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  1. "Think I agree with you for once, if this is true." Max says
  2. "Odd, I see them in the krag all the time." he shrugs ((It's not fabricating, I'm associating them with Norland as they are in norland all the time, and bandit alongside norland residents. Consider the definition of the word 'associate'.
  3. "Those lads in the blue bandanas who hang around Norland all the time and attack innocents on routine. Don't know their names but they seem to make up a sigificant amount of the krags population." Says Max ((Thornz Hacken Tank etc. the list goes on of people who live in Norland on their bandit personas and attack Oren all the time, obviously I wouldn't know their names irp as that would be meta, but it was worth you trying to be a ***** with ooc!
  4. ((I said Norland associated bandits, nice try 10/10 work on your reading skills before trying to step. This means: cake, hacken, etc., no grudge, just roleplay!
  5. Can someone give me an eta on next map release I'm hearing lots of conflicting facts

    1. James2k


      JUST after summer ends probably

  6. "I believe so, considering a singular Oren person attacked them and multiple Norland affiliated bandits attack our vassals all the time! We didn't go to war with them for that, did we?" Ser Maxwell responds
  7. I mean, he's cool I guess... +1
  8. A certain knight remembers hearing of a bandit faction affiliated with Norland attacking and raiding Orenian settlements. "Perhaps given their flawed logic of such attacks on innocents, we should hold their nation accountable for a significant amount of their affiliated population attacking Oren? I mean, even despite that, it was likely only one rogue man who attacked an innocent. Oren is a large empire, unlike Norland which, so I've heard, failed their last - what the sky gods call an 'activity check'.. the ashguard did the right thing, but should not hold an empire accountable for one mans actions." He thinks to himself. In other news, Arnor shakes his head, and begins practicing his swordsmanship on a dummy outside his hovel. He would need practice in the days to come...
  9. Zhulik it's just mineman not srs! Idk why they suppress your 1st amendment rights and gonads isn't that bad lol!

  10. hearing word LoTC is dying. making me kinda sad af because everything to make it great is within our reach

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Alterazgohg


      lotc is fated to die every 6 months just calm down

    3. Lionbileti


      It's not dead, it's merely just on life support ;)

    4. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      If LotC was a sick man before, it is now a dying man.

  11. 2f2a01158d4be574fb604c2f2e24402c.png

    food for thought.

    1. James2k


      it's weird how he's completely ignoring the server when he's the one who'd be earning any profits and paying for any losses. why wouldn't he be trying to make it profitable?

    2. Hero_


      I know, very odd.

  12. yeeeeee doggy, stupid SJW kids 'racistm sexism surver no fun' absolute braindeads lol ancap is the only way lol
  13. Please make this man owner.
  14. Thank you for doing your job. I know words don't mean much but most people don't do their jobs right and you seem to be keeping everything under control. 

    1. NotEvilAtAll
    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      no im a very angry person and i assume you haven't done anything because i dont see the end result after a single hour and so i call for a complete dev wipe 

  15. You have seen some of the edgy fucks who apply? We need that system. The AT is fine.