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  1. no. for the most part they just exist as something ET, LT, or anyone can build off of for whatever they wish to do. want to run an event? go for it. writing up a magic where you worship a small pantheon of void-aengudaemon gods? go for it. edit: ill throw a ‘purpose’ section at the bottom so there is any confusion
  2. The Chthalium ‘The Profane Children of Heaven’ (Artwork by Peter Mohrbachr) “There is no greater torment than restraint. Give into your passion, and you will be free.” - Seiszar, the Child of Forbidden Passions Origins - The Unholy Union Of our Hallowed Maker we were conceived, His divine Children of the Heavens. The Aengudaemon. From him, we were born into this beautiful creation, & we praised our Glorious Father for his greatness. Though glorification for our Maker was nigh endless, amongst us were the apocryphal. They, who had not yet forsaken praise for our Creator, but wished to envisage their own divinely children - like their Holy Father. The majority of these Apocryphal Children sought out the Mortals of Terra, bearing Mortals gifted with Ichor, better known as the ‘blood of gods’. Yet, there were the few who did not consign themselves to Mortal chains. These Holy Children of our Great Maker became known as the Abominable, for they sired & bore unholy children with only the most foul of emanations. Beings of the Void, & brought forth the Abominations. The Chthalium. Not only did these select few Aengudaemon make a mockery of our Merciful Father, but also betrayed His own Creation. For the children they brought forth were corrupted & malformed, mere shadows compared to the great prowess of the Aengudaemon. When their presence became known by the Heavens, they were slaughtered in droves. Their cries & screams echoed across the cosm, as the immature offspring of the Abominable were felled in droves. Foul blood of murdered half-Voidborne children splattered across realms, split bodies falling onto Aos. It became known as the Massacre of Anathema, forever scaring realms with the torn corpses of these vile children. They fell like gleaming meteorites, their bodies becoming stone as they fell from the Heavens. For a time, the Heavens were quiet. Many of the Abominable Children were cast forth, rejected and shunned by their kin, but this was not the end of the Chthalium. For the Chthalium were the offspring of Aengudaemon and Voidborne, whose powers were near or above those of their Suitors. Thus, the vile children or Deific and Void-nature were capable beings, gifted with powers similar to that of their parents. However, they were not immortal and were bound to material forms, particularly vulnerable to other Aengudaemonic and Voidal beings that detested them. With no realms of their own and powers too weak to fend off foes, many fled to the one place few would dare tread without good reason, Aos. Description - The Estranged Kin The Chthalium are strange beings with few similarities between one another. The wide range of variance is a result of the many different partnerships that transpired between the Aengudaemon and the Voidborne. Factors such as deific affiliation, Aengul or Daemon, and the type of Voidborne, having a much wider girth in variety, such as Arch-Horrors, Malignant ot Benevolent Behemoths, and Greater Abominations. Each child was unique in its own right, but their similarities are easily notable. All of the Chthalium are humanoid, having either distinctly maculine or femenine traits - which descend from the Aengudaemon. They were tall and mighty compared to the majority of mortal beings, but their physical strength and stature did not make them so alien. Many had wings, though none too angelic, and none quite the same as another. Once again, they were all quite different. Thus, it is hard to describe what the Chthalium look like when there are few if any individuals that appear remotely the same. If one attempted, they'd have to summarize a description of these odd kin with the following - some had horns, some didn't; some had fangs, some didn't; some had clothes, some didn't; some had eyes, some didn't; some had skin, some didn't, and some had hair, whilst others did not. The most peculiar trait of the Chthalium is their state of mind, almost always cautious and skeptical of their surroundings. From the start of their bloody origins, the Chthalium have always been slightly fearful of poor interactions with whomever they may attempt to relate with. More often than not they are more likely to lie or deceive those they choose to interact with, only ever developing trust of other Chthalium or creatures after long bouts of