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  1. Hinduism is a religion of peace!?!? Why are Hindu symbols getting removed?

  2. Resign or I shall rain Hillary demon memes upon you! tbh, I wouldn't mind if you stayed on the team @LadyRebecca, just have some chill. You too @Telanir. It wasn't nazi propaganda. This is coming from a bluepill - Joey did not post nazi propaganda. I saw the post. It was a small swastika on a guys arm. Really no biggie. Joey just likes to joke around and have fun, and these strict policies prevent humor and aspiring comedians to enjoy the forums.
  3. There is a difference between supporting my friend and being a 'meanie' or 'cry-baby'. 

  4. Jack Bancroft mock salutes his old friend before pulling him in a brotherly embrace in the Seven.
  5. ((Nice post, found a better meme the Lorax one tho
  6. hillary4.jpg

    You were right! She is  a witch!

  7. I find it odd that you forumbanned joey calabreeni for nazi propoganda when your actions are alike to Hitler himself. You stamp out any sort of free speech and fun in the world. Any humor on the forums is crushed by you. How hypocrytical! Sad!


    1. A Moongazer

      A Moongazer

      Accurate depiction.

  8. You are a murderer.


    Joey is a nice guy who's trying to be funny.


    You killed him.


    Evil woman.



  9. A great man was forumbanned today.


  10. anyone else a bit upset that undead can take a city in a day?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dalek348


      I don't know what a dunameme or a dreadknight is. Are Undead getting revived 5 years later to have their name dragged through the mud again?

    3. HurferDurfer1


      we didnt ask the dunamis to help, alot of people were switching sides, and bastion knew we were coming


    4. SexeHexe


      what hurfer said yeah.

      they sort of just statused and came in, imo someone shouldve stopped it but yknow, it happened.

      makes sense for a town right next to where undead literally spawn to go down easy peasy if you ask me though.

  11. Max, covered in long dead blood from head to toe, looks to Ser Augustus and flashes him a grin as the battle ends.
  12. The west may be gone, but the Vanders live on.

    1. The Squirrel

      The Squirrel

      "Not for long.." mumbles Mordring...

  13. THE BATTLE OF BASTION 10th of Grand Harvest, 1609 "WHY DO VANDERS FIGHT? - TO NEVER TURN THE BACK UPON A FOE" - An excerpt of the Vander Code The forces of Mordring came fast and strong. A massive force of Morghouls and Dreadknights, combined with the most fearsome of undead champions, smashed through Leopold's wall, great siege engines and trolls coming behind them. The military of the west was few and far between, save for some seraphimites, reserve westerlanders, and the valiant Gotz Helvets, Zweihander in his hands. Instead, a massive force of volunteers, there to save the Westerlands and the Isles of Axios from the undead threat, joined them. Familiar faces of the Westerlands such as the honorable Max Reeves and the hardened Matrim MacDunn came to the battlefield. Despite the odds against them, the men and women of the west stood strong. They fought to the end. After all, Vanders never turn their back upon a foe. The dead knocked on their doors, pushing them all the way from Leopold's Wall to the great gates of Bastion. The young men, many hardened by war, many just kids, stayed strong willed, patriotically shouting "Ye Doggy" and "Hoo Rah", ready to meet the dead in combat. There they stood, waiting for their grisly fate. A small group, led by Aislin Marr, Matrim MacDunn, and Gared Emmark, in one final valiant attempt, flanked the undead in one final charge, alongside Max Reeves, Gottfried Helvets, Ericka Yar and some other men. They charged down the canyon, some getting picked off as they ran, heading towards quarryville. Then, rushing from the saddest place on Axios, sliced through the undead ranks, even cutting down some of the commanders, before being pushed back, many injured, some dead. Their actions gave the innocents and residents of Bastion time to escape. And yet some men still stood in Bastion. Quickly overrun, the city was taken by diseased trolls and dragons, the moans and sickly screeches of the undead echoing over the stone walls. Some escaped, some died. Bastion was gone, up in flames as undead looted the city and slaughtered those too wounded to escape. But the spirit of honor, valor, and the Vander ideology lived on in every survivor from that battle. They would still fight, and one day they would wipe out the undead. One day. Many heroes were forged that day. Many souls died in vain. But Vanders would live on. One day the undead would pay, but it'd take a lot of work, and far more men. But they had the resolve. After all, Vanders never die.
  14. I think I made someone angry, I'm getting ddosed right now.