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  1. Coolcod77


    Manfred Barclay sat on one of the logs beside the Haense Inferi camp. “Prepare your equipment, we must be ready to aid any and all.” He said simply, as he began to sharpen his sword.
  2. Vote Manfred Barclay for Royal Alderman While many will know who I am and of my deeds within the Haense Royal Army, it has been made clear to me that my presence in the public eye has been lacking and this is an appeal to those who do not yet know who I am and what I can offer to the voter should I be elected into the Royal Duma. First of all, I provide a relatively new face to that of the Royal Duma, whilst also providing extensive knowledge of the processes and procedures which take place within the Duma, accredited to the teachings provided by my Uncle, the former Royal Alderman and my Father Erwin. Through my service to the Haense Royal Army, I have discussed with many of my brothers and sisters at arms about potential improvements which could be implemented to improve the average voter’s living quality within our great Kingdom. I also offer: Extensive knowledge of the Royal Duma Representation of the HRA A devoted canonists perspective Extensive knowledge of the Realm and Vassals of the Crown. My Policy: Emphasis on War policies The upholding and improvement of public institutions To create bills that will improve the life of many, opposed to the lives of the few His Lordship, Manfred Karl Barclay
  3. IGN: Coolcod77 Character name: Manfred Barclay Age: 23 Place of Residence / Street Address: The Duchy of Reinmar and the HRA Barracks. Position: Royal Alderman
  4. Manfred Barclay had just finished cleaning the blood from his sword, his men gathered around him in Metterden after their successful battle in the valley below. “The end is near.” He said as he sheathed his sword on his belt. “We ride for the forward command post, prepare your horses.” He ordered his men with a faint grin, as they had already tasted victory in the first of many field battles to come.
  5. “Now that’s a Barclay Bargain.” Manfred Barclay comments after reading the missive.
  6. Manfred Karl Barclay would smile. “Excellent.” The Lord of Reinmar then went about readying the stallions of House Barclay for a journey to meet his new neighbors.
  7. Manfred Karl Barclay, Lieutenant of the HRA picked up the notice on his way to the Reza festival. “We’re at your service, you only need to call.” He’d comment as he read the Emperors words, proceeding to fold up the notice and place it in his back pocket.
  8. Ser Robin Kartyr saluted from the seven skies as Osvald published his response. “Krusae Zwy Kongzem.”
  9. “Krusae Zwy Kongzem.” The day was like any other and as usual Robin leant against the railing surrounding the courtyard of the Haeseni Palace, he had just finished a meeting with his Majesty Sigismund II, Ser Ivan Ruthern and Johann Peter. The day did not feel any different to Robin, as of recently each day seemed to meld into one endless routine with his main responsibility being the protection of the King. Though, this loop would break suddenly and unexpectedly by sound of screaming which echoed from the prison below his very feet. When Robin entered the prison he was met by an armed group of what seemed to be Volik clansmen, Robin drew his sword and shield as he heard the screams of Haensemen already being attacked by the Scyflings within the prison. After several hard fought minutes he was forced to retreat, the shield wall tactic the Sycflings were using proved too strong to break, even with seasoned warriors alongside him. Outside of the prison he fell to his knees due to the smoke present in the now smoke filled prison, despite the effect this had on him he decided to rejoin the group that prepared to retake the prison. After a short conversation with the Lord Marshal Erwin Barclay the group decided to yield the inner courtyard after the Scyflings threatened to execute one of the three Haensemen they took hostage during their first encounter. After around an hour the Scyflings split their forces, with many heading into the great hall in search of the King and the rest protecting the hostages in the prison. Robin would then emerge from one of the rooms in the gatehouse with a small group of HRA soldiers to rally with the Lord Marshal and his Majesty. After minutes of discussion, they decided that another assault upon the Scyflings within the prison with the intent of releasing the hostages would be their next move. Robin was ordered to lead the charge by his Majesty and so he did. It was within this attack, deep under the courtyard he would meet his fateful end, fighting alongside men of the HRA. Some of which he had known for years and others he’d never met, but it did not matter as all who fought for Haense were his brothers in arms. R.I.P Ser Robin “The Persistent” Kartyr 1729 – 1770 (OOC: Yo, just whipped this up really quickly before I go to sleep so hold off any judgement on the quality of the piece pls.)
  10. Manfred Barclay read the document as it arrived at Reinmar. “How will I get a wife now?” He jested to his Cousin Alfred with a hearty chuckle, leaving the document on the table for the rest of his kin to read.
  11. Ser Robin Kartyr slammed his fist against the table as he heard the news. “He died too soon..” Robin then let out a hefty sigh, remembering meeting Bjornolf upon his recruitment into the Brotherhood of St Karl almost two decades ago. Manfred Barclay gripped the wound on his shoulder, letting out a pained sigh as he glanced upon the woods surrounding Fort buck. “Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain.” Manfred said, the guilt of not being able to save Bjornolf despite being so close, weighed on his mind.
  12. The great hall of Reinmar, which had been busy and crowded since it’s first construction now sat eerily dark and silent, the keep’s inhabitants locked in a deep state of mourning after hearing the news of their kin’s passing. Manfred Karl Barclay, the heir to House Barclay would be noticeably absent from all of his planned endeavors, he instead sat barricaded inside of his room, surrounded by overturned furniture and damaged personal belongings. “I should’ve been there, I promise that your sacrifice won’t be in vain and that you’ll never be forgotten.” Were the only words he uttered, tears falling down his cheeks as he relived past memories of the two hunting bears, training alongside each other and even fighting each other during one of their petty squabbles.
  13. MC Name: Coolcod77 RP Name: Manfred Barclay Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: Yes Master of the Catch?: No
  14. Manfred Karl Barclay read the publication, a wide smile on his face as he saw his families feats properly documented for all to see. He’d then put the piece of parchment down before taking out his own piece of parchment and quill, writing down his elaborate plans for the future of House Barclay.
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