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  1. [!] High Preceptor Norli heads to the meeting to sign the document, only to see his arrogant preceptors writing out massive signatures. He sighs. He signs. [!] Norli Starbreaker High Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga
  2. [!] Nailed to the bulletin board of Kal’Evraal, plainly now for everyone to see in contrast to the first letter, is a response from Morag Goldhand. It reads as follow. [!] -=- In Response to a Hypocrite -=- I am Morag Goldhand, son of Marguan Goldhand son of Pinki Goldhand son of Finki Goldhand son of Alfados Goldhand who is of course a direct descendent of Tungdil Goldhand. Armakak praising, dwarven goods trading GOLDHAND blood runs through my veins. To my very core I am a Goldhand. However, two stone days ago I had written a letter I had been reluctantly planning for some time. It was posted one every Clan possession of the Aurokanar Kazamar. It was a rejection of the leadership of Hekkaes Anvilaxe as Clan Father of the Goldhands. In it I outlined and layed out the reasons I have distaste in his leadership, and explained what I would do moving forward. I said, and I maintain this now, that I would keep the name Goldhand for it is my name, although I would not work with Hekkaes under any circumstances, since he had pushed me away from the clan. I made a reasonable argument, and kept it as much as I could between my clansmen and Hekkaes. He responded like a child, tearing down all the letters I had posted and hiding it from our clan, controlling the information. He then proceeded to make his own letter condemning me, one that was public and spread across the Under-Realm. He manipulated the information available to our kinsmen to control the story, accusing me of lies, and hiding my actual letter to stop people from checking his accusations. I suspected he may try to control the narrative of the story, but to this extent? Hiding my responses, tearing down flyers, and grudging me under false grounds? Hekkaes Anvilaxe, ye Hypocrite, who would call me liar and slanderer and deceive your supposed own clan. In my letter I assert that Hekkaes is power-hungry, and only returned to Ulrah when he knew he was being given leadership of Clan Goldhand. He denies this, then continues to repeat what I said. His only defense was that Thoak offered him the leadership... which I never asserted was false. Yet by taking away my letter he controlled the spread of information, and set me up to be a liar when I said no such things. I had also asserted that he broke an oath by leaving the Goldhand clan to make his own Clan, Anvilaxe. This is also true, which he confirms, yet he backs it up by saying he beat Morug oz Brathmordakin in a duel, so it is void. It is true, by the nature of the grudge filed, that the grudge was voided. But that does not change the fact that he had left the clan, and only rejoined when given leadership. It was a fair deal, yes, but that does not stop the truth of the matter that Hekkaes only came back for his personal gain. He also claims that I lied about the death of Dargur Goldhand. This is also absurd, being how it is an indisputable fact he had killed Dargur. Yes it was done in an honor-duel, but such an honor-duel should never had happened, since there was a sentence that Dargur was expected to serve to redeem himself. Instead, by rushing an honor-duel, Hekkaes only insured that his clan member would die a slaver. I have thought much on that occurrence, questioning why Dargur had agreed to honor-duel, and have come to the conclusion that in guilt, Dargur had wished to escape from the world. He knew what he did was wrong, and deeply regretted breaking such a basic rule of our faith in the Brathmordakin. In this case, he should have been put on a suicide watch and helped to redeem himself. Instead, Hekkaes pushed him to die. I suspect this was to make sure that the clan’s public image, and by extension Hekkaes’ money making ability, was not impeded. Now as much as we are a clan of merchants, we should not forsake our kinsmen who are in need and debt, and let any wrongs of theirs go unresolved just to save ourselves of the hassle. I do not consider you worthy of the punishment a kinslayer should face, but by no means do I consider your decision making competent and with the Clan’s best intentions in mind. Lastly, the grudge placed against me. I believe the grudge should be considered void since I broke no oath. The oath dictates to say loyalty to the clan, and I have remained loyal by not leaving, to show respect to clan elders and fathers, and to not get greedy and trick other dwarves, especially goldhands. One may argue that I broke the promise that I am to respect the clan’s elders and father by making my letter, but I would respond by saying Hekkaes forcing me not to work with a certain organization over his own personal squabble and demanding I only work independent or with the clan broke the oath first, because he is acting greedy and manipulative with me. No Goldhand should have his praise of Armakak and trade business should be impeded. I have not spread lies, for everything I said was true and confirmed by yourself in your rebuttal. Therefore by the reasons I have outlined here, I find your grudge void. But I do wish to resolve this problem, and I have such faith in the veracity of my position I will fight for it. Despite your grudge being nonsensical and filled with misconceptions out of a desire to end this conflict, I will fight for my honor and accept the duel. I know that you would dedicate your entire being to ruining my life if I do not respond, so you force my hand. I apologize to my Clan if they are being dragged into this conflict, and implore you, Hekkaes Anvilaxe, to not force our kin to take a side. I will meet you under the watch of a Remembrancer as a Judge of our fight to make honorable this conflict, and will fight with weapon and armor to defend myself in this honor duel you launch against me. May our ancestors smile upon the honorable and Dungrimm guide the righteous weapon. Narvak oz Armakak Narvak oz da Aurokanar Kazamar Signed Morag Goldhand -=-
  3. [!] Morag notices Hekkaes take down the flyer, and as well the cave dwarf put them back up. He rushes to stop the cave dwarf, telling him there was no need to get into Goldhand business, although the gesture was appreciated. Morag now looks back at the door of the Clan Hall, disgruntled and angry. He takes the copy that the cave dwarf had put up and brings it with him, annoyed that his message is being censored from other Goldhands. Exactly what he feared would happen, Hekkaes manipulating information to the dwarves, was happening.
