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  1. Advanced statuses are broken. Normal ones aren't. We could always revert. Twitter is 501's thing. No clue on the archived search. I agree with the list for pinned topics. I'm not a fan of the slideshow.
  2. Um. He's not banned?
  3. Oh man. It's pretty rare for me to speak up on these sort of threads. I don't like getting down into the drama. I'd like to preface this all by saying Thomas is a friend of mine and I'm probably biased as all hell. Anyways, holy **** man. I can't tell if you're trolling. But even if you are, this deserves a response. Let's start from the top. Bans are biases as hell I'm not sure where this is from. Would you like to expand on this? Admins should never be biased This is a tough one. Humans are inherently biased. They have a set of views they see the world through. I don't think it's possible to actually be free of any bias. But yes, I do think admins should do their best to distance themselves from anything that could be seen as being bias. Ban times are not respected If you are referring to Buff's ban, it's permanent. There is no timer to set. It's permanent. In fact, this is a lenient ban. He's still allowed his forum account. And he's allowed appeals. Thomas get's a dopamine rush when he bans players Thomas has made a total of 1 ban this month. Thomas is out to create drama Man. I get really really triggered when I see this. Thomas is aiming for the exact opposite. This is the guy who rushed back from the hospital so you guys could have a damn warclaim. He puts up with people slandering and attacking him on the forums. He slogs through migraines and whatever damn ailment he may have that day to help out the server I've repeatedly told Thomas to take a break. To say "**** you" to the server for a couple of days and just go do something that's not so exhausting. But you know what? He's always told me no. That he needs to work one thing or another for the server. Overseeing whatever damn daily drama LoTC has cooked up. So no. Thomas is not out to see drama or a dopamine rush from banning players. You can disagree with Thomas. You can dislike Thomas. But I'm not gonna just sit here and let you badmouth a man who's poured his heart and soul into the server for the last 4 months. I want to end the post with something that's been bothering me for the last couple of months. It's the sense of toxicity and entitlement within the community. Not just aimed at admins. But the staff and community as a whole. I want everyone to step back and remember that we're here to have fun. To get away from our dreary lives for a couple of hours. The staff volunteer their time to the server. We don't get paid, despite what many people think. No, we're just a group of gamers mostly in their teens to 20s. We drag ourselves home from school or work or whatever place and try to enjoy our time on the server. I personally work a full time job. Thomas works a full time job. 501, Kowaman, teegah, Telanir and many many others are college students. We're not some millionaires with unlimited time on our hands. We're everyday people that just enjoy working on and improving the server. So please, take some time and appreciate the work that everyone puts in. Not just the staff, but the players who help make the world of LoTC live and breath. Take your drama elsewhere. Take your damn bickering elsewhere. I just want to enjoy myself. Thanks.
  4. Did you just threaten to steal the server's map? BAN
  5. Hrmm. I hate bugs like these. They're very circumstantial and hard to reproduce. I see a couple of different bugs in this thread Picking up a stack of items on yields 1 item Items straight up disappearing after being dropped /me not bringing your inventory back. I'll look into it but no promises. These are the worst kind of bugs to track down. I'll post back when I have some news.
  6. This is the dev update log. You're looking for the web dev update log. @Lyonharted™ #WebDevNotRealDev #NotMyDev
  7. I'll do it if you become my pocket gm.
  8. Paging @Lyonharted™
  9. It looks Spigot handled the log file badly at startup. Update your spigot. Or try Paper
  10. Did you agree to the EULA?
  11. The only solution left is to become an Admin and kick Rebecca off the team.
  12. See. A real programmer would have done it through code. Anyways, THANK MR DSDEVIL.
  13. Last I heard, the shop unlocks were bugged. @501warhead can give a more definite answer.
  14. I wasn't able to find the exact cause of this issue, but I've done some cleaning up and bug fixing for Nexus. Please PM me if this issue persists.
  15. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.