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  1. osl ready to storm normandy 

  2. Accepted, report to Senntisten for supplies and orientation. - Signed, Lieutenant Colonel Konrad Nzech.
  3. An Olive Branch, 1655

    "yeah except the complete opposite because we've been winning this war." said Konrad
  4. An Olive Branch, 1655

    Alain Denhardt, clad in monkly robes, watched the recent Haensetic raid from afar. Bodies clad in green and white, along with those in yellow and black littered the battlements. Only a few clad in the grey, gold, and purple of Renatus had fallen, covered under the bodies of the many they had slain before falling. Outnumbering the Renatians threefold, the great Confederation force was slaughtered behind their walls. "They are fighting a losing war. These good canonists with Curon face the prospect of annihilation should they not surrender. It would be unwise not to take it" the weathered lucienist mused at the end of the slaughter, heading away from the climbable gap in the Haensetic defenses that allowed the Renatian party to climb upon the walls.
  5. In Nomine Dei, 1655

    Both Alain and Konrad grin.
  6. Accepted, report to Lieutenant Colonel Konrad Nzech or another officer for supplies and orientation within Senntisten
  7. An Open Response to the Pontifical Writ of 1655

    “You attacked Ser Heinrich first and those who came with him. Your blatant lies through your teeth do not impress anyone.” Retorts Alain
  8. Pontifical Writ of 1655

    Alain begins sharpening his blade profusely.
  9. Poll: Bring nexus back

    me seeing the title. see you around man
  10. The loss of rescue raids

    I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not
  11. The loss of rescue raids

    as an expert on many raids (including rp raids) kyle has a point here - any capture of a leader would be incredibly obstacle filled and many realistic opportunities to free said person would be blocked. that being said I think the rules should allow ladders or tnt from the side looking to free their leader because it allows a more dynamic flow to rp and would prevent more difficult situations from happening.
  12. refusing to properly address a br and simply lock it saying ‘you’re all bad behaved and bickering’ isn’t a valid solution for every other br LOL.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. McThornz


      It's the welves Hero what do you expect

    3. Hyena


      I think it can be valid after everything's been said but people continue on. This is also why it's important to attempt to work stuff out before making a BR imo. 

    4. TheWitherKingHD


      I mean if the two opposing sides are insulting each other instead of trying to come to a conclusion I guess it's justified?

  13. scottish battle screamer would make good ET +1
  14. day in the life of amerimutt