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  1. Rhode

    [Denied] [Trial]Fawb GM App #3

    FAWBOLE is too good not to have. He's a sound lad who knows what he's doing, is unbiased and actually gives a ****, or wants to. He has extensive moderation skills fostered in the FM team, let him put them to use in game too. Why don't you let him try and give a ****, yeah, that'd be nice. +1 to my Australian brother
  2. Rhode

    [Denied]GM App Dragonayr :)

  3. Having known Schizo for a while now, it is clear that he possess clear skills and attributes which would be beneficial for him pursuing the role of a GM, such as patience, kindness, sensibility and a vow of chastity. Therefore I give him a firm +1
  4. Rhode

    [Denied]Yoppl's GM Application

    This man knows what he's doing, definite +1
  5. Rhode


    Dane with the gains +1
  6. Rhode

    The Teutonic Order

    Basic Information: Name: Edwyn Harwyn Age: 57 Race: Highlander Allegiance (Current nation of residence): None Past Military Experience: Former Nauzican Captain and Imperial Knight None-Military Experience/Skills: Blacksmith OOC Information: MC Name: Rhodeland Skype Name (Used for updates, news and information): You have it Teamspeak is a required tool for battles and major events, it is recommended that you at least download it upon joining the Order. Have you been in the Order before?: Yes Do you plan to make this character one of your primary?: Yes
  7. Rhode

    [Denied]Gm app

    Whataboy +1
  8. Rhode

    AT App Re-post

    Imi's shown herself to be a very calm and collected individual. Whilst she may have had differences with some people in the past, she's shown that she can put them aside for the better, no matter what has been said or done. She's responsible enough and would certainly put in the effort to help new applicants to the server. +1
  9. Rhode

    [Accepted] [Pending] Shekeler's Builder Application

    he's very good at playing dead and making minecraft +1
  10. Rhode

    [Accepted] [Actor] Good Guy Shady's ET App (Now PG13)

    Thoroughly enjoyed the player ran events he used to do for Luciens back in 3.0. Furthermore, he's an all round level headed and kind bloke and 10/10 enjoyable to be around +1
  11. Rhode

    Dabliusmaximus LT AP

    Big ol' slithery snake +1
  12. Rhode

    [Denied] AT Re-Application

    Yeah guess so +1