conversation. However, they have a fondness towards the life of Mortals, such as watching Men and Elves go about their daily lives. Such interest has developed some Chthalium to name themselves and pursue traits or concepts as life-long goals. Capabilities - Blood of Ancients The Chthalium, unlike their unruly parents, have no realms to reside in to safeguard themselves, nor are they relatively immortal. If anything, the Chthalium are the most Mortal beings of the Heavens, and lack the many capabilities most Aengudaemon do. They’ve no ability to travel from Realm to Realm like the Aengudaemon, with the exception of physically attempting to travel to such. They are frail and weak children of near omnipotent beings. Though, some tend to exhibit slight capabilities in odd, foreign magics, while others have a natural affinity to commonly known magics, such as Transfiguration, Arcanism, Blood Magic, Necromancy, and Mysticism, these are only a few examples. And given their Aengudaemonic heritage, some even have influence over the territories of other Aengudaemon, though not relying on that deities power to fuel their spellcasting. Sometimes, the Chthalium may even form pacts or bonds with lesser creatures and Descendants, granting them power in exchange for servitude or offerings. Some powers may be temporary, whilst others are permanent effects. Though these powers are not so easily gained, as the act of forming bonds is highly taxing. This is quite rare, as a great amount of dedication is required of the Chthalium and whoever receives the bond. The physical capabilities of Chthalium can surely be said to be of note, though they are not the most physically strong creature to wander the Mortal Realm, but that does not invalidate their potent potential. Easily able to tear a Man in two with their bare hands, but that may even fluctuate depending on the build of the Chthalium. Their fortitude is also said to be of note, varying depending on their own physical traits, such as either having a strong exoskeleton, scales, or soft tender flesh. Purpose Aight, so. Chthalium aren't creatures that can normally be played, they're Story creatures which can be used for world building, event writing, or building lore off of them. There a little special, being the offspring of Void and Aengudaemonic beings, but that's mostly as far as it goes.
  3. “Purpose.” A metal creature hisses.
  4. "The Canon is a vile faith built upon lust and forgiveness; forgiving their own lack of fortitude. Those weak of mind are easily persuaded to convert, as the road which goes downhill is an easier stretch to walk than the one which goes up. For weak men wish to ease their own burdens and tell themselves that their un-virtuous behavior is forgiven, and dare not face what torment lies ahead for their transgressions against which is right and just. The Canon God is a weak God, who forgives every error in word and not in action, a God who is merely a figment of imagination. An idea to ease the restless thoughts of restless Men who know they have sinned." Ellenore comments.
  5. 200 minas, dude you need to up that to 1000 minas man, not to be greedy, simply because the economy is so inflated that people have metric tons of mina. i think there is currently like 15 mil in circulation last i heard. edit: also nice groot and trash panda edit: good marketing strategies, go to elf communities like aegrothond, haelunor, sutica, etc. those ppl buy art like its food
  6. Been on Staff too long. I'm making my departure. I apologize to everyone who I've caused unneeded stress or harm, hope you all are doing good. 👍

    1. Braxis


      Best of luck o/

  7. The Magegold Arcaurum “A ward against the most foul of vices.” - A Canonist Priest Arcaurum, the gold of Magi and the deceit of the fool, but most commonly referred to as ‘Foolsgold’ but the common folk. It is widely known for its strikingly similar appearance to Aurum and rampant counterfeit in Asulon, subsequently causing Descendants to utilize promissory notes and precious stones. Arcaurum Ore(Raw) Arcaurum, unlike Aurum, is a common metal that is mostly found in damp, wet environments, such as beaches, caves, swamps, etc. It is a very hard ore that is comparable in weight to iron and is particularly brittle, easily broken by being dropped from waist height. Arcaurum is mostly found as a pale-gold ore, but sometimes can be darker yellows or having hues of grey. Regardless of mineral content within Arcaurum, it is an ignitable material that may potentially create sparks if scraped against something harder than itself. Only to add onto the list of differences, Arcaurum does not form into lumpy veins like gold, but instead as cubical