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  1. this isn’t a question please buy the server for real this time and shut it down.
  2. LAKISH INTERROGATION PREFACE THIS IS A CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT, OVERSEEN BY NAME REDACTED AND APPROVED UNDER THE RULERSHIP OF SWAMPGOTH NAME_REDACTED’LAK. SHOULD IT BE FOUND OUTSIDE THE GRASP OF CLAN LAK, THE INFORMATION LEAK WILL BE PLUGGED, AND THE PERPETRATOR WILL BE DISCOVERED AND EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY. Frûm ulmakhizishu || Spirits with us 001-812-1655 PRESENTOR’S TRANSCRIPTION “Start writin’. Ready?” “You ‘ave been chosen to be ‘ere, among GROUP REDACTED for a reason - you‘ve proven yourselves devoted to the goals of CLAN LAK and its members. We’re a load o’ da zealest zealots dis generation o’ descendants ‘as ever seen - and I intend to remind da lot o’ dem o’ dat. “Now, dis -” Start drawin’ - “- Dis is what I likes to call, ‘Da Stretcher’.” DA STRETCHER [PICTURED: Exemplary ‘Stretcher’ in action] “Anyone got a guess for what dis skah ‘ere does?” INCOHERENT MUMBLES “Exactly. Dis is used on da HUMANS and ELVES dat like keepin’ their mouths closed ‘bout who dey worship, and who’s worshippin’ who. Set ‘em here, pull dem levers and watch ‘em scream. You’ll be gettin’ da info out o’ dem in no time!” “What if they don’t squeal, you’re askin’? Well - dat’s when we stop ‘em from talkin’, an’ bring ‘dese out!” A quill begins scratching against parchment “Dis is what I called, ‘Da Chinholda’’. Invention o’ my own.” DA CHIN-HOLDA’ [PICTURED: Correct position of a ‘Chinholda’] A SLAVE IS PRESENTED, ONTO WHICH THE DEVICE IS ATTACHED “And now, he can’t talk, ‘else dis skah digs into ‘is neck.” GRUNTS OF DISCOMFORT FROM THE CROWD; QUIET MUTTERING “Mhrm, he can’t speak with dis on. What’s da use in dat when we’re tryin’ ta make ‘em speak, you’re askin’? Well, he can’t speak - or lower ‘is head, or do anythin’, really. Dat’s how we get ‘em - just wait ‘till they break, and they’ll give us all da info we need! They’ll start speakin’ eventually.” “Now, it’s a rare thing, dat HUMANS don’t start speakin’ at dis point - they’s not as tough as us Orks. But for those DESCENDANTS dat think they’s tough, we keep one o’ dese around.” DA GOBSTOPPA’ [PICTURED: Gobstoppa in the half-open position] “This ‘ere - this is what we do when dem heretics don’t like speakin’. Shove one o’ dese in deir gobs, and start turnin’ da ring. Dis ain’t a last resort to get answers, dis is how we send da message to start talkin’ more often to ‘em. Just keep turnin’, and turnin’, and turnin’. Soon ‘nough, deir jaw drops off!” CACKLING, FOLLOWED BY GRUNTS FROM THE CROWD “Dat’s when we send ‘em back home, so their friends know what ‘appens when dey don’t squeal to our boys!” A FINAL WHEEZE DA BURNIN’ UGLUK [PICTURED: An assortment of orcish slaves load an unlucky human into a ‘Burnin’ Ugluk’] “And here we are - almost at the end.” A CONTRAPTION IS WHEELED IN “Dis here’s what I call, ‘Da Burnin’ Ugluk’. Don’t use these too often - mostly ‘cause all da HUMANS die from da Gobstoppa. But if someone’s bein’ ‘specially quiet, or they’ve seen too much, this here’s just as good an alternative ta’ other executions. Stick ‘em in dat hatch there, lock ‘em up tight, and set a fire underneath ‘em. Da screamin’, and da steam that comes from the nostrils sounds just like da old Ugluk’s beasts. Makes dem HUMANS take their time dyin’ ta’ reflect on their mistakes.” A FEW DRY CHUCKLES FROM THE AUDIENCE - SWAMPGOTH NAME REDACTED’LAK’s cackles fill the room “So, what d’you all say? Time for some inquiring?” CHEERS FROM THE AUDIENCE “Kill da transcr-” Frûm Ulmakhizishu
  3. As a direct quote from a post earlier that was removed,
    ”As much as I’m gonna get called out for this, I will say it nonetheless. I don’t know whether I’ve just been more aware of the staff’s actions as of this map, or if the staff has just gone that far downhill, but past late Axios staff has been a [REDACTED]show. Call it bias, call it whatever you want – but the iron fist of the staff has only gotten tighter, and their bias has only gotten stronger.”

