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  1. [Trial]Harolds 6.0 Helping Hand

    Idle hands are the devils playground
  2. Attention

    This is why you have -922 rep
  3. let's get down to business ...

    savior of FUCKin mankind right here yeeee doggy
  4. "Loss"

    @mitto your thoughts?
  5. PSA Vault Closing Date

    If vault tec would release FEV virus on Norland id be very grateful.
  6. The Battered Ash Tree

    “thE AShTrEEE DoeS NoT BuRN” Alain recalls Norlanders screeching before him and his comrades blew up a good chunk of the tree and set it on fire.
  7. The Slaughter of Vjorhelm - A Lucienist Perspective “There can be no bystanders in the battle for survival. Anyone who will not fight by thy side is an enemy thee must crush.” - A traditional lucienist litany _______________________________________________________________ King Mauer I atop his trusty steed leads the Order of Saint Lucien towards the entrance of the Krag, 1641 ________________________________________________________________ The battle could only be described as one thing. A slaughter. Massive flay aerial bombardments, a significant force of god-fearing canonists, and increased morale from winning countless raids gave the Norlanders a significant disadvantage. Losses were few for the victors, almost entirely peasants who got cocky and crossed the bridge of Vjorhelm into enemy arrow fire. When Norland was not being bombed by flays, they received significant barrages of covering fire from the majority of the force. It began quietly. United men of Renatus, Haense, Marna, and the Order of St. Lucien made their way through the outskirts and the city towards the norlandic holdout. The town was abandoned, the civilians who once resided there long gone. As they made their way towards the side opposite of the entrance, a looming structure awaited them across one of the two bridges that led out of the city. Towering over the rest of norland, and covered in netting, this foreboding fortress contained multiple killboxes and outcroppings for the attackers. The men of god pushed forward to the bridge, fortifying there and beginning to pepper the enemy force with arrows. If the pagans boxlike holdfast accomplished anything, it was that it was that it provided norlanders with cover and a serious height advantage for their archers. As the battle progressed, however, it was clear that they would not hold. Leitsieg, one of the men of Renatus, set explosives at the base of the first killbox, which would lead upwards to a platform which would prove a staging point for men with ladders to breach the main norlandic fort. As the dynamite was set off, a hole revealing some astonished norlanders was revealed, and they were cut down quickly and efficiently while archers provided supporting fire. However, they found themselves at a stall. The norlanders needed to push out soon, and were short and time, but intended on cowering like vermin in their fortress until the skygods forced them out. More smaller skirmishes with what remained of norlandic forces outside their main hold occurred, specifically along the coast as a small group of Lucienists and other forces decisively flanked the aquatic scouts, dispatching them with relative ease. It was then when the battle reached a turning point. Another round of explosions broke through the boxlike cover for the norlanders, and the full force of the attackers rushed through the opening to the platform. The men rushed to the base, of the structure, many being shot down before reaching safety. As their forces swarmed the norlanders, their archers were terrified and dispatched easily before moving on to the rest. As the skies cleared, it was clear Norland had been completely annihilated. Red and black clad bodies littered the ground. The tables had turned from the series of battles and raids the norlanders called the ‘Desolation of Oren’. As the men rode home from the blood stained rocks of Norland, it was clear that this would not be their last victory. GOD had guided the blades of the brave souls that stood against the heathenish filth. Deus Magnus. Deus Vult.
  8. because you eat people and bring them back from the dead what the **** did you expect
  9. Thank **** for the 180 on that 1.9 combat EDIT: However, consider that gold will more likely then not be a key component to undead combat
  10. Freebuild tile rules poll

    Haha yes I support landscars and sand penises everywhere haha yes !
  11. Declaration of Disownment

    “Whos serene quillan.” Says Alain
  12. Dewper is a veteran player who totally did not join a few months ago. Him breaking the rules is absolutely unacceptable! 

    1. Salvo


      Stop making yourself look like a fool

    2. TheWitherKingHD


      How does this change anything? In the app your supposed to agree to a rule. Entitling you to read the the rules. What was he banned for anyway?

  13. Peace Among The Faithful, 1640

    “Rest easy, Conlaed.” Mutters Alain, crossing himself