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  1. Declaration of Independance of the Barony of Keintania

    "Is this one man irrelevant barony under a kingdom that is the discount version of courland rebelling a ******* joke." says Alain Eastoft
  2. disgusting staff bias removing all horses besides guckys! bad bad bad !

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. transcended soul

      transcended soul

      considering youve been trying to lose weight for like 4 years with little progress i dont think its a baby face.

    3. cuckio


      Definitely haven't been trying but okay.

    4. Freischarler


      flame war, keep going

  3. Political Compass thread

    dudeeeeee im an average citizen
  4. Act of Regency

    “I will not kill holy men.” Echoed Canonius’s words in lucienist Alain’s mind, the last words he remembered before a gap in memory and a headache at the cloud temple.
  5. To Save Humanity from Itself

    Alain grins
  6. Who removed me from LoTC discord. Reveal yourself fiend, your serpentine acts have not gone unnoticed.

  7. How to increase player retention as a player

    Sandk1ng sage..
  8. dear kyle, or dpm

    Hi faiz, you ok?
  9. The All-Father Remembers

    Carwyn frowns that the red worshipping king is still arguing
  10. [Denied] [Actor] Warmarcher

    yes. +1
  11. One step forward two steps back

    1. cuckio


      No matter what I do you're always mad

  12. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Skylez1

    Probably one of the best ET out there +1