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    2. Pond


      And I’m sure Wolfkite AND Veist won’t receive any form of punishment, even though the evidence is clear. Will also be surprised if orcs receive any form of compensation, but apparently admins are speaking of that matter. 

    3. Boomze


      Similar; not quite the same in my eyes, though

      And, I fully agree, playerbases don’t inherently hate playerbases. What they do is dislike people within those – which is only natural. The only shame is when this dislike, along with liking other players, gets in the way of fair judgement.

      Sure, harassment has become more prominent, but that’s no excuse to police everything as closely as it is. Not only did my post to that thread get removed, despite the fact that I honestly expressed myself in the most collected way I could, I also got warned for “Consistent attempts to rouse fights and cause toxicity amidst other players in the community.”

      Let’s not forget how much people complained when the duel originally occurred – now sure, people should let go of it after a while, and I mostly have, but it was brought up because while the two involved were allowed to continue playing, even now that this evidence has surfaced, whereas another player has been permabanned for accountsharing, despite a lack of evidence. Why? Because they were account-sharing with a player that staff (rightfully) dislikes.

      One last note, since I’ve only now seen your reply, Pieman, it may be so, but as I said, I’ve only been paying real attention since late Axios.

    4. ScreamingDingo


      whoops better loosen my grip

  4. The Spiritual Crusaders [A CHOSEN SON OF LAKLUL BASKING IN THE GLORY OF HIS ACTIONS AFTER PILLAGING THE ELVEN CAPITAL AND TAKING THEIR WOMEN AS CONCUBINES] “For seasons unending, the shamans of Krugmar were without enforcement. Their hands stood idle while the Spirits behind their abilities grew restless with the growth of their enemies. Orgon seethes as da great Wood Elven forests expanded beyond their puny walls. Krug howls in fury as the creations of Iblees, who he sacrificed so much to destroy, grew in number and strength.” “No more, I say! The time has long passed that the humans’ heretical beliefs in Canonism would be crushed under the ruthless palm of the mighty Spirits - that the Cleric, and Ascended, and Paladin alike renounced their deities, whom altogether are no better than Daemons - than IBLEES himself! “And lest we forget the Dark Shamans that plague our own beliefs - those that believe themselves to be greater than the Spirits! My brothers, I urge you, rise up not against our human, agh Elven oppressors. No, rise up against their faith! Uproot their beliefs, that the Spirits may cleanse their minds, and bring them to true nirvana!” -Drûtram’Lak, First of the Spiritual Crusaders Equipment Armour “With all these magic-users walking around, we can’t be risking any harm to our boys, can we? That’s why we got armor on us - ain’t nothing getting past this skah here!” [The SWAMPGOTH outfitted in his crusading gear] “Now, as you can see, we’ve got those leather skirts to keep you light on your feet, and some chainmail under them in case the enemy strikes low. Got a belt to keep your loincloth from slipping down, a gauntlet to keep you free hand protected, and that shoulder-plate to keep your sword-arm protected. Apart from that, you’ve got those nice thick boots to keep mud out of your feet. We don’t have too much armor, so you ain’t trippin over yourself. ” Plants “Ah, but we can’t just be using brawn to convert these heretics. We gotta use our brains, too. That’s why we use these.” [A depiction of what is commonly known as ‘Mandragora’] “Now I don’t have a name for these yet - but what I know is stuffing one of these in some human’s gob makes them stand real still. Now, I’ve been reading up - apparently, the humans call dat ‘paralysis’. I reckon it’s the Spirits reaching down and cleansing their souls. Sometimes, they die after eating too much - that’s just the Spirits telling us we’ve got no way of saving them - they’re putting them out of their misery. “Anyways, ya always got to carry some of this around. Without it, you ain’t converting anyone, that’s just how it works.” Mantras “you ain’t meant ta’ jus’ beat da spirits into dem, dough. you ‘as ta’ try persuadin’ them first. That’s why I’ve come up with some skah to tell them, instead. “This first one I like to call, ‘To Bless Those Humans’ “Oh Laklul, bless these humans, So they become immune to those Canonist lies, And those attacks of priests, Which torment them on their journey to worship you. Let them stay loyal and strong, As they continue to worship your greatness, And never fault in their struggle to spread your worship Nau.” “If that doesn’t work, you can try screaming in their faces instead. This one doesn’t have so many words, so it’s easier to scream. I call it, ‘Bless them’. Goes like this.” “Laklul, Spirit of the swamps, Fill them with your power, Fill them with your strength, Fill them with your wisdom, Fill them with your will, Fill them with your courage, Fill them with your passion, Nau.” “It doesn’t always work, of course, but that’s when you get the reinforced persuasion tools out.” Enhanced Persuasion “These are used when persuading them with words ain’t quite enough to make them repent and accept the spirits as their true Gods. Time to introduce you to some of my friends.” “The Respecter. One swing with this, and you can rip the skin clean off a halflings back.” “This one speaks for itself. You can almost hear the heretic’s screams.” “My personal favourite - the Pilgrim. One strike over the head with this, and you’ll be gone for three days, and wake up enlightened.” “A skahin’ drill.”
  5. Boomze

