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  1. Ban Report on GM Team & Ghazrial

    Given permission via PMs to post by thread owner. Ghazriel and his friends have done something similiar to me just a moment ago, I have a GM handling my case thus far but I sought to confirm DPM's story from an outsider's POV.
  2. Another Departure

    ((Not sure if to comment OOC or IC on this post, but I hope you don't mind OOC. Loved ya like a brotha man, I will actually miss you and your 'dew it' memes. Have a great life.))
  3. ET Modreqs

    This ruins my immersion I need to use OOC methods to perform RP ridiculous do not support
  4. The Vision Remains

    “Oh, you mean your illegitimate election that you held before anyone could announce their candidacy? We’ll see.” speaks Siril, sighing.
  5. The Withering Republic

    Silir Uradir picks up the missive, expecting it thoroughly for traces of impurity through signature before truly analyzing the wording. He appears satisfied. "Our current council fails to interpret the hope of the people. They believe we must remain involved in this war, when we swore no allegiance other than a signature- the signatures of most whom lost in this war, including an Edred Maeyr'onn and Cenwall Maeyr'onn. When the primary leader of a nation's signature becomes lost due to death, the item signed are made void. We owe no necessary allegiance to this 'Haense' or 'Norland', as they not us should we leave this old pact. The people seek no more silver blood spilt, will you answer their cries of pain, Elheial'thilln?
  6. Carven listens to the speech, his keen ears perking upwards. "I am not involved within the district, nor do I know any of them for myself. But I do know one shouldn't mention other candidates in their speeches less it is to compliment them." he says more to himself then anyone else,"But this dude sounds cool." The elf would then call,"Good luck!"
  7. Silir Uradir Abstain [x] Arelion Laurir'ante [ ]
  8. [Arcanism][MA] Eledar Haler'thilln

    free his wretched his from his miserable shoulders
  9. A Naysayer Wields its Wings

    An amendment is found, pinned to the document. After careful consideration and talking with Mister Arelion Laurir'ante, I have decided to amend the second offense as he has decided to grant my citizenship. To clarify, the first offense remains. Signed, Silir Uradir maehr'sae hiylun'ehya
  10. "I have always supported a policy of complete neutrality in regards to alien political entities. Their politics and wars are irrelevant to the ideals and practices of the mali'aheral culture. However, that does not mean one intends hostility towards them." - Lucion Sullas, Anthos My name is Silir Uradir, last known descendant of Kalenz Uradir, the Golden Butterfly. I hereby declare my candidacy for Sohaer of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun'or. With this document, my existence is stamped into history like a snake that managed to use it's tongue in a game of chess. Surely upon seeing my namesake, the mali'ame folk of the young "Dominion of Malin" will grow erratic and irritated- this is not an insult, but a fact, for the Golden Butterfly has caused them a great trauma in the past. Haelun'or has been warped and wrinkled like a page folded over in a book, unidentical to the writings of it's past and, if I am to be elected, unidentical to the writings of the future. This wrinkle was folded by the Golden Butterfly, at first a story of anguish for the valah and our elven friends but also a story of prominence and power amongst the mali'thill. Now we count the costs, and the wounds remain. I am the one to heal these wounds. Not clerical magic, or the way of the druii, but the only one who truly knows how. For years I have sat in idleness, awaiting a day when Silver will arise anew. I now realize that none of the predecessors understood Haelun'or. For, before the days of The Golden Butterfly, it was truly a different place, one little recorded in the libraries of Atlas due to the scar He left upon our lands of yore and present. This is the land of Silver that I will usher forth. Many say to not repeat the same issues of the past- but I argue it depends on how far you are willing to go into the past. I would like to make it clear that I intend to remedy relations with the mali'ame, for us together is a force unstoppable- in truth, not even the wartime parties of the valah can succeed us. The Silver-Emerald alliance is an example of what our two nations can do together, lest either of us allow stubbornness to blind our visions of which path to take in the birch tree forest. I have traveled there already, and seen examples of the military prowess they have gathered after their defeat at the hands of our mad forefather. Truly, an example of a lesson learned, if by anguish and horror. It is respectable- and one must respect their allies. I also plan to rebuild our city, as the foundations are weak and pitiful. With our city comes escape from the foul war at hand. Our leaders thought it wise and just to enter us into a war against those who would aid us in the future, acting without thought against a lapse in judgement by themselves and the mali'ame leadership. We have already spilled so much blood against us, and on our behalf. Truly, this is not the path Larihei would have wanted us to take. The path we are to take is of sciences and knowledge, not of bloodlust and iron. I understand I am not yet a citizen, but in a recent discussion with the 'Arelion Laurir'Ante', he refused to grant me it, after I announced that I would run against him in an election. Whether this was intentional or he is truly suspicious of my actions, remains unknown. But in adherence to ancient tradition, I thoroughly challenge him and his supposed election from the standpoint of a mali'thill working on behalf of maehrsae hiylun'ehya. The reasons are: 1. Suspicion of affiliation with Dark Magic, as presented by a former Maheralan. 2. Suspicion of rigging the election in his favor by denying a mali'thill his right to challenge him. Signed, Sirir Uradir maehrsae hiylun'ehya
  11. Silir Uradir rushes to bird Arelion. "Llir, I am in the process of writing up a candidacy. Please put this on hold. -Silir Uradir."
  12. Results of the election

    Silir Uradir grumbles, ”Disappointing. Apparently I am impure for asking for a public referendum. I can be of little to no help, lest Mister Laurir’ante would succumb his position and stop defying myself at his amany chances.”
  13. Silir Uradir begins to write, “It is time to remove ourselves from this war of outright idiocy- the tyranic rabbits that controlled Silver will begin to drop like flies, especially if they do not work side by side with the true sons and daughters of Larihei.” —— Varen’thal mumbles after hearing news of the absence of Cenwall and the ‘Vote for the Sohaerate’. “United we stand, divided we fall.”
  14. Ask Me Anything

    When will I get my data back