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  1. Tofuus

    Axios Map Download

  2. Tofuus

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    Each present will cost 100 crowns
  3. Ah yes. I canned the old way of doing this. Now you create a sign and have [Forum] on the top line. The second line is the forum id. It’s that string of numbers you see in a forum url. For example in this url The forum id is 176912. It should look something like this [Forum] 176912
  4. Tofuus

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    It literally says in the first post that it's every 15 minutes Hopefully we can make the data more accessible to make this possible. Right now, it's not really feasible to make the stats available to everyone
  5. Tofuus

    [Accepted] Wrynn's Coder Application

    Accepted. Welcome to the Development Team. Please message me on Discord so I can get you set up.
  6. This is a tough nut to crack. LC as a system is not coming back. Creative is just not designed to be limited. There’s a couple option that I’ve thrown out there Give out fly + instant-break to nations Give nations some set of starting materials Allow nations to build on another server and paste their build in Some combination of the above Java is basically the only language I know. I have passable knowledge in Python but I wouldn’t call myself fluent. It took me a couple tries before programming actually clicked for me. Somewhere over the course of 1-2 years just trying it on and off. Persistence is key! Blackberry
  7. Not my plugin to reveal 🙂 I’ll remove one block from your city for every minute that this slander stays on the forums Man. Boba that’s undercooked or overcooked blows. Youtiao with some salty soy milk is where it’s at.
  8. 1 6.8 I don’t hate you! I love you Bwom Sketch is one crazy man no u Hook me up with that oil barron money. You have my discord. I don’t think we’re planning on making too many changes to food. We’re hoping to get some more food variety when FancyFoods come in though. I’m not particularly involved in any of the 7.0 discussion so I can’t comment on economic plans. I’d love to have more varied voting rewards but as I said, I’m not a terribly creative man. If you have any ideas, PM me! No clue! That’s a question for Seventh and his team I don’t drink irl. And I don’t RP. Anything’s possible with more devs!
  9. The key is creating a system where it’s optional to participate. With nexus, if you wanted to build with any of the cooler blocks you needed to grind. If you wanted the best weapons, you needed to grind. If you wanted the better food, yo needed to grind. I haven’t the foggiest No xoxo There’s FancyFoods coming something soon (TM). I just haven’t decided if it’s better to release now or hold it for the 1.13 release. I’m doing good. Thanks for asking 🙂 Man, I just code **** and shout my opinion in the chats that I’m in.
  10. Ah. So that's how he got that chest plate I don't really like soy milk. At least not plain. It's alright when you add sugar. But salty soymilk is where it's at. Add some beef fat and that **** is delicious. Tofu is also great For sure custom items are where it's at. People like those so we're not abandoning the concept. I think it's pretty unlikely we'll do anything like the xp or leader board system again. Again, I don't think it's really conducive to either rp or creating a good story. I do legitimately have a trello list where I just drop ideas. Whenever I'm bored of my current task, I go look at the list and choose one to implement. Adding stuff to my list has no guarantees in priority or when it'll actually get done
  11. Yessir xoxo I'm not a terribly creative person. Now if you want to make a list of new fish and what biomes they should spawn in. I can add it to my todo list. God is dead I'm not convinced lotc would benefit from a professions system. It's hard to strike a balance between pure rp and rpg. Clearly people enjoy some of the rpg mechanics. And they can create power imbalances which I feel are conducive to more dynamic rp. But it's easy to go too far and make everything a grind fest. Who knows really. Sporadic and I are currently working with the mindset of create tools for coders to make fun content with. He's succeeding more than I am.
  12. After Sporadic, 501 and Kowaman so utterly destroyed this team's reputation Tythus has called on his only good dev to try to fix the catatrophe. I hereby launch my ascension as our team's social media manager, brand personality, and official mascot of Tythus LTD. Fire your questions: what I lack in creative problem solving I make up for in also not having witty retorts to defuse the situations I create for myself. But don't worry, I still crack a good joke more often than Telanir logs in. Soyboy jokes will be removed, unless they are funny.
  13. Tofuus

    LotC Talkshow: Thoughts on 7.0 live! Sunday Oct. 14th

    I’ll probably be there. 4 am for me so I’ll be pretty out of it.
  14. Tofuus

    7.0 Annoucement!