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  1. Accepted!
  2. =-0-= The Dog and The Crown Tavern -=-=- * Posters would hang around the city.* The Grand Opening of The Dog and The Crown Tavern is this Saints Day. All Drinks will be half off and we are hiring! Ask Jakub Macdonough for a job or fill out this quick sheet. Rp Name: Mc Name: Age: Have You Worked In A Tavern Before?: Why Do You Wish To Work For Us? We Wish To See You Soon!
  3. * A letter comes to all Tal'Azmar Residents.* Taxes are starting in the next two stone days. Signed, Dwan Grandaxe Steward of Tal'Azmar and Elder of the Grandaxe Clan and Clan Father of Grandaxe Clan and Steward of Tal'Azmar.
  4. Dwan says to Dwam "oi haven't seen ye in 100 years whot happended all t'ese years."
  5. Taxes will start in Tal'Amzar. Houses will have a tax of 50 mina if you are not a Grandaxe Clan memeber. If you are a clan memeber it is going to be 10 mina. Shops will have a tax of 75 mina including the initial buying price, Grandaxes will have no shop tax only a house tax. You can find the Tax Office by taking the lift in the bank. Signed, Dwan Grandaxe Steward of Tal'amzar and Clan Father of the Grandaxe Clan.
  6. Name: Dwan Grandaxe Race: Mountain Dwarf Age: 163 Professions: Lumberjack Blacksmith and Miner Why do you wish to join Red Urguan?: I need mina
  7. He would be an amazing gm +1
  8. He will be a good gm +1
  9. +1 he should get the position!
  10. Jakub would sign the paper
  11. MC Name: Doggedleader270 Character Name: Dwan Grandaxe Character Age: 150 Profession (See below): First: Blacksmith Second: to be deiced Appearance: Dwan is broad, muscular, and has ginger hair and has blue eyes Bloodline: Braveaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/-dwarf-skin-by-dasschmidda-/ Skype Name (If you have it): Doggedleader 270
  12. Jakub is proud of his contribution in Mylas Co.
  13. Yoppl is awesome! +1
  14. I have some feathers to sell
  15. Jakub puts another sign up. [not a surprise] It Reads: Have you ever needed cheap wood? Well Jakubian and Mylasian Co. Ltd have got you covered! Have you ever needed Horses,Donkeys, or Mules? We also got you covered! Just place in a order! Name: Race: Item/Items: Date needed by: If you need a job contact Mylas or Jakub! [ChumpChump][Doggedleader270]