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  1. The Drunken Druid Tavern! Best In All Of Courland! The Drunken Druid Tavern is located in the Kaldwin Square. Are You in Need of Mina? Work for us! Just Fill out this Simple Sheet Or Ask Jakub [[Doggedleader270]] In Person! OOC: Mc Name: Skype: Rp Name: Age: Experience In Taverns: Are You Active? We Hope To See You There!
  2. He would be an amazing gm +1
  3. MC Name: Doggedleader270 RP Name: Dwan Grandaxe Race: Mountain Dwarf Skype Name (For communication and rallying): Doggedleader 270 Do you have teamspeak? (You will need to be on teamspeak during battles): Nope Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST Professions: Blacksmith, Miner,and Lumberjack Have you been in the Legion before? If so, when: I have not been in the Legion before *Note: If you were in the Legion before you will be able to retain your rank.* Do you swear loyalty to the reigning Grand King: Yes, I swear my loyalty to the Grand King.
  4. MC Name: Doggedleader270 RP Name: Dwan Grandaxe What is your level in mining?: Adequate Skype name: Doggedleader 270 Are you able to use Teamspeak?: nope How many hours both week and weekend are you available?: 4-5 Hours a Day What is your timezone?: Est
  5. Name: Jakub Macdonough Race: Human Age: 39 Profession: Lumberjack, Miner, and Farmer Other Residencies: Mardon, Pacemville, and Haria -OOC- Username: Doggedleader270 Skype (Private if wish to be kept so): You have it :)
  6. He will be a good gm +1
  7. Yo Eri_anne and i are still looking for a rp daughter please share this to anybody who might be interested. Thanks!
  8. BASIC INFORMATION OUT OF CHARACTER NAME: Doggedleader270 IN CHARACTER NAME: Jakub Macdonough SURNAME: None CLASS: Commoner GENDER: Male PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown HEIGHT & WEIGHT: Is 6'1 and weighs 190 EYE, SKIN & HAIR COLOR: has blue eyes, tan skin and has brown hair CULTURE: N/A MARKINGS: None PERSONAL INFORMATION HOME ADDRESS: Farmstead #1, Mt. Hights 1 & 2 OCCUPATION: Merchant CITIZEN'S OATH ALL CITIZENS I, Jakub Macdonough, hereby swear my loyalty to the Duke of the DUCHY OF MARDON entirely by my free will. I swear to read and obey the laws of the Duchy and understand the punishments and penalties that shall be incurred should I violate the law. CLASS A [Nobility] I, Doggedleader270, hereby acknowledge and give my consent to the OOC rule that should my character be found guilty of High Treason within the Duchy, the Duke personally (and only the Duke) has the right to permanently execute my character. I accept this condition and make it entirely upon my free will.
  9. +1 he should get the position!
  10. yo someone help us!
  11. Someone help us
  12. So eri_anne and I need someone to play our daughter in ropleplay. This is a Brief description. Name: Amelia Macdonough Age: 5 Race Human We have a skin already so if you are interested please contact me.
  13. Accepted Just Message Me or Eri_anne in Game!
  14. Jakub would sign the paper
  15. Jakub would vote for Wolf!