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  1. Somewhere in the distance, a once skeptical ‘aheral peers up at the stars. ”I wonder how it is, that one rickety soul met on the steps of a dead city, can rise to such heights? Perhaps there was more fortitude to that soul than I let on. Hmph – ay’Larihei.”
  2. What I’m querying with the Aspects is not that they now have some sway over them. What I’m querying is that Dresdrasil, a great and powerful daemon, is asking nicely for the Aspects to look after her children. If you’re a mother, totally enraptured with the thought of protecting your children, you never ask for anything. You make it happen, because these are your babies, and they will be treated well, they will be looked after. EDIT: And on top of that, surely, being amongst them in the waters herself, she has no good reason to ask the Aspects for anything? What need has she of the Aspects help? She is with her children. She is all the protection they could ever need. You can use whatever would help you, of course.
  3. The realm you have created for her is a city. Why does she live in a city, the antithesis of all that is beastial, all that is natural? What fish, live in cities? Surely it should be a massive coral reef or a light devouring ocean trench? Two of the images you give of her, are human. Only one is of her beastial form. Firstly, surely her beastial form should be at the top – she is the mother of sealife. That is her prime domain, her prime focus. Secondly, why does she have a human form at all? What possible reason could she have to care about a mortal following? When the original Sea Witch lore was written, it was Nerea who reached out to Men, not Dresdrasil herself. I am aware that Nerea is a result of Dresdrasil’s meddling with Men, but, she is the only one. “A brief but impassioned love”. Whatever happened between her and that elf man, Dresdrasil did not deem to stay. Dresdrasil is followed by her sea-dwelling children. There is no reason for her to have any interest in Men, or perhaps more specifically, any more interest in them now. She’s had her dalliances with them. You even talk about her being ‘bored’, that being the main reason for her falling into the mortal plane. She is a timeless entity. A goddess. Why is she ‘bored’? Surely, she is fervently interested in being with her children. Surely, she is driven totally mad by some inescapable desire to be here, in the seas. Deciding to fall because “you’re bored” is just... so human. So unimportant. Why is she “asking” the Aspects to look after her children? You don’t ask others nicely to look after what you believe to be the most important thing in the world, perhaps even the truth of all the world. You tell them to, you command them to, because if you don’t – you’re a DAEMON, you show up, and you pass divine judgement on these fools for not finding importance in what your entire existence is about.
  4. Our argument is not that what you have created is illogical or wrong. Sure, you can take Dresdrasil, and through writing up more background for her you can finangle her into just about any hole you want. Just as you can with any deity. Neither my nor Dingo’s criticism was that you’ve created something that doesn’t make sense – it’s just that what you’ve created, isn’t really the original vision for Dresdrasil. In fact, it’s so far outside of what was intended for her, that it may as well not be her at all. You have, as Dingo said, humanised her, when she was never intended to be human.
  5. Dresdrasil was considered to have filled the sea’s with life when she was created, certainly by the lore writer. There is no reason that patron Mani could not have come along later to shepherd and protect these many species. But that’s besides the point, all I mean to say is that certainly when Dresdrasil was written, she was considered to be the creator of all sea-life. What is done with this information, I really don’t mind, but that was the original intention.
  6. Whilst the deity post itself may have been short, Dresdrasil had a place in the mad machinations of Xionism. She was a symbol of something other than this, which Dingo puts perfectly. She is not meant to be this cookie-cutter sea goddess. If this was some new deity, I wouldn’t have an issue, but this treads on the age old problem of taking someone else’s work and turning it into something it’s not. You either have to respect the source material, or leave other people’s work well enough alone.
  7. Adding onto the above, you could honestly build on this to create a whole slew of body modification/enhancement stuff if you were working it into a full on rewrite. Might be a better idea.
  8. Tennallar

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: Infortunii )) ((Discord: You got it. )) ((Timezone: GMT )) RP What is your name? : Ithemar Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? : To further this gathering of magician’s, to further myself, and to further the realm. Llyria is my home. What is the extent of your experience with magic? : I have studied Arcanism for some years now, and have just come into the tutelage of Arch-mage Steven, who now teaches me Transfiguration. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? : I was taught Arcanism by a fellow now forgotten, and Transfiguration by Arch-mage Steven. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? : Sorcerer What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? : Arcane Master When is the best time to contact you for an interview? : I am often free, one need only send for me by bird.
  9. Somewhere, an elf smiles a silvery smile. ”ay’Larihei.”
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