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  1. That’s pretty good! Maybe you should try more building? The Orc Nation does seek goo builders indeed.
  2. Best. Ox. Goblin. Ever.
  3. Today, Sunday, we having an Engineer Festival OxCon, come participate in the contest and wiv 5k minas!
    Lots of minigames and more!


  4. Looking for someone to play two Goblin kids.
    Tiny green boy and a girl.
    Msg if interested: BEZERKER#2703

    1. Remyy


      Shot you a PM

    2. Demotheus


      Some ONE to play TWO goblin kids!?!? ?

  5. I’m bringing my goblin clan Ox back.
    Who wants to play tiny naughty gobbo?


    Edited by Rip and Tear
  6. “RINA-EDITH. WROTE. IT. FOR. ORYM.” the stone lad would slowly throws it down the mailbox. “ORYM. BE. GOOD.”
  7. drop yo info there BEZERKER #2703
  8. My old Golem application seems to be gone.
    I thought of bringing back my persona back from early vailor. 
    What do I do though?

    Edited by Rip and Tear
    1. Luminaire


      You’re best of speaking to the lore section of the story team, as they are the ones handling CA’s and MA’s, they should be able to help you out with this!

    2. JokerLow


      you should

  9. looking for a child character to adopt them
    no matter of race or gender

    msg me at BEZERKER#2703

  10. A goblin mobster grunts "Wagwan, Rastamonz. Mi da Danzkter of Golin'Dar, count mi in" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pROPMG471GQ
  11. omae wa mou sirentu frendu

  12. Something that happens only with LOTC community

  13. Xoatol playable race when?!?


    I demand admin team to pillow fight me


    1. Kaldwin_


      xoatol are actually a retarded idea.

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