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  1. Your links are incorrect. They should be https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/[topic-id]- This seems to be the only non-hidden link @Kowaman has working copies of older maps IIRC. Finally, your account probably had its password reset during the mass password reset Tythus did a couple months back. If you can still access the email address, use the "forgot password" utility to reset the password. edit: RIP my post. Thanks for making everything a link forums editor
  2. It also encourages massive sprawling cities to pop out in the middle of nowhere. Then proceed to become a ghost town a few months later. LC causes too many problems for the benefits it brings. If the intention is to better facilitate nations building, there's better ways to go about it. Make crafting building blocks easier. (This one's already on it's way to completion) Allow mass buying of blocks from admin shops Give a limited form of fly + instant break. You allow players to build cities more conveniently while dodging the laundry list of issues that comes with creative. Creative just isn't intended for mixing with survival. Mojang lets the client dictate too much. And to forestall the bit about not wanting to grind or mine or build. Ultimately the medium this RP server is built on is Minecraft. Mining and building is an integral part of Minecraft. If that doesn't suit your tastes, there's other mediums that also host RP server. Might I suggest WoW or GMod RP.
  3. I originally was going to create an entire LC revamp. But my opinion on LC has been changed vastly since. LC should just be scrapped entirely. Perhaps some form of instant break + fly could be given out. But giving creative out is just asking for dupe bugs. Especially with how 1.12 brought more ways to break creative.
  4. I think relogging work because MC has a hardcoded amount of chunks it sends during the initial loading phase. But after that, the server settings take over. That's not much that can be done really. Increasing render distance is a surefire way of making it lag more. A render distance of 8 is 64 chunks. But a render distance of 9 is 81 chunks. That's a 25% increase. It only gets worse the higher the render distance. Though, there's way to specifically set a single player's render distance. Perhaps some sort of media group could be made?
  5. From what I remember about the update, the 1.12 update changed how chat packets works. This broke the old /check.
  6. AFAIK normal players can already use this can't they?
  7. Nope!
  8. Apparently graph making skills is a requirement for AT lead. Good job!
  9. I agree wholeheartedly that a singular team should be responsible for oversight and direction. I'm just not terribly sure if I trust the current admin team with that responsibility. It's not a failure of the system. It's the lack of individuals with the key factors needed to pull it off. Charisma, leadership, and management. The admin team job isn't to micromanage each team. No, they should have talented team leads who can do that for them. Instead, they should be focusing on figuring out where the server should be headed next. The teams underneath them can figure out how to execute. Leadership is also very important. You can't just hand out tasks willy nilly and expect them to get done. You need to inspire people and get them to believe in what you're doing. Just doing what your team leader wants you to do isn't going to get anything done. No. You should be doing it because you believe in it too. You should be enjoying it. (Basically admins need to get everyone to drink their kool aid ;) ) That all aside, the dynamic between the admins and the devs have always been weird. The devs don't trust the admins. They want full creative control. And that's pretty outrageous to be honest. Maintaining control over the implementation is fine. But what gets implemented should be under the admins. The admins on the other hand need to step up their game a little. Grow some balls. If you have a problem with how the dev team conducts itself. Don't just ***** behind their backs. Talk about it. Call a meeting, discuss it with everyone present. Don't go through intermediaries. Nothing's gonna get done if you're playing the telephone game All in all, it's a matter of both sides compromising. Kowaman made a very good point. On most srever, devs are in fact admins as well. While I'm not saying devs should be admins, I think they should at least be in on the talks when it comes to the mechanical aspect of the server. Have a dev-admin meeting. Lay out what everyone thinks the plans for the server should be. Decide on something. Then just leave it to the devs to execute. Of course check in on the devs every once in a while to make sure things are moving along, but don't micromanage. No one likes to be micromanage. And most important of all. Communicate. Simplicity of plugins. I don't think think plugins should be simple. They should be intuitive. Have the simplest design in the world, but if it still requires reading a wiki to figure out how to use, you're going to lose people. This is a bit hard for the devs. We've been immersed in the culture so long that we forget what it was like first starting out. Back when you didn't know what cards were. When Shift-Right clicking a player wasn't the first thing you did. Menus might feel a bit flashy and a bit clunky. But everyone who's used a computer has used menus. So it's fairly intuitive design for people. Simply chasing simplicity for simplicity's sake isn't going to help. The goal should be making things intuitive. And finally, new players. My views on this are very set in stone. New player retention is not the responsibility of staff. Sure the AT can have projects to ease the new players into RP. Sure the wiki team can have better documentation for new players. Sure the devs can create some sort of tutorial plugin. But in the end, it's the playerbase that needs to step up and say "Welcome to the server!". They need to be patient with new players. They need to reach out and invite them into their groups. They need to make the server and forums a welcoming environment for new players. And if the community doesn't step up? Then nothing's going to change. It'll be the same old jaded player base that says the server is dying every other week. Anyways, chin up. There's still people that are working to keep the server going. There's people who pour hours of their lives into this server. Staff and non-staff alike. So make LoTC great again. ;)
  10. lol QEIxlkq.png

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      honestly devs should have more fkin authority than admins. Admins are an unnecessary step between making a plugin and pushing it out there. My boy @Vaquxine is blacklisted for takin charge as a dev, free Vaq

  11. This is getting ridiculous. We haven't had a meeting in a month. Thus no notification. Here's the complete log of meetings since I've been here. You know damn well that the bargaining I did with Thomas was a joke. There was 2 things wrong with that scenario anyways. GMs drove the devs out of their chat and opted not to use any dev-gm channels. This stalled dev-gm communications for months. But I suppose it was the dev's fault for not communicating right? :^) GMs has no need for '/?' in the first place. It's not a command you need for moderation. Before I get "We need to it to find out what commands we have so we can write a GM guide". I've sent a list of commands GMs have access to to three different GMs. One being the GM lead at the time. The project went nowhere. And had switched hands numerous times. I'd also like to say, it's insanely childish for you to be pulling random leaked logs out of context to bash the devs with. You guys can't be out here bashing us for overstepping bounds and abusing our positions when you're leaking logs like you're the fucking titanic I understand your frustration. We're not exactly satisfied with the professions either. But overhauling our crafting and profession is a massive undertaking. These sort of massive code chunks don't happen unless a developer gets super hyped and motivated about working on a specific piece. And that sort of situation hasn't really come around yet. <3 lmao
  12. Ahh. I might have been the problem here. I posted this in the gm chat. This being the photo It was a joke. But maybe the GMs didn't take it as such.
  13. He's been since unbanned from both forums and IG IIRC. Here's the convo where we talk about banning him
  14. #DownWithPlayers Because he never requested that from me.
  15. I mean. It might. But I doubt it. 501 accidently flagged Thomas as a spammer on the forums. So the automated system hid all his posts. They have been since unhidden. As for why he was banned? I banned him. It was a self ban. I told him that LoTC was unhealthy for him and that he needed to cool off a bit. As such, I banned him. He could be unbanned at any time.