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  1. Garrdum’Raguk nods approvingly as the letters are sent out.
  2. [Understudy Application] MC Name: Aevary RP Name: Cerci Stormfist Reason for wanting to Join: i wish to expand my current knowledge of life and all it holds Desired area of study: arcanism or the mastery of art Link me a picture of a Cat/Dog/Your preferred cute animal: look at that fuzzball :D
  3. The Applicant Form -=-~(*)~-=- OOC: MC Name?: Aevary Discord?(Required, can PM me.): Thalrim#8183 -=- IC: Full Name: Thalrim Irongut Race: Mountian Dwarf Age: 155 Reasoning for joining?: I wis' t' see w'a' lies deeper in t'e dark bowels o' th' world as well as th' lighter side, 'n booty, o' course When are you free for an interview?: mostly weekends and sometimes around weekdays Do you swear to follow and uphold all of the Guild's rules and customs?: aye What position do you seek?(If an official position, let me know.): smith or explorer, i own a ship and im also a masterful What is your favorite color?: black, it matc'es me eyepatc'
  4. Event Planners, MC Names: Aevary, Chthonian_ Event Type: exploring, PVE and RP, hopefully little to none PVP Your Timezone: UTC +2 Affected Groups: The Alrasion Privateer company and a small band of scholars, maybe some random hitchhikers who want to join in Event Location: at sea, nowhere in particular Summation: pereus and cap'n Thalrim Irongut would set sail on a ship in search of new land, their main idea was to stock up their ship with supplies and set sail aboard their ship, but as they search out they find hordes of sea monsters. As they sail they would soon find a large group of fish, think it was the perfect time to go and fish, they would go and lay out their fishing nets and get out their harpoon, yet what they didn't know was this attracted larger fish, like sharks and whales, big whales. Far beneath them a motherly Luppa's young would just now hatch and she would need to search for food, looking above her she would see then, large groups of fish, whales, and sharks all huddling around a single target, the boat. darting up she would attack a whale, the men on the ship would think this was an attack on them and thusly they would start attacking her, aggravating her to fight them, in the end the Luppa would die and the ships men would live another day (this can change by the ET if he wants, lets say the ship breaks and we all sink, its all up to the ET) (but on the other end, this is where the event stops, everyone can get off or take a break, if the ET wants, he can continue this another day saying that were just sailing forth but from here I will go on as if we won and were sailing onward). the crewmen exhausted would find a new piece of land, though to enter it they would need to go through a thin cavern as the cliffs were too high to be scalable. In the cavern, they would find a many of strange creatures swimming beneath them but a danger leaps deep within as they start hearing voices, songs so beautiful the couldn't resist but sails deeper. there they would find sirens, sitting atop rocks, hoping to lure a sailor or two into their deadly grasp (this could go multiple ways, ending with either nobody's death, everyone's death or only a few deaths, it comes down to RP and how the ET would want it to play out, but for now, I will continue on as if all survived the singing). after the sailor resisted the sirens call, they ventured forth, eventually revealing a opening in the cavern, unable to go forth with the ship they would have to journey on foot, once there they would find a small coastal village, yet empty and abandoned (this is where the ET can sign off, allowing players to go take a break or log off, it will be the ET's choice if he wants to go forward or stop for the day, for now, I will go on as if they just found it and are currently exploring it) the village would be on stilts, keeping it barely above the water top, its murky waters would let out a bubble every now and then as the men walked around on it. in the village houses, they would find trinkets, rotten food and dried blood on the walls in one room. as soon as they leave the room, vodniks would start to clamber onto the village, their bloated bodies resembling the villagers, the men thought that these were only mere undead but as the hacked off limbs by limbs they would still move (due to vodniks being extremely slow the men would find it easy to attack them but if one were to fall into the water, the vodnik (/s) would jump in and at razor fast speeds swim to them and kill them) (due to little to none of the sailors knowing what the monsters were, they would continue to attack the monsters, yet if one were to accidentally hit the parasite, the creature would die, from here its the ET's choice to have all the creatures retreat or carry on) as soon as all of the vodniks were to die, the sailors would explore the island (here they would either find nothing of particular interest or finding something game-changing like, i dunno a door that leads them to the aenguls or deamons lair, maybe something awesome that could lead to end of the map, just a suggestion, from here it is all up to the ET's choice as to what they find or not find, afterwards they would all hop back onto the boat and sail away, taking their newfound riches with them)(if you guys want, you may change the idea behind the story, in all honesty, this here is just the basic storyline I thought of, you may give me any criticism for my lore and maybe for being a rather boring event line) Concept Images/Screenshots What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders? we need ET's to come and help build all the places and roleplay all the monsters, if they at any time need help building, I wouldn't mind helping :D
  5. Thalrim would remove a small inked feather from his satchel as well as a small jar of ink, dipping the feather in the ink he would lean over to sign the parchment, a small smile a appearing on his face
  6. Name: andre colbasky Age: 469 Race: dark elf Purpose Amongst Us? well, being a excellent fighter back when he was younger his skills have degraded since then(with the update to 1.9...) so thus he was short on money and decided to do some contracts, though lacking in comrades he decided that he would try and join the Katrin Leh. (also i was planning on making this char so thx for making this brotherhood...or whatever) [Skype]: armandt sieberhagen [MC Name]: FrancisSieb
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