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  1. HTML in signatures?

    Allowing arbitrary html is an excellent way of introducing security vulnerabilities.
  2. Persona plugin

    If you didn't know. This guy named it after himself ^^
  3. Connection issues

    IIRC you need to use `` due to some Bungee stuff I did a while back. A dev could give you a specific answer tho.
  4. Decisions Lately

    Actually, it's ArcheCore. geit it **** right!
  5. Aegis World Download

    Your links are incorrect. They should be[topic-id]- This seems to be the only non-hidden link @Kowaman has working copies of older maps IIRC. Finally, your account probably had its password reset during the mass password reset Tythus did a couple months back. If you can still access the email address, use the "forgot password" utility to reset the password. edit: RIP my post. Thanks for making everything a link forums editor
  6. It also encourages massive sprawling cities to pop out in the middle of nowhere. Then proceed to become a ghost town a few months later. LC causes too many problems for the benefits it brings. If the intention is to better facilitate nations building, there's better ways to go about it. Make crafting building blocks easier. (This one's already on it's way to completion) Allow mass buying of blocks from admin shops Give a limited form of fly + instant break. You allow players to build cities more conveniently while dodging the laundry list of issues that comes with creative. Creative just isn't intended for mixing with survival. Mojang lets the client dictate too much. And to forestall the bit about not wanting to grind or mine or build. Ultimately the medium this RP server is built on is Minecraft. Mining and building is an integral part of Minecraft. If that doesn't suit your tastes, there's other mediums that also host RP server. Might I suggest WoW or GMod RP.
  7. I originally was going to create an entire LC revamp. But my opinion on LC has been changed vastly since. LC should just be scrapped entirely. Perhaps some form of instant break + fly could be given out. But giving creative out is just asking for dupe bugs. Especially with how 1.12 brought more ways to break creative.
  8. [✗] [Plugin Change] /reportrts stats

    From what I remember about the update, the 1.12 update changed how chat packets works. This broke the old /check.
  9. [✗] [Plugin Change] /reportrts stats

    AFAIK normal players can already use this can't they?
  10. Multiple RP characters

  11. lol QEIxlkq.png

    1. Teegah
    2. The North

      The North

      honestly devs should have more fkin authority than admins. Admins are an unnecessary step between making a plugin and pushing it out there. My boy @Vaquxine is blacklisted for takin charge as a dev, free Vaq

  12. So how comes any one GM has the ability to brick the server? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. overlord2305


      Ah, didn't get that bit. Figured that since it was down even before the announcement of the rollback that it was crashed

    3. Silverstatik


      Its lose / lose, they give gm's power, we get occasional outbursts like this, they take it away and GM's can't help what people want and suddenly everyone is complaining. I'd rather have occasional outages with helpful GM's than useless GM's.

    4. Malimom


      No need to worry though, the server will be up and running shortly.

  13. Thank you for doing your job. I know words don't mean much but most people don't do their jobs right and you seem to be keeping everything under control. 

    1. NotEvilAtAll
    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      no im a very angry person and i assume you haven't done anything because i dont see the end result after a single hour and so i call for a complete dev wipe 

  14. As you can see. I got permission to remove it from Thomas. RWdcUKP.png. You conspiracy theorists can put away the pitchforks and tinfoil hats.

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    2. gab


      i was just linkin it so people could still view it !!  \ (◕‿◕ /✿)

    3. Dunstan


      Why don't you restore it like all the other threads were? Hmm? *Dons foil*

    4. Tofuus


      Because it was a long ass thread and I didn't really feel like it. Plus Thomas had expressed that he'd rather the post had been locked. So I just took the opportunity to nuke it. It's not as if I can make the links go away.

  15. Forum Help: Auto-reformatting pasted words :(

    Not really sure. The forums are a little wonky. And it's quite hard to fix stuff. I'll talk to Tythus about it next time I can.