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  1. Tentoa

    [✓] [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

  2. Tentoa

    [✗] Infernic Castors; Firearms

    Some of you are alright, don't come to LoTC tomorrow +1
  3. Tentoa

    [✗] [V2] The Burden of the Wardens

  4. Tentoa

    [Accepted] [MT] Kizumachan's Magic team app!

    You wouldn't even READ the dark shamanism post before you started complaining about it. -1
  5. Tentoa

    [Denied]AfricanGlasses' GM Application

    I hit a block rebuilding Veris and literally collapsed an entire island you left hollow with sand above it. We almost crashed the server and caused a 20+ SECOND (Not MS, straight up seconds) lag spike on asul because you half-assed it unaware that hollow builds add to lag. So if you moderate like you build, -1.
  6. Tentoa

    Zarsies' Biased LM Application

    I guess. +1 Ah what the hell?
  7. 1. What is the name of your nation / group? What kind of culture do they have? How long have they existed (in real-life time)? Devirad, about 4 Irl weeks 2. What land do you currently own? List all regions. Devirad, Devirad_docks 3. What will your capital region be? Please list the Worldguard region name as well as the RP name of the settlement. Devirad (Devirad and Devirad docks) 3. Please link accepted land charter applications below. 4. What are your goals for nation status? This can be anything - remember, this is a hidden sub-forum. Your intentions and goals will not be publicly known. To expand into a greater city, establish military outposts within the nearby wilderness and gain room for agriculture and housing. 5. Approximately how many members are in your group? How many of them are actively playing? Be honest! If I were to visit your capital city on any given day and at any given time, how many people could I expect to see? How about during peak hours? And what about during the "dead" hours?: 20-30 people are active within Devirad during peak hours, only about 5-10 during the dead of night and in total we've about 35ish people. 6. Who will be leading your nation as nation lead / king / etc.? Please list both MC and RP names. King Malineer Dralguna/Saltygoblin
  8. Tentoa

    The Brotherhood of the Golden Lion

    Malineer and Varron exchange words over the missive.
  9. Tentoa

    Dev Update: Persona Skins

    Ah, mature my dude. Your scalding words have shown me the light, adding small features like skin-changes in exchange for hundreds of my dollars, which I may or may not have worked for hours to produce is totally legit. Pay-to-win and absurd price gouging is just fine, nevermind that the highest donater tier was bedrock at one point and they stripped pex away from that and diamond in order to make Aether and ender more valuable.
  10. Tentoa

    Dev Update: Persona Skins

    If I didn't need to pay this would be available to a much lower tier. Nexus wouldnt' cost 10$ to transfer experience nor would it take a full week and a half of non-stop grinding to get that high. 200$ USD for this is unacceptable, for the price of four persona slots I could buy a PS4 used.
  11. Tentoa

    Dev Update: Persona Skins

    You expect me to pay 100 more dollars to avoid logging out and changing a skin, an action that requires only about ten seconds of my time. 10 per second. U WOT?
  12. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Sea Charter Island: Tahn Point A: Tahn docks Exact co-ordinates of Point A: N/A Point B: Devirad Exact co-ordinates of Point B: x: 3476 y: 64 z: 2
  13. Tentoa

    Your View: Magic Part 2

    I mean Its not, those are just items regular alteration can make, not artifacts. A good Artifact is something like the spell forge, where you can create specific spell-effects such as the animation spell and mana-sight spells. The Former of which allowing you to give artifical sentience to magic-fueled automatons. Essentially making small butlers or cool little fish monsters.
  14. Tentoa

    Your View: Magic Part 2

    Those artifacts are...Literally just weak evocations, any mage can do that. On top of that, The Atronach can only be used in events and the other two aren't even accepted.