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  1. “Sounds like a job for me. Let’s hope he’s not a nonce as well as a psycho.” said Robert Denhardt Boy Wonder, sharpening his scimitar
  2. no you would be the thorn in the side of any team and already bend and stretch the rules to incredible lengths. you do not deserve anything handed to u.
  3. “i endorse.” says ser konrad
  4. Hero_

    [Bounty] DESERTER

    “wait haense still exists?” questions konrad
  5. Dominion Contract With Stahl Company 9th of the First Seed, 1669. A contract between the Stahl Company and the Dominion of Malin. This contract sets forth several duties which the Stahl Company must perform in the Dominion-Krugmar Conflict. I. The Stahl Company shall provide as many men that are readily available to aid in the defense of the Dominion and its borders from Krugmarian aggression and incursions from the edifice known as ‘Fort Stronk’ II. The Stahl Company shall whenever needed blockade the roads and disrupt supply lines leading to Fort Stronk III. The Stahl Company shall come to aid the Dominion in all battles, skirmishes, and sieges with the War-Nation of Krugmar for the full duration of the conflict The Dominion of Malin will make an initial payment directly to the Stahl Company, and additional and/or supplementary payments shall be provided as a reward for satisfactory performance and initiative. SIGNED, Kairn Igus Ithelanen, Mortal King of Elves Lord Abelas Caerme'onn, The Imbus of Elves, Archdruid of the Naelurir Captain Robert Denhardt von Gilead, Boy Wonder
  6. Hero_

    Courland vs Renatus

    https://i.gyazo.com/764da652a8bf443a78b6c739b4e93199.mp4 if u were looking for most exciting part also ?
  7. Hero_

    snarky title

    You must be very proud of winning the first fight this war where you guys outnumbered us and then losing the second fight while you outnumbered us (again).
  8. Hero_

    snarky title

    good fight!
  9. Hero_

    Equal Numbers

    Jfc you guys are really trying to scramble for a distraction from the fact you lost a 10v30. Pathetic.
  10. best say yes to mog, or he'll snap his fingers again and this time half the lore team will disappear..
  11. Hero_

    ggteixeira's GM Application (Time for Change)

    @Vege In time you will know what it’s like to lose...
  12. Hero_

    Project Danehammer.

    perhaps there is hope for the admin and gm teams
  13. Hero_

    [Accepted] marimbamonk's Event Team Actor application

    Seems like a cool guy n good rper. Also has a sick afro. +1
  14. Hero_

    Edicts of the Crown

    It was a day of chaotic winds, rain, and lightning at the port. The sails and hull of the ship creaked as it docked. The crew and passengers were drenched from head to toe, eager to depart to the comfort and warmth of an inn or the bedsides of their homes. The hardened Renatian knight of yore stepped off the boat onto the docks, his boots making little noise over the tumultuous downpour, clad in naught but humble monkly robes. He removed his left glove, glancing to the stubs that stood in the place of his middle three digits. They would remain a permanent reminder of his dissent against White Peak and the Crown. But it was a worthy sacrifice in the efforts to topple Eimar the Fat and his treasonous ilk. He put his glove back on his hand, glancing back into the rain and thundering skies. He smiled, clasping his wooden Lorraine Cross in his right hand. "It's good to be back."
  15. the only person in flg who i respect (also qt.) +1