  4. Nailed to the door of the Goldhand Fort in Sutica, the door of the Goldhand Clan Hall in Kal’Evraal, and the door of Goldhand Manor in Kal’Evraal is the following letter. There is no copy on the Bulletin Board of Kal’Evraal, although it is not impossible that a passerby of any of the listed locations may view it. It is a sad state of affairs when a dwed feels they are being pushed to leave their Clan Father, but tis the state I find myself in. I am Morag Goldhand, son of Marguan Goldhand son of Pinki Goldhand son of Finki Goldhand son of Alfados Goldhand, who is grandson to Tungdil Goldhand. My blood runs with pride and passion for trade and for the Merchant Father Armakak, and my ancestors' blood before me. The Clan is currently led by Hekkaes. And although I wish no ill to Hekkaes, for I still consider him a friend even if he wouldn't consider me one, he has pushed me away from his leadership. In the past he has slurred the race of the clan's ancestors. Even farther in the past he has abandoned the clan, as anybody who looks at the Grudgebook would know. I have been tempted for a while to voice openly my distaste with Hekkaes' leadership of the clan, but decided not to out of a desire to keep the clan united and strong. But that changed recently, for Hekkaes pushed me over the edge. He now has placed regulations and rules on who we may and may not trade with, banning me from joing a guild designed to praise and honor Armakak over a petty squabble he has with a weakly associated organization to it. Hekkaes, the once deserter of the Clan, has threatened to expel me, who's ancestors have lived for this clan and the will of Armakak since Tungdil himself, over a personal squabble he has with a guild not even associated with Armakak's Coin. But this disagreement is not about my joining of the guild, it is that he would threaten to expel someone over something so small, so mundane. It speaks volumes of his nature, and reveals him for the master of deception he is, not the facade of an honorable and hard-working merchant he puts on for the world. He has used the Clan to grow his own coffers and push his own personal views since his leadership began, as is evident by a brief analysis of his actions as leader. He left the Clan in the first place, breaking an oath, for his own benefit. He rejoined it only when he knew he’d become leader of the Clan. He killed Dargur Goldhand, a convicted slaver, so to save face for himself and the clan, rather than try improve Dargur to become a more honorable dwed. He has slurred the race of the ancestors of the Clan to further his political agenda and align himself closer with other mountain dwed clans, rather than contribute anything meaningful to them. He has insisted that all business a Goldhand does goes either to themself or the Goldhand Clan, which is of course managed by him, only deepening his own coffers. I will not be threatened by a trickster, I will not let my praise of Armakak be stopped by anyone, let alone the very people who should encourage it. May I make it clear, I have no ill will to any Goldhand, they are my kinsmen. But I will not recognize the authority and legitimacy of a Clan Father who has left the clan, killed members of our clan, slurred our ancestors and inhibits the praise of Armakak. Therefore I reject the status of Hekkaes as Clan Father of the Goldhands, but I do not claim it. I've not the wisdom nor experience to claim it. Instead I shall conduct my praise to Armakak and business on my own with my family. I do not ask of the rest of the Clan to take a side, in fact I encourage them not to. I love you, for you are my Clan, regardless what Hekkaes may say. I say to you my fellow Goldhands to stay with Hekkaes if he does not impede your worship of Armakak. This conflict is not between me and the Goldhands, simply me and Hekkaes. The only reason I go public is because I know the nature of Hekkaes, and know he will do everything in his power to warp this against me. Hekkaes Anvilaxe, I know that you read this. You may to attempt to expel me from my name, but I simply do not care what you say. I am a Goldhand through and through even if you dare deny it, and I will love my Clan and Armakak even if you deny it. Narvak oz Armakak Narvak oz da Aurokanar Kazamar Signed Morag Goldhand
