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  1. Hero_Prodigy

    Long Shot. [OOC Post - Looking for a character to play.]

    perhaps the prestigious house dabber is recruiting @nordicg_d ?
  2. And if you actually act on those threats as an admin and legitimately ddos someone you will not receive a ban, only a removal of your admin permissions. Got it!
  3. Ioannis is supposed to be the epitome of admin behavior and used his ability to view ips on the forums, an ability possessed by gms to get dewper’s ip and ddos him. He also scrambled multiple times for a botched defense and changed his defense several times in the initial reporting of the “lucahz hacked me” issue. Kyle is a standard player who jokingly threatened acu with ddos but didn’t act on it. Ioannis did. Pretty black and white if you ask me.
  4. hope you’re trolling. if not, who said this? absolutely false and ridiculous claim to make, if they were serious.
  5. Hero_Prodigy

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    OOC MC Username: Hero_Prodigy Discord Username: Hero#5067 Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: u guys deleted it How active are you?: pretty IC Name: Robert Surname: von Gilead Title: kid Liege Lord: my boss Gender: Male Date of Birth: 6 years ago I forgot Race: Human Subrace: Waldenian and Qalisheen Culture: Aeldenic/Waldenian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: maybe 4 feet Weight: light Eye Color: grey-brown Skin Color: tan Hair Color: brown Markings: none PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Mos'Le Harmless Occupation: i work for commodus CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Robert of Gilead, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  6. Hero_Prodigy

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    “What’s the point of having a nice tavern if your race is ******* inferior.” muses Ser Konrad
  7. Hero_Prodigy

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    a six year old smashes the table he sits at like a retarded child “duurrthurr didn’t want to go anyways.”
  8. I think lucas had gun to ioannis’ head n forced him to ddos lets be reasonable here guys

    1. HurferDurfer1


      I wish your mother had used birth control

    2. Hero_Prodigy
  9. what a coward whoever locked the thread haha

  10. why everyone bein mean towards gus he is a veteran player

  11. I think the rules were designed so that the admin circlejerk can just selectively ban pretty much anyone they disagree with in a pretty retroactive manner. None of them acknowledge this publically, of course, but it becomes pretty obvious at this point.
  12. "I hate that fuckin' word." says Ser Konrad
  13. Hero_Prodigy

    [Denied]Aerenna's Game Moderator Application

    dunno why u did that to blag he's a saint : (
  14. rep this status if you want to save the expanse : (

    1. Flamelynx


      i got you bro!