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  1. [Denied]My return brings this GM App

  2. Why not play farfoolk, es nice.

    I agree,
  3. Lets be honest with ourselves, half the new players that join only read about 25 percent of the rules and dont really pay attention.
  4. I mean if he is new.. then his ban should be downed to two weeks.. I mean he is a noob, but half the people who join do this I have seen people do it to me, I even did it to other people while I was a noob and only got banned for a week..
  5. ask your self this, did he agreed to pvp? because if he didnt then its illegal that you just went up to him and pvpied him down
  6. firsts off, did you try to rp with him? because if you did the only way your allowed to down him by pvp is if he agreed to pvp or used DD, if he didnt and you just ran up to him and poped him without a reason inrp then thats called no rp killed aka pugsy
  7. Lol a norlander assassin
  8. Mine World Reset

    More XRAY tunnels To be made!
  9. [Builder] Dasdi's ET Builder Application

    1+ good builds
  10. I need a gm to please look at this

    too lazy

    [OOC] GOD GIVEN NAME: EdGoneRogue [IC] NAME:Kaleb [DISCORD] AVIARY: Dearmas#2410 FAVOURED DRINK!: Coca-cola,
  12. I have had this BR for about two weeks now and no gm has even wrote anything on the case, can a Gm please take care of it?
  13. Looking for a skin maker. I'll be paying up to 1500 for the skin depending on how fast and well made it is. You can look up at the gyazo to see an illustration but I want some things modified like no cape or sword from behind. Also I'm really just looking for the armor I already have a head so no need to make a head. But apart from all that, everything stays the same. You can contact me on discord if you have any question, or just an in-game pm. My discord is Dearmas2018#2710
  14. Quests from the King!

    I'll take this one alone if its possible?
  15. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    I hope I dont get 1 fps