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    Grayson’s came from a family of wealthy Heartlanders living in an urban city in Arcas. His father, Endor Leo, a traveling merchant and his mother, Thea Leo, a prosperous shop keeper who often sold some of the items her husband found on the road. Together they amassed a small fortune selling rare items. They weren’t any where near the wealthiest but it kept them above the common street merchant. Although, being a traveling merchant meant Grayson’s father was rarely at home more often than a few times a month. What to most would seem like a sad story for Grayson was in fact a saving grace. Grayson’s father had dreamed of becoming a city gaurd at a young age and was very strict most of his life and a devout believer in the Church of Cannon. When he came of age for the guard though, his dreams fell through his fingers when a hand injury made him unqualified. He met Thea and they were married or else face disgrace for having Grayson out of wedlock. Because of this, when Endor was home he spent most of his time drinking or training and teaching Grayson, hoping to live his dream through his son. He was strict and often abusive when Grayson wouldn’t listen or abusive to his mother when she wen’t against his wishes. By the time Grayson was 16 they found out their family was in great debt due to a deal his father made with bandits from a near by village. Endor came home, scrambling to get his family to pack and move away but to no avail. The bandits came and slaughtered his family. Grayson, have learned to how to avoid his father was the only survivor. Despite hating his father, he used a lot of what he learned to survive alone on the streets or in the wild. A one man Bandit army who only stole and attacked evil men like his father to survive and ensure families would not end up like his. He was sly and devious, never caught regardless of how often the city guards, bandit groups, or criminal merchant men were on his tail. Unbeknownst to him this would lead to angering the wrong people. When he went against a strong criminal organization allied with his city he had to go on the run. He now lives on a small farm, helping people where he can and hiding from his old life.
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