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  1. Axel's the man +1
  2. Lyon is good and I like what he's done with the forums except breaking status updates.
  3. Guck is an arse but I know him better than faiz and he's funny.
  4. Jack Bancroft is saddened by the passing of his friend. He also remembered the time Alchemists fire was thrown at Zaor, and the annoyingly painful blisters on Jack's neck and back from it. Although, Jack still found it in his heart to forgive Klementim.
  5. Typo. Removed from GM team for standing up to Leo.
  6. You all need to calm down and stop yelling at Tahmas. Also, staff need to show evidence to someone to explain how they were banned. Period.
  7. Tsuyose would make good GM. Ye +1.
  8. 8/10
  9. Have the entire community roast him about his annoying shitposts and attitude on a medium other than LoTC forums so the FM's can't give warn points. You asked for it :P
  10. Looking through the paper, memories of past loss before the fall of the empire fill Jack's mind. "Ave...." he mutters under his breath.
  11. The fire of hope in Jack Bancroft's heart is waning as he realizes the end could come soon.
  12. Jack looked over the battlements, observing the fortifications of the great keep. Numerous gates to keep out the undead and sanoists. A single drawbridge entrance, which made defending the keep easier, and escape harder, so a siege would sort out the brave, and the cowards. There was a great pit surrounding the front of the keep, filled with spikes. Sieging forces would face a grizzly fate if they were to siege the gates. "Well, this city is damned unsiegeable!" He'd say to no one in particular.
  13. courlandic sanoists = commie bastards
  14. Lol you think Europe has it bad