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  1. Tofuus

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    When war rules were first put up, there was a discord channel created for discussing them on the LoTC main discord. We could just do something similar again.
  2. Tofuus

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    I'll answer this one since it's a dev thing. There's actually a cosmetic cooking plugin that's being actively worked on atm by one of the coders. It's pretty close to completion so SOON TM. As for alchemy.....maybe. We might go down the cosmetic route again. It's a bit up in the air atm.
  3. Tofuus

    This Server is Dying

  4. Hey! Thanks for the report. I tried replicating this on our dev server but was unable to. Do you think you could give me the coordinates to your shop so I could take a look at it?
  5. Tofuus

    [✗] Walljumping

    Topic moved to 'Denied Server Ideas'.
  6. Tofuus

    [✗] Walljumping

    Same thing here as your other suggestion. This is a mod not a plugin
  7. Tofuus

    [✗] Chisel and Bits

    Topic moved to 'Denied Server Ideas'.
  8. Tofuus

    [✗] Chisel and Bits

    As other have said, this is a mod not a plugin. We rely on plugins not mods to create custom content on our sever.
  9. Tofuus

    The Courier Plugin! A replacement for Birds~

    This doesn't address the issue that these magical couriers can find you regardless of where you are. That's always been my issue with a bird plugin. There's no way for the opposite party to react to you sending a letter. They can't stop you. They can't intercept your letter.
  10. Good in theory but not so much in practice. We rely on custom data attached to certain items to create custom items. For example, the hookah is a custom brewing stand. If you could scrub a hookah, you'd get a brewing stand, something we don't allow atm.
  11. Tofuus

    Chat Bug???

    Where you perhaps in `/focus` mode? Do you use any mods? Forge?
  12. Interested in being a coder? Apply!

    1. Dreek


      If I become a coder can I be as famous as my fellow Amish boy @InfamousGerman

  13. Tofuus

    Re-Implement my character on another Minecraft Account

    This is an admin matter. I'll drop a link in their chat for you.
  14. Tofuus

    AT Update Log- February

    I don't think it's fair to compare summer numbers to February. On top of being a shorter month, we had a week outage on the forums. So no applications that week. I do agree that the denied number are a major anomaly. But as jandy said, it's probably down to guest applications. Maybe give them their own category instead of counting them as regular denied? I'd like to see the numbers not including guests
  15. Tofuus

    AT Update Log- February

    I'm not sure the guest issue is something we can fix. How do we allow guests to edit? We have no way of verifying that it is indeed the same person without an account. IPs aren't a reliable authentication method. They're easily spoofed and change quite often if you have a dynamic ip