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  1. Why do you hate devs so much? ;(
  2. Actually, AFAIK, Bungee does this automatically. Unfortunately, we do our own saving of player inventories and states. With personas and all. Our current database setup doesn't really work out with 2 servers. Fortunately there's already a rewrite planned and underway. To be a little nit picky, the correct phrase would be "server based on the bukkit API". As for the NMS bit, yep! You can achieve it with plugin channels.
  3. I'm going to double post as I forgot to address the main question. Rollbacks are very time consuming for the server itself and prone to error. Additonally, it would affect people who were not in the warclaim. There's very few cases where we'll take down the server and do a rollback. I say soldier on unless something went terribly terribly wrong from a technical point of view.
  4. The idea has been tossed around in the dev chat a couple times. We even dedicated a timeslot for it at the last dev meeting. It's something we want to do but there are a couple of things standing in our way 1) Syncing of inventories between war server and main server 2) Implementation of custom Nexus things like weapons, armor, bows Probably more than I'm forgetting. Anyways, we're working on it! There's just a lot on our plate. I think I've said this before but, if you are able to point me towards a server that does 200 person wars, I'll gladly go chat with the techs/owners and see if I can weasel their secrets out of them. That being said, I believe that it's simply an engine limitation. We should we structuring our warclaims to not encourage people to group up in large mobs. Agreed. Server intensive tasks should not be happening during a warclaim. Throwing more money at the problem is not the solution. We're running a CPU that's almost at the top of the spectrum in terms of single threaded performance. While I don't know the full specs of our machine, I know we're running a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2643 Hopefully that answers some questions and puts to rest some of the rumors. Feel free to reply to my post if you have anymore questions about warclaims
  5. Add me on Discord and I can help you reset your Auth. Tofuus#8332
  6. Fixed the 'ded' cowl.
  7. We're aware of the issue with the server. Working with Tythus to diagnose and solve the problem now!

  8. Just to clarify, you're not supposed to turn off mob spawning on tile regions. Cities and stuff are fine. A sort of "mob zone" has been an ongoing discussion between the dev team and admins. We touched a little on it during our 4 hour meeting today but sitting down and talking for that long is a bit fatiguing.
  9. Right. Are you using a modified content in any way? Forge? Mods? Optifine? Shaders? Is your Java updated? Are your drivers updated?
  10. Beat you to it. I've already spammed Lyon with maybe 10 links on improvements for this terrible terrible editor.
  11. I'm in agreement. Typical case of PEX before players. -1
  12. I suppose that explains why your signature
  13. Oh wait. You are correct.
  14. Probably a caching issue. They work for me both on my regular user and in incognito.