crystal structures that appear nearly flawless. Harvesting Method Foolsgold is not a particularly strenuous metal to harvest, a pick is a sure enough tool as any to harvest it. However, one might want to take into account the fragility of Foolsgold, as a pick may cause undue harm to the metal itself. Arcaurum(Refined) Even more things to include on the list of things that part Arcaurum from Aurum - Arcaurum is not able to be refined in a practical sense. Arcaurum is an odd material, the heat from a forge causes it to ‘decompose’ and turn into iron. If this is some sort of mundane or magical process, it is unclear, it is just known that the heating of Arcaurum is likely a good enough way of entirely ruining the metal. With that said, Arcaurum for the most part is a refined material, every chunk of it is continuously pure Arcaurum and nothing else. Of course, it may be found embedded in a rock, but surely some are capable of removing such stoney materials from the desired gold-like metal. Just as it is when it is not ‘refined’, Arcaurum is a hard and brittle material. It has some similarities to gold when it comes to its sheen and color, but its sparking properties are far from gold’s unreactive nature. The most unique property of Arcaurum would have to be its unnatural magical affinity to enchantment, particularly enchantments that involve the Soul. Magi are able to create enchantments that are far beyond the norm of other materials such as gold, iron, steel, stones, etc, and these enchantments are more aligned towards ritualistic abilities. With that said, Arcaurum is only known for its widespread use in the creation of constructed creatures like golems and animati. Red Lines -The sparking properties of Arcaurum are comparable to flint and steel. Applications Arcaurum, or magegold, is a hard and brittle material easily broken by falls from short heights and strikes by harder objects, making it entirely impractical as a combative tool. However, Arcaurum may finds its uses directed towards the uses of Magi. Refining Method There is no mundane method to ‘refine’ Arcaurum. Though, one is able to take a chunk of Arcaurum and shape it with a chisel as they will. Redlines -The sparking properties of Arcaurum are comparable to flint and steel. Purpose Arcaurum, better known as Magegold and Foolsgold, is a metal that has been on LotC for quite some time and is used for most enchantments and constructs that use the functions of Souls. Here, it is merely being rewritten to iron it out and add some more flavor into it which it was previously lacking. I’ve also included some elements of real life Foolsgold and added some fantastical elements to it. I give credit to Benbo and Squak, being two people who have written Magegold Lore(or its replacement).
  8. The Blessed Metal Aurum - Gold “The lust of a maiden finds no hold on a dwarf of the mountain, where else he might find gold.” - An Urguanite Dwarf Aurum, the name ancient Men gave to what is nowadays commonly referred to as ‘Gold’. It is widely considered a precious metal because of its innate beauty and lustrous appearance. It does not rust, nor corrodes, unblemished by countless aeons. Aurum Ore(Raw) Aurum is a rare metal that can be found in most places, regardless of environment. From mountain streams, river valleys, verdant plains, and silent forests. It is a particularly soft ore, but its apparent fragility is not an indicator of how much it might weigh, as Gold weighs a little over thrice as much as Iron, and gives no ground. It is mostly found to be formed in veins and large, spherical lumps. Even while in a rather crude and unrefined state, this precious metal retains much of its beauty and is a reddish-yellow. Though, Gold is so particularly unique in its color, that the word Gold is often used to describe the color of other objects. Harvesting Method Gold is not a particularly strenuous metal to harvest, a pick is a sure enough tool as any to harvest it. However, one might want to take into account the weight of gold, which is likely the greatest hindrance this valuable metal poses. Aurum(Refined) Refined Gold finds itself to have few differences between itself and its own unrefined state, save for the impurities in the metal that may cause slight discoloration. Refined Aurum typically has a bright, lustrous appearance that quite easily reflects light, letting it have a mirror finish if polished. Its reddish-yellow color has only been amplified, something unique amongst other colors commonly found in nature. Its soft nature commonly results in Gold finding itself alloyed with other metals such as copper and nickel. This allows the precious metal to have some practical