to ransom another pour soul. He sneaks around the mountains, coming to the orcish docks, before sailing for the cloud temple. He had escaped, but the recent bandit activity may only prove it temporary...
  13. The knight himself gives a muffled rebuttal beneath his gag. It would sound similar to "1000. Let me go."