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  1. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    Only when it benefits them :^)
  2. [Denied] BluRodax's Coder App

    This application has been denied. If you would like to be reconsidered, please email [email protected]
  3. [Denied] BluRodax's Coder App

    Self denied.
  4. Too Many Monkbread

    Thanks for the feedback. I initially upped the amount of monkbread in response to fast travels being removed. If we're expecting people to take the roads more often, we should give them more food to compensate right? I understand that monkbread reduces demand for food but I believe the tedium it reduces is worth it. It's nice being able to log on for short bursts at a time and not have to do "((anyone have any food?" during RP. Or worse yet, start taking damage in the middle of RP.
  5. [Cooking] Feed The People Top Quality

    Hey, dropping a quick post to let you know you haven't been forgotten! Most everyone on the team is currently working on bug fixing or re-adding features that got caught in the Nexus cross-fire, ie. Soulbinding. I think more food variety is always nice! Once we're at a more stable place in terms of bugs and features I'd be happy to revisit. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. [✓] [Dev] Quality of Life recipes

    I'm down for a 2 gravel -> 1 flint recipe. The vanilla mechanic of getting flint it pretty dumb imo. As for wool, 1 -> 1 conversion?
  7. [Forum Bug] Latest Topics

    Ayyyy. Another forum bug that'll be nearly impossible to fix.
  8. Vaults!

    Right now there's no set date. From the stats it looks like ~200 people haven't gotten their vaults checked yet so we'll probably be leaving it up past the new years. If there's a more concrete date, I'll make a post.
  9. Vaults!

    Heyo, Just dropping in to tell everyone that your vaults are open for action! Follow these simple steps to get your pixels back Items 1. Do /vault 2. Wait for a GM to check your vault 3. After approval do /vault 4 .??? 5. Profit Books Do /restorebook Watch as your inventory is filled with books Repeat step 1 until all books are retrieved ??? Profit I guess? If you run into any issues, please make a post in the bug reports sub-forum. Enjoy. ps. Please rep me. I need to have more rep than @Vaynth
  10. LC Regions are bloody annoying

    Honestly I don't believe it's worth making any changes to LC when it's going to be removed in ~11 days. If it was staying I'd agree with the changes, but it's going to be gone soon. Bear with it :).
  11. 6.0 Admin Shops

    We're not going to be allowing diamond armor at this point.
  12. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.
  13. [Bug] Global Auction House

    Known bug. We're working on it.
  14. Whitelist Error

    You need to be on minecraft version 1.12.2