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  1. Reeves shrugs as he reads it, mildly interested, before shrugging again and going back to fight the good fight with his comrades.
  2. Reeves grins, knowing the dwed will not be aiding Courland and instead aid them in their righteous cause!
  3. Max pales, his normally calm and quiet face turned a horrified color of alabaster.
  4. Bancroft cusses at Jacques from the seven, knowing he was one of the bandits that constantly attacked Johannesburg before the fall, before stopping, knowing that he had no need for hatred anymore.
  5. I also like this post. I have a general habit of taking the bait easily, but to be completely honest LoTC is turning into a hotbed of poor villainy RP and pvp-based instead of RP based. As someone who's playing in the Westerlands, this can sometimes become an issue when we get raided by what we commonly call 'dunamemes'. I'm not saying get rid of pvp, I like pvp and think playing a child's game without it is stupid, but we should focus back on mineman RP.
  6. Reeves grins as more Auxiliary arrives, and knows they will retake quarryville!
  7. Bancroft sighs from the seven.
  8. Max prays for Caius' safety, still wearing his kingsguard uniform. Like Baldric, ghost of the west, he also has felt the urge to defend the small and humble town of Quarryville from any more threats... following the philosophy that any goobie seen is a dead goobie. He would try and uphold the legacy of Crast's quarry town.
  9. A depiction of Caius based on the depiction provided when someone in the recovery bay messes up his breakfast in bed.
  10. A depiction of Caius returning to the throne following taking a great fall from sitting on a wall.
  11. "I got ur back Joey" a pitiful shitposter comments
  12. Long live the king!
  13. Jack Bancroft looked over the ruins of Johannesburg, the city he was once tasked with defending. The once young-looking and clean-shaven imperial had grown a bushy beard, and his unkempt hair had streaks of grey. In his 4 year absence from the Westerlands, war had developed between Courland and Haense. He cared not for it, despite his hatred towards the nation that killed his friends. He simply wandered the world, seeking knowledge. He began to cough as he headed further into the white-coated, deadly city of Johannesburg. He knew he was ending his life. He had been loyal, and he had tried his best. But it was not enough. He had done his part in the world, and he no longer had the will to live. He thought back on his life. He remembered joining the imperial army. He remembered the war. He remembered his commanders, Walter Marshall and Mattington Ironsword. He remembered his friends, Zaor Ianric, Hanson, Rubens, the whole lot of them. He remembered asking for a knightly quest from Ser Vitallius, before Zaor started being an idiot and crushed any opportunity at an oath of knighthood. He chuckles at this, the thanium dust digging into his lungs and causing a fit of coughing. He remembered after the war, falling in love with someone from the opposing side. Of course it didn't work out, resulting in an emotional rollercoaster of heartbreak and self-loathing. He remembered fighting the undead in the west, while Bastion was under construction and there was only a small city there. He walked onwards, coughing more and more vehemently, before coming to a stop at a ruined building standing alone in the fields. It was part of the old imperial training complex, one which he himself had tried. He stopped in the field, exhausted, before lying down in the thanium plains. He closed his eyes, and slept. He never woke up. So ends the the story of Jack Bancroft. One of the last remnants of the imperial legionnaires.
  14. Is peep this out food review an anime?