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  1. mzd116's Game Moderator Application

    Eh, thank you for the response but I’ll have to comment a -1 here. I’ve personally known you to be manipulated by a playerbase in order for them to get your clicks. You also tend to be the center of trolling- just the other day you aided in raid baiting me out of be Dominion on CD. I won’t get too deep into that as I’ve still not word on a verdict, but it left a personal stain on your reputation in my eyes. He did the same to me.
  2. Reclaiming Silver

    Silir Uradir stands confused, a singular phalange tapping gently against his chin in thought. "You declare Ay'Larihei, and Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya.. yet former Maheralan have openly declared you mali'ata. Truly, you cannot lead our people with the slighest accusation from the most silver of the mali'thill. If you truly cared for either of what you just proclaimed, then you would allow an investigation to be brought forth before appealing to any audience for any reason, much less a candidacy. Now it has been made clear to you, if you were in the bliss of ignorance prior. Will you do what is right for your people, Mister Arelion Laurir'Ante, or will you fail them like the past?"
  3. mzd116's Game Moderator Application

    There has always been feedback given by the community expressing their dislike for young moderators- many voicing their opinions at the age of 15 being the youngest possible. A bit back there was a massive thread about the topic in general. My opinion on the matter is that people join this server and even as a wandering soul are OOCly wrapped into a group. Often they are manipulated by the group they were put into via OOC means through friendships and memeing- not necessarily a bad thing. But the problem concerning your age group and your relative newness to the server, how can we ensure that you as an individual are not applying for GM in order to help your friends behind the scenes? It is (not trying to sound rude) normally easier to convince the mind of a young adult such as yourself, then one who has already experienced manipulations and falsehoods in their (relative) longer lives. How will you affirm our trust in you? (Much love to you Henry, but I'd rather confirm this is the right spot for you on the server and that I'm not hitting the nail on the head with these worries.)
  4. “Until the day you get us out of this fools war, my votes will maintain the trend of abstaination.” speaks Silir, shaking his head with obvious disappointment in the present, counciling mali’ata.
  5. A Primitive Enaction

    “Well, obviously they didn’t rally for you if they were plotting to betray you.” comments a Varen’thal.
  6. Varen’thal sighs as he reads the propaganda, ”Yeh know, according to societies norms, I’m a crazed mad man who couldn’t care less for idiotic human politics. But when you start killing children sized carrot farmers, **** hits the drain.”
  7. I’d upvote you but you asked for an upvote

  8. Sermons & Prayers for the Emerald Ones

    Carven bobs his head,"Blessed be."
  9. Ban Report on GM Team & Ghazrial

    Given permission via PMs to post by thread owner. Ghazriel and his friends have done something similiar to me just a moment ago, I have a GM handling my case thus far but I sought to confirm DPM's story from an outsider's POV.
  10. Another Departure

    ((Not sure if to comment OOC or IC on this post, but I hope you don't mind OOC. Loved ya like a brotha man, I will actually miss you and your 'dew it' memes. Have a great life.))
  11. ET Modreqs

    This ruins my immersion I need to use OOC methods to perform RP ridiculous do not support
  12. The Vision Remains

    “Oh, you mean your illegitimate election that you held before anyone could announce their candidacy? We’ll see.” speaks Siril, sighing.
  13. The Withering Republic

    Silir Uradir picks up the missive, expecting it thoroughly for traces of impurity through signature before truly analyzing the wording. He appears satisfied. "Our current council fails to interpret the hope of the people. They believe we must remain involved in this war, when we swore no allegiance other than a signature- the signatures of most whom lost in this war, including an Edred Maeyr'onn and Cenwall Maeyr'onn. When the primary leader of a nation's signature becomes lost due to death, the item signed are made void. We owe no necessary allegiance to this 'Haense' or 'Norland', as they not us should we leave this old pact. The people seek no more silver blood spilt, will you answer their cries of pain, Elheial'thilln?