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  1. Having unique plugins helps us stand out against the crowd of RP servers Weapon percentages are actually a vanilla mechanic. They're just not implemented in the base game Yes, most of our efforts are focused on maintaining plugins. There's a pretty rocky foundation at the moment. There are many plans in the works to upgrade our existing plugins but we don't want to rush it. That's what led to the shoddy foundation in the first place.
  2. Moved to Accepted Plugin Ideas.
  3. Done. It's not the greatest. But it's something.
  4. This is what I know about those 4 removals. For more specific information, contact the relevant directors. Jaeden Removed by the ET Director, not the admins Removed as part of an ET manager purge Was under several pending investigations at the time of his removal Leo Removed from FM by FM Director. Repeatedly showed other player's IPs in his screenshots after being warned not to Removed from LT by the admins The one out of 4 cases where the admins actually made a removal Zhulik Was removed by Thomas in his capacity as GM Director Leaked confidential discussion from the GM chat. Side note about this one. Part of the expectation in taking part of votes and discussions is that what's said in those chats stays private. That's what allows everyone to speak their thoughts freely. Tristin Was removed by Thomas in his capacity as GM Director Was removed as part of the GM wipe. Removed for "Repeated inappropriate conduct, behaviour and attitude". But I'm not privy to the exact incidents. This is my general understanding of the situation. If you want specific rules or protocols they broke, contact the relevant directors or managers. I said that they're failing at one of their responsibilities. Not that it's their fault. It could be a result of their working environment. It could be because of incompetent superiors. There could be a number of factors. That however, doesn't change the fact that the responsibility wasn't met. It was poorly worded on my part. My apologies.
  5. If a manager is unable to speak up for fear of being removed or discriminated against, they're failing at one of their responsibilities. A manager is meant to speak and represent their team members. You feel that they'll be acted against for speaking their opinion. Could you share some examples of staff members who have had this happen to them? I still firmly believe it's just a perception.
  6. That's the problem with these threads. It's always "I've heard from someone" or "I know someone" or "Someone told me". If the people directly impacted, namely the leads/directors/managers, have issues, there's ways to solve them other than to get up in arms about it on the forums. Creating threads like this produces the exact opposite atmosphere from what you're supposedly aiming for. You're creating an environment where you basically strong arm the administration into your point of view. Here's some proposed communication methods Talk to your managers/director and relay you concerns to them. If they feel they have merit, they'll speak to the admins Failing that, you could always directly message an admin. If your message gets lost, you could try pinging the admins in your staff discord chat. Failing all that, the nuclear option. Start a thread on the forums. As you can see, as a staff member, there are a variety of methods to bring your concerns up that don't involve starting a thread. These threads just breed drama and never get anything accomplished.
  7. Um. You know he resigned right? The point of contention with the mock warclaim was that Harrison didn't seek approval for giving out large sums of minas. There's nothing wrong with hosting an event. There's also nothing wrong with giving rewards out. You just sort of need to communicate when you're going to spawn a **** ton of minas in. Something to the tune of 60k minas. In addition, I've never really heard any legitimate complaints leveled against Harrison. I mean, he's a weeb, watches hentai, and jerks off to the weirdest ****. But we still love him. Now if only he'd stop leaving us.
  8. The last 3 times I was involved in voting for a team lead, everyone on the team got to submit feedback and thoughts on who they thought should be lead. Then the admins picked from there.
  9. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  10. The transition to Discord has been a long time coming. There were a few factors involved Improved security. 2FA is much easier to setup on Discord. In fact, you can't even setup 2FA on Skype if you have a legacy account. Skype is P2P. Making it easy to use a "skype resolver" to get someone's IP Skype has a long history of being hacked Centralized communication platform Makes it much easier to hand control of chats to directors as they shuffle in and out Also attempts to improve inter-staff communication. Note I said "attempts" Better API. The fact that it has an API at all >.> We can actually write bots and stuff that automate much of the tedium with communication platforms. Like automating staff groups for example. Or giving alerts on server outages Lasty, it's not a laggy piece of ****. As for Devs getting a free pass because there are 2 members on the admin team. It doesn't work that way. Devs get control over technical aspects of the server. We talk to the admins to get input and feedback. But ultimately purely mechanical things are decided by the dev team. I would like to point out that the boomsticks were added by the devs. Not the admins. In fact, they very heavily opposed it. There were many internal discussion about it's removal/revamp. The boomsticks were a result of lack of inter-staff communication. There was a rather lengthy discussion about it and we've taken steps to prevent this in the future. Bi-weekly admin-dev meetings to keep the admins up to date about dev matters Policies to create staff chats with other staff teams when our work impacts them. For example, creating a lore-dev chat when we're thinking about implementing magic stuff. I don't feel it's just a staff thing. It's a general server atmosphere. There's a really downer atmosphere around here. Especially on the forums. It's hard to get up and feel motivated to work for and on the server if you find these sort of threads everyday. Getting told you're doing a shitty job when you're working your ass off sucks. It's very demotivating. Lastly, I want to point out that admins usually stay on longer than any single team member. It makes sense that they have say in the direction of the server. It keeps a more consistent leadership direction for the server. That's it for this giant wall of text. I'll try to respond to anyone that quotes me and has valid criticism or comments.
  11. Hrmm. It's a fairly small usecase. Even if it's accepted. It wouldn't be a priority.
  12. You shameless bastard. Farming rep while I'm at work.
  13. Forums aren't under dev control unfortunately. I'll talk to Tythus about it when I get a chance.
  14. Topic moved to 'Noted Server Ideas'.
  15. Topic moved to 'Noted Server Ideas'.