  5. High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker makes his way to the most carefully watched chamber within Urguan, where both Remembrancers and their guards vigilantly stalk that most sacred book in Dwarfdom, the Dwarven Book of Grudges. Following him are the two Preceptors, who had both given their approval on what was to be done. He approaches the book, and carefully grabs the quill pen, looking once more to Preceptor Baldin, his second in command, Herald of Yemekar, and then to his mentor and friend, Preceptor Thorin Treebeard, as if to give one last chance to discuss. A brief moment passes, but no words are said. The leader of Da Kirkja Dverga turns his head back to that most hallowed book, and puts down the pen to the paper to make known the sins of the Onyx Sanctum and its leadership. [ THE WRONGED ] THE BRATHMORDAKIN [ THE ASSAILANT ] Dark Elves of the Onyx Sanctum. Dak’ir Des’Nox and Daichia Jusmia. [ THE WRONG ] Desecration of Dwarven Ruins. Release of Monsters in Dwarven Lands. Refusal to negotiate or discuss with Dwarven Leaders. Mockery of the Brathmordakin by worshipping false gods in Dwarven Lands. [ TERMS OF SETTLEMENT ] Capture of Dak’ir Des’Nox and Daichia Jusmia to be tried before the the Court of Urguan or da Kirkja Dverga. Tribute offered to the Brathmordakin and submission to the true gods of the Under-Realm. High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker put the pen down, and turned to the Preceptors. Again, nothing was said, and a mutual understanding was held between the three. But there was not time to dwell on the situation, much work was to be done, and the three made their way out of the hall of that most sacred book, and towards the tavern. Norli led the clergy-leaders into a private room where he wrote down a public statement from the Preceptor-Council to be pinned to every bulletin board in dwarven lands and further. “As both the ever vigilant and the dull have both heard, not long ago a group of dark elves took to creating a home for themselves within the cavern networks of the Dwarven Under-Realm. Urguan had sent a diplomat to discuss the relationship of the dwedmar and the people of the Onyx Sanctum, for that is what this forsaken hold the dark elves inhabit is known by, for of course it is the righteous duty of the dwedmar to ensure that the lands of our ancestors and dead kinsmen is not inhabited by dishonorable folk. Since then, the people of the Onyx Sanctum have desecrated dwarven ruins and burial grounds, released monsters into our caverns, and arguably the most heinous crime, worshipped false gods in the lands of the true gods of the Brathmordakin. Both Clan Starbreaker and Clan Irongrinder already have made grudges against the sinful perpetrators of these crimes, as well as a continuation of the infamous Holy War of the Cha Cha Slide against evil led by the Legion of Mercy, which da Kirkja Dverga shall give its full support and deem legitimate. As the protector and main body in charge of dwed culture, da Kirkja Dverga, is taking even further action to bring honor back to the lands that have been tainted where once the Onyx Sanctum stood, who’s people now flee rather than diplomacy or face consequences for their crimes. The Dwarven ruins and burial grounds that the dark elves had desecrated will be refurbished and our ancestor’s land honored. The monsters that the dark elves had let loose upon the caverns will be hunted down and purged. Any heresies or false beliefs found in the lands of the dwarves will be eradicated. Those who brought forth such chaos in our lands will be tried in court of Urguan law or by Preceptor Council. These promises we make to the Brathmordakin, and as They as our witness shall we make honorable the lands made sinful by the Onyx Sanctum. Narvak oz da Brathmordakin” Norli Starbreaker High Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga Baldin Ironside Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga Herald of Yemekar Ironside Patriarch Thorin Treebeard Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga Treebeard Clan-Father
  6. [!] Morag Goldhand begins to fill out a form to join the coin, trying to ignore the squabbling around him. [!] In Character: Morag Goldhand Cave Dwarf Merchant, Supplier, Tradesman I accept the Brathmordakin as the true religion of the world. I swear to follow the Coin’s Code of Conduct. OOC Info: A_New_Noob Noobert#4534
  7. Well dwarves are objectively the master race, of course, but it depends on your playstyle and what kinda character you want.
  8. (( [!] High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga sweats upon seeing the Forum Signature [!] ))
  9. Morag Goldhand prepares his documents for what will be an interesting trial. As a Goldhand he had a deep passion for private property, and he would work to make sure his clients’ property would be protected.
