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    Jakob Jrent and Jakub Mac
  1. MC Name: Doggedleader270 Character Name: Dwan Grandaxe Character Age: 150 Profession (See below): First: Blacksmith Second: to be deiced Appearance: Dwan is broad, muscular, and has ginger hair and has blue eyes Bloodline: Braveaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/-dwarf-skin-by-dasschmidda-/ Skype Name (If you have it): Doggedleader 270
  2. I need a body only skin. I need an apron or something a tavern worker would wear. Msg me in game for details if you need some. I am willing to pay as much detail you put into it. Top is around 300 mina. Thank you PS: make it for everyone to wear! [boys/girls uniform]
  3. My skin right now has the face so use that to reference. So just search it up. http://imgur.com/a/4RYq2 here's the link. Fixed it!
  4. I need an updated skin for Jakub Macdonough. Use this to reference to. file:///C:/Users/Home/Downloads/3b0ff407-06fa-456e-964f-bde49e92b7e0.png I need that face to stay they same and thats it. I need him to look round 20-27 ish. Thank you. PS: I'll pay mina
  5. Jakub is proud of his contribution in Mylas Co.
  6. Yoppl is awesome! +1
  7. I have some feathers to sell
  8. Jakub puts another sign up. [not a surprise] It Reads: Have you ever needed cheap wood? Well Jakubian and Mylasian Co. Ltd have got you covered! Have you ever needed Horses,Donkeys, or Mules? We also got you covered! Just place in a order! Name: Race: Item/Items: Date needed by: If you need a job contact Mylas or Jakub! [ChumpChump][Doggedleader270]
  9. Jakub is sad he doesn't manage more!
  10. Jakub puts in a vote for Loic de Savin
  11. Has 100.98% faster then walking. Jump of 3.35 7 hearts
  12. ((how do you check?))
  13. Jakub Macdonough puts another sign up. It reads: Jakubian and Mylasian Co. are selling horses! We have good prices. Horses:200 Donkey:100 Mule:100 Fill out this paper for a request of a horse or If you want a job. [example] Name: Jakub Macdonough Age:20 Race:Human Skills: Breeding What type of pet?: Horse Name: Jakub Your order has been placed
  14. Jakub Macdonough is so tired or making signs, but he makes one more. [not] It reads: Need wood in bulk? If you do you buy it from Mylas' Co.! For a single chest filled with wood 100 mina. For a double chest 200 mina. We also sell branches. Need a job? Work with us! Fill out this paper and we will get you a job. Remember 1 more saints day for the sales! Example: Name: Jakub Macdonough D.O.B: can't remember Race: Human Skills: Farming, Lumbering, Chefing, and Brewing Drinks! What would you like to work for Mylas Co. or the Tavern? Both!
  15. Yoppl I knew this day would come.