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  1. Tofuus

    Chat Bug???

    Where you perhaps in `/focus` mode? Do you use any mods? Forge?
  2. Interested in being a coder? Apply!

    1. Dreek


      If I become a coder can I be as famous as my fellow Amish boy @InfamousGerman

  3. Tofuus

    Re-Implement my character on another Minecraft Account

    This is an admin matter. I'll drop a link in their chat for you.
  4. Tofuus

    AT Update Log- February

    I don't think it's fair to compare summer numbers to February. On top of being a shorter month, we had a week outage on the forums. So no applications that week. I do agree that the denied number are a major anomaly. But as jandy said, it's probably down to guest applications. Maybe give them their own category instead of counting them as regular denied? I'd like to see the numbers not including guests
  5. Tofuus

    AT Update Log- February

    I'm not sure the guest issue is something we can fix. How do we allow guests to edit? We have no way of verifying that it is indeed the same person without an account. IPs aren't a reliable authentication method. They're easily spoofed and change quite often if you have a dynamic ip
  6. Tofuus

    AT Update Log- February

    I went back and had a look at the numbers. December saw 113. January saw 108. While this month saw 152. That's a whopping 40% increase in accepted applications. I wouldn't call that a small number. I think the higher denied number is simply a result of us having more visibility. Previously if our new players has to do some pretty specific searches to find us. So they were more likely to be have experience with the roleplay culture. Now that we are more "mainstream" we're more likely to run into players that have not roleplayed before and are encountering this scene for the first time. Overall it's still too early to tell how the new application system is working out. I'd attribute most of the new players to voting and not to the application system.
  7. Tofuus

    [✓] Server idea tent comes back?

    You can use charcoal or coal. Actual tents will come back once I figure out how to make them without creating a billion recipes.
  8. Thank you for your bug report. We've looked into the issue and are marking it as fixed. Please do not hesitate to report continued or other issues to us.
  9. It's not an enchant. It's an NBT tag. Thanks for the report sky. We overlooked the check for it. Fixed.
  10. Tofuus

    Server Downtime

    Update: This is taking a little longer than expected. Didn't expect there to be over 19k users to import >.> We're done! Thank you everyone for your patience. Locking this thread now.
  11. Tofuus

    LotC's Age Criteria

  12. Tofuus

    Server Downtime

    Sure totally. I'll take credit.
  13. Tofuus

    Server Downtime

    Update: Downtime complete Hey ya'll sad news. There'll be about 30 minutes of downtime tomorrow at 9 AM EST. Here's a countdown for those of you that are timezone challenged. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180301T22&p0=241&font=cursive This downtime is to migrate away from our permissions plugin (PEX), which is officially been deprecated. It'll also open up possibilities for some fun stuff in the future. You'll hear more about it as we finish up our projects. x Your favorite karma lover ps. What's the point of having pex if you can't even curse
  14. Tofuus

    Attachment Limit

    Oh my... You have nearly 6 mb of attachments I'm going through and removing some of your unneeded attachments. I've also transferred some of the images to imgur. I suggest you upload to imgur and paste the link in the future.
  15. Tofuus

    Siwtching VIPs

    This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.