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  1. I want this to be a thing, +1
  2. Iā€™m just happy to say Iā€™m your first subscriber
  3. YagaPooh


    Username: Yagami Outfit or Full skin: Full Urgency(when you need it) : Preferably this week, but no rush Race: Wood Elf Age:5 (I know) Description: A small brunet little elfess, with a grey dress. Her eyes glow brown. Basically surprise me me, honestly Iā€™d be happy with anything that looks like a child. Oh yeah, Alex model
  4. IGN: Yagami Discord: Yagami#3488 Time played on LoTC: Just over 2 years Reason for applying: 1. I'm already ET šŸ˜‰ 2. I enjoyed the event I helped with the other day, the thought of helping rp thrive made me happy. Experience with past events(s) I have run: I have built for many events and helped out with many more. I played a big tree thing in the spetember events
  5. Not to bad I must say, very well done šŸ˜„
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