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  1. "NOW THAT'S A BARCLAY BARGAIN!" Shouts an esteemed member of House Barclay.
  2. "Wer Rastet Der Rostet." Remarked a Barclay of esteemed repute before he returned to farming cabbages.
  3. Skin: 2 Bid: 330 Discord: Coolcod#4671
  4. Skin: 6 Bid: 300 Discord: Coolcod#4671
  5. Haeseni Noble - 350 @Shmeepicus
  6. Haeseni Noble - 270 @Shmeepicus
  7. Haeseni Noble - 240 @Shmeepicus
  8. Discord: Coolcod#4671 Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Haeseni Noble 110 Mina @Shmeepicus
  9. IGN: coolcod77 Roleplay name: Edmund Barclay Discord tag: coolcod#4671 Amount of tickets: 3
  10. IGN: Notmio_ Name: Otto August / Otto Baruch (same thing, really) Age: Whatever you'd like Place of residency: I often get locked out of the palace / the Baruch keep. Bank account balance: 40k in.. coin. Hobbies: kicking bushes and punching halflings. One interesting fact about yourself: I'm a terrorist in orenia Why should Tatiana choose you?: I'm lonely. :(
  11. "Rest well, Adry." An aged Barclay would comment as he sat beside the largest hearth in Reinmar. "It's truly a shame that we couldn't talk more, perhaps we will speak again one day." He spoke, taking a moment to ponder over his own words.
  12. A singular tear drifted down the cheek of a weary, aged veteran of many battles. "Brother, it was meant to be me." The figure spoke in a pained tone as he sat beside the corpse of his youngest sibling. "You deserved much more than this, this wasn't a war you needed to fight in, I started this and you shouldn't have had to pay the price." Manfred then moved to stand, lifting the Warhammer that Brandt never went into a fight without. "We didn't speak as much as we should've, as much as we did when we were younger. You followed me when we were both boys roaming the fields of Reinmar and
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