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Amordrin ?

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    currently dying of thanhium poisoning
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    i'm here to make memes and interact with people, my timezone is PST

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  1. a self portrait i'm working on to go with the next song i cover


  2. you can delete my meme fm’s, but you can’t delete my spirit........


  3. tfw working on drawing and computer blue screens

  4. [Denied] Tahmas' MT Application

    Tahmas is an amazing writer and knows his stuff about lore. I was aeriously in awe when I read one if his RP posts. No idea why anyone would ever want to be staff here again but hey you do you. It’s not like MT is a position of high power or PEX anyhow.
  5. i too miss u b b

    1. Amordrin ?

      Amordrin ?

      ily but we talk like everyday how u miss me

  6. I miss you man, what have you been up to

    Edited by senor_tortuga
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    2. senor_tortuga


      fuckin right I like that, a MUSICAL man. Well im doing good, having fun on clickerman

    3. Amordrin ?

      Amordrin ?

      minerman is in my past but perhaps in my distant future as well

    4. senor_tortuga
  7. almost done the drawing...


  8. gonna try to draw my old character, Jester. R.I.P


  9. does anyone wanna be my friend

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    2. Vetren54


      die wanna wanga


      i'll b ur freund

    3. Alleyooper


      lets all be friends


    4. Amordrin ?

      Amordrin ?

      sorry vetren54 we cant be friends

  10. one of my pixelated items is gone forever and it makes me sadboi

  11. hey did you ever meet k0llu irl

    1. SquirtGun
    2. Amordrin ?

      Amordrin ?

      that’s awesome congrats. was gonna ask on discord but we aren’t in a server together sorry

  12. how am i still this obsessed with Hamilton