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  1. Sergei Aleksandr removed his circlet at the announcement of the death of his brother-in-law, a frown forming upon his visage as he looked around for the whereabouts of his wife. Edmund Barclay poured one out for the Baron of Sigradz, another life taken too soon. "Wer rastet der rostet." He then raised his mug, in honour of his ancestors.
  2. Prince Sergei grinned at a job well done, his skin recovering from sunburn acquired in the south.
  3. "Stauntons?" Recited the confused Prince of the Rothswood as he glanced over to his coat of arms.
  4. Skin Number: 1 Bidders MC name: coolcod77 Bidders Discord:Coolcod#4671 Bid:300 Skin Number: 6 Bidders MC name: coolcod77 Bidders Discord: Coolcod#4671 Bid:250
  5. Oskar Barclay wiped the sweat from his brow as he finished sketching pictures for Adelmar's magazine.
  6. Skin Name: Dapper Bid(s): 600 mina Discord: Coolcod#4671 @SaviourMeme
  7. Sergei Aleksandr locked himself in his room as he was informed about the murder of another of his friends. He had planned to visit Inga prior to the escalation of the war, to deliver a toy bear of his.
  8. Sergei Aleksandr was too busy puking to actually read the missive, a much less lethal side affect from the meal.
  9. Skin: Red Grandeur Bid: 400 mina Discord: Coolcod#4671 @HogoBojo
  10. Edmund prepares his cannon as he hears of the new Cannonist religion.
  11. Sergei Aleksandr sees himself in the portrait, a wide smile plastered upon his face!
  12. A former Duke of Reinmar smiles from the skies with a hand on the shoulder of his Grandson, Erich. "Your son has done well."
  13. "This is no Barclay." Declared Manfred Barclay from the skies, a frown on his lips.
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