    Clan Shrogo

    SWAMPGOTH DRÛTRAM’LAK thinks about what this could mean for his soon-to-be-owned swamps “Hrmph...”
  6. In the time I’ve been around, I didn’t get to know you nearly as well as I should’ve Some day when you’re back I’ll make a Lur
  7. The Kindling of Devotion Drûtram’Lak approached his Clan-Father. He had an intent set in his mind, and as he drew ever-closer to the cauldron Shreck was bent over, he began inspecting its contents. “Greetings, Drûtram.” Soon after a long conversation, Shreck offered a sage nod, before presenting a final question. “It is the elementals you seek - but which element is it that you desire?” “The spirits of fire - ghash.” His tone picked up as he spoke. “The other elements - earth, water, air - they all remain idle, motionless and neutral on their own.The second you cease controlling them-” Drûtram clicked his fingers. “-they stop. Fire is wild, primal. When left alone, it continues in its consumption, demolishing all in its path.” Another nod from the wizened orc, and the pair set off into the wilderness outside the looming walls of San’Kala. Arriving somewhere among great canopies, the pair began conversing once again - chiefly Shreck, explaining the intricacies of the different realms. It seemed a blur, but soon, the Clan-Father pushed a pot of the strange stew into the half-goblin’s hands. His mouth barked unknown speech, but his eyes chanted, “DRINK!” Drûtram'Lak sipped at the liquid, before tipping more into his mouth. The bitter taste forced a gag, which led to him spitting about three quarters of the liquid in his mouth back into the container, his willpower only able to force a quarter of the pot’s contents into his gullet. Fading between states of consciousness, the apprentice soon found himself in a fiery land, stalactites tearing through the rocky roof of the realm. He greeted this newly discovered land with a scowl, straining against his lungs as they attempted to expel the hot dust flooding into them. He'd rub at his eyes, growing ever more reddened and watery from the ash and heat they contacted. A blast from behind flung him forwards, as he fell front-first on the brimstone floor. Magma from a nearby fiery river would divert from its typical flow and begin to fill the crater. The realm itself would begin to shake and stones would begin to drop from the ceiling to take form as hellish rubble.This would, in turn, grow into a hellish figure. "Skahin' hell-," He'd grit his teeth as the ground once again burned at his flesh, this time almost his entire chest being subject to the pain. He continued examining the roof of the realm, taking large steps backwards as the flow of the river changed. An orc which had once known resolve had become more fearful than he had known was possible in the presence of such an awesome being. "Damn right!" The magma would respond, casting back its shell in another explosion. Magma would be casted out radially and cover everything. "Being!" The orc attempted to appear imposing - a difficult task when faced with this foe - his once booming voice having been replaced with little more than a mumble. "I’ve come here - to your realm - to make a request of you!" "Who are you," the creature would thunder in a voice lower than his stature, "To make demands of ME?!" Drûtram'Lak took a cautious step forward, over a number of stones that had fallen from the darkness above - this motion was somewhat intimidated when the spirit, however small, stepped forward, although he would attempt not to show it. "Not a demand. An exchange.” "I am of little patience. Tell me!" He would boom in reply, casting the ground around the orc aflame. The mongrel remained in place, restraining himself from casting looks to the pyre around him. "I am a mere mortal-," His mind would falter for a moment, as he thought of what to say next. "... But- but I can expand your grasp in my realm." He'd raise a fist, elbow bent. "Make you more powerful - make the Descendants of Atlas fear your name and tremble at its uttering!" "So be it. MAKE THE WORLD BURN AS YOU DO NOW. SIGNAL ME WITH SACRIFICE AND PYRES!" He would throw his arms into the air and for a brief moment the orc would be engulfed in flames before losing consciousness. As the orc slowly regained consciousness, he spoke a few final words to Shreck, before making off with this newly-given challenge. The world would come to once again fear the crackles of inferno.
  8. “Flat ‘em all, cut ‘em down by da doz’ns, tear dey’s eyes out dey skulls agh paint da walls wi’ dey’s blood. Da tall trees will burn once more, by da ‘and o’ Krugmar!” The zealot raised his fist, elbow bent, and roared into the cool night air – an action repeated by his brethren.
  9. leaving for academia is a good choice all the best
  10. obesity_pullString.jpg

    1. Novastral


      Warning points incoming dumb goyim.

    2. NoZaku


      This says alot about our society

  11. i got a 2 hour ban for having a message including the ruder word for rooster, followed by “because i need a minority to take the piss out of until someone gets triggered”

    sweet jesus since when is the moderation on the server this bad?

    Edited by Boomze
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