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  1. infraction system aside, i just don’t think anyone should still be getting banned for 6 months for just ingame bullshit.

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    2. _Hexe_


      i don’t understand why the gms are forced to play by the rules all the time nowadays, there’s very obvious situations where it’s just wrong. do any of them ever question why they’re ending up banning people for such long durations?

    3. howard


      I mean the reason is that they put in this system to appease people who cried about “target bans” whenever anyone got punished for anything. It’s not a good system but it’s easy to understand why it’s there. Every ban follows the same shitty rules now so people don’t get to complain about unfair treatment.


      Breaking the raid rules is so trivial that you can do it on accident, though, and it really shouldn’t warrant a punishment unless it aggravates some other broken rule like no-RP killing. If someone dies in legitimate RP because someone else broke the raid rules, the most that should happen is items should get returned.

    4. simatra


      I feel like the rules should just slack overall. We are the biggest roleplay server, so we have many people that would mess around. This does not mean that they should get upset at a bit of meming, forgetfulness, or even a purposeful minor infraction.

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