use in jewelry, coining, weights, and other fashionable crafts. Even though Gold is a particularly useless metal if one has a furiously pragmatic view, there is one entirely unique property of the gleaming metal. Aurum, for reasons unknown, contains potent magical properties that affect creatures whose bodies and forms are ‘unnatural’. For example, necrotic and spectral undead, whose bodies are bound to the Mortal Realm by dastardly magic and foul designs, find themselves harmed by Gold. Another example would be the abominable Void creatures, whose bodies are made of nothing more than mana. They find their binds to the Mortal Realm severed when they are severed by a sword of gold. Aurum may even find use as dust or plates set upon the ground, as weaker spectral creatures such as ‘ghosts’ would find themselves unable to move across it - even if floating. To add on, Magi also find much use in Aurum, as it is typically more receptive to enchantment than most other mundane materials like iron, steel, stone, etc. Red Lines -Aurum finds itself to be more useful against undead and the like, when in greater quantities. A Steel sword plated with Gold is not nearly as effective compared to a sword made entirely of Gold. It is most common for undead and spectral creatures to feel a burning sensation, like that of a small campfire. -Aurum has these effects whilst even as an Ore, though not to as great an extent. -It is up to the lore writer of an undead creature to adhere to these general rules of Aurum, this is merely the minimum and may be expanded upon at will. -Aurum is more receptive to enchantment, but this is left vague for lore writers to add onto at their own desire. Applications Aurum, or Gold, is a heavy and soft metal, easily dented by being struck against harder objects such as stone or Steel. It also has particularly useful properties against fouler creatures, such as undead. Take this as you will, and do whatever you wish with it - as long as it adheres to what has been told. Refining Method Aurum has no required methodology to refine, as one is capable of refining Aurum in whichever way he may wish, as long as enough heat is applied to actually melt the metal. A furnace capable of melting Steel is easily capable of melting Gold. Redlines -Aurum finds itself to be more useful against undead and the like, when in greater quantities. A Steel sword plated with Gold is not nearly as effective compared to a sword made entirely of Gold. It is most common for undead and spectral creatures to feel a burning sensation, like that of a small campfire. -Aurum has these effects whilst even as an Ore, though not to as great an extent. -It is up to the lore writer of an undead creature to adhere to these general rules of Aurum, this is merely the minimum and may be expanded upon at will. -Aurum is more receptive to enchantment, but this is left vague for lore writers to add onto at their own desire. Purpose Aurum - Gold, is a widely used metal on LotC is an extremely common tool for fighting the undead, the spectral, the voidal, and whatever other foul creatures that come out of the Dark. Here, it is merely being rewritten in an effort to actually bring real life ‘gold lore’ into the game for players to understand better, as there is no need for people to look to wikipedia to find out how to RP gold, unless one truly wishes to understand the intricacies of gold. I give credit to Benbo and Squak, being two people who have written Gold Lore.
  9. If it hurts your soul a bit more, the original island that Helena flattened had a massive hill on one side that slowly slopped up to a flat top and then a large lowland area at its base. Would've been cool to see the island itself used and not just a box placed on top of it.
  10. The server doesn't have a theme what are literally all of you talking about. There is no justification for anything that exists on LotC to exist with the exception of some of the more ingrained things such as Aengudaemon, Eos, Aos, the Four Brothers, etc. Everything on this server lore-wise is inconsistent af and literally terrible writing. How does it make sense that people are able to acquire power from the literal embodiment of chaos and universal destruction with the only negative side-effects(the only effects at all) being ‘bodily-weakness’, which many have started to think is sort of redundant, given that few if any other magic actually makes people physically weak. Stop crying about ‘my theme’, ‘my immersion’, when none of it actually exists. Magics being added or removed – Technology being added or removed, will not change the theme of this themeless server.
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