  10. Norli sits at the Sutican docks grumbling, oblivious to what happened as he missed the boat ride to the fight.
  11. - Velrak Yemarin - - Holy Command - - Preamble - No doubt the most defining part of dwed culture is our faith in da Brathmordakin. It influences our foreign policy, our livelihoods, and inspires us. But a problem we face now is a slight lack of organization, where we do not know who believes and what they believe within Urguan. This lack of organization has led to many problems, and the clergy has decided that not only will increased organization allow us to make sure beliefs are homogenous throughout Urguan, but also give the faithful a way to interact in da Kirkja Dverga. - Action - In order to solve this problem, da Kirkja Dverga has set out to design a ceremony in which the believer may profess their faith in da Brathmordakin, bringing the faithful closer in understanding relationship with da Brathmordakin as well as allowing da Kirkja Dverga to take note of who in Urguan has a good understanding. In order to take place in the ceremony, one must fulfill certain requirements: Proven a basic understanding of da Brathmordakin with a Priest. Willing to do the ceremony of their own accord, not forced to by another. Old enough to be mentally mature, 60 years for a dwarf. - Procedure - The faithful is to be invited to a shrine to da Brathmordakin. Any family who would wish to attend may do so. The faithful is to pledge their faith in the Brathmordakin, and to promise to live a life so that their soul is in balance, exactly as Yemekar had intended. To reject the ambition of Khorvad and to put Yemekar’s creation first. “I humbly offer my faith to the Brathmordakin, led by the All-Maker and Forge-Father Yemekar, who on the Ruhn-Anvil forged all souls and all lands, and to live a life of balance just as Yemekar intended for his creation. I reject all heresy and temptations of Khorvad, and swear to live as Yemekar designed for my soul.” The faithful must add to the end of this pledge a few words of their own design, regarding how they believe they will do service to the Brathmordakin, be it as an artist, smith, or warrior. Ex: “I will honor Yemekar through my craftsmanship and creation, and with divine inspiration will I forge great works.” Ex: “I will honor Armakak in my work, and bring great wealth and prosperity to my people through fair trade.” If both announcements of faith and service to the Brathmordakin are done properly as deemed by the priest, the priest is to give a blessing in the name of da Brathmordakin. Part of the blessing is the same throughout all ceremonies, while part of it must be made by the priest in reflection of the words of the faithful. After blessing is given, the priest offers a Ring of the Faithful, and the ceremony is complete. All of these actions are to occur in the name of Da Kirkja Dverga and da Brathmordakin which it serves. Norli Starbreaker High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga
  12. Norli Starbreaker would grunt, finding the wording extremely flawed. “So here’s the problem with the treaty, it’s wording is vague. Conflict or aggression towards a nation could mean either a conflict occurs or there is aggression towards one of the nations, or it can mean conflict and or aggression towards one of the signing parties. The council interpreted the latter. If Irrinor had not slaughtered messengers or made the declaration of war themselves I have no doubt every dwarf would have been eager to help. But in the eyes of the dwarves, the only justified war is one that preserves balance in Yemekar’s creation, and if you would be the aggressive force and cease negotiations to declare war, without asking for the input of your allies, you should not expect them to assist so easily and happily. If the war begins to go in Oren’s favor know that we will all be there to help you.” Norli gives a respectful bow, then would mjander away.
  13. Norli Starbreaker sits in the Ruined Runesmith, calmly sipping on some Dr Beard(TM), before he hears some rumor spreading, hearing words slip past the thin veil of secrecy over the gossip. “...Starbreaker...grudge...” Norli was mid sip of his delicious cold Dr Beard(TM) when he hears this, his eyes shooting open, and his grip of the drink slipping, the bottle crashing against the wood table. The two gossipers turn to see who dropped it, only to barely catch Norli sprinting towards the Library. ”No,” he vainly calls out repeatedly, “No no no no NOOO!” He makes his way after dashing up the spiraling road to the library, panting as he spies the book. “Please, not again, for the love of Anbella please don’t tell me my clan started ANOTHER random grudge over nothing.” He finally is close enough to read the words, and his eyes squint as he reads the paper of this most hallowed book. His expression changes as he realizes for once that a grudge wasn’t over something stupid, but changes back to concern as he realizes that several of his clansmen are injured. “May we honor Dungrimm in our courage, and bring peace to Yemekar’s creation. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Kornazkarumm.”
  14. I think the only problem with not letting bandits kill is that roleplay wise that’s what they would do, even if it does make for bad rp. I think a solution would be making another RP reason why they shouldn’t kill people, such as mayve yoy are confronted by demons if you have killed tooany people, or something like that. But I do think bandits should give an option other than death, just si they can make more interesting RP.
  15. A concerned Norli Starbreaker looks at the essay, and gives his usual grunt. “Ah dunnae think et really matters ‘oo es king. Da dwedmar culture es defoined nae bah secular authorities such as da king, but bah our faith en da Brathmordakin. And even so, ye dunnae ‘ave ta be king ta make a difference. Ef ye think dere are improvements ye’d loike ta see en our society, go and make ‘em a reality, stop blamin’ someone else.” Norli strolls away. A gleeful Morag Goldhand walks by, and skims the essay. “A new king? Aye, ah agree! Political changes are gud fer business, so long as dey dunnae cause blood. Brings people to the tavern!” Morag hears word of discount iron and runs away to go partake in sales.
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