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  1. That’s pretty good! Maybe you should try more building? The Orc Nation does seek goo builders indeed.
  2. Best. Ox. Goblin. Ever.
  3. Today, Sunday, we having an Engineer Festival OxCon, come participate in the contest and wiv 5k minas!
    Lots of minigames and more!


  4. "Ah yes, the only weakness of clan Shrogo" the old goblin geezer eats his healthy cereals with an ugly grin upon his face.
  5. The tricky goblin manipulator of old age rubs his tiny hands together "Yub-yubz, all ez goin' to plan!"
  6. [!] A flyer nailed upon local taverns and boards of many descendant settlements, which reads in bright flamboyan colors. OxCon is a convention held at Fort Ox, in Krugmar. It is a time for the Ox clan members and all of the world's engineers to show their skills and talents when it comes to making machines both big and small. The Ox clan would like to invite everyone to the event, to come take a look at all the creations, and maybe even take part in the contest and festivities, as well as goof around and have an enjoyable carefree time. The convention will be held at Sunday, 5 pm EST / 9 pm GMT. The scene for the Convention, some can try and tell about their concepts During OxCon every engineer around can have an opportunity to enter a contest of wit and skill. The contest is a simple show and tell, in which those who enter can show off their own designs and creations to judges, those with the best design can have a chance to win big cash and other interesting items that may peek the attention of the talented collection of people who attend. Winners gain 5,000 minas in funds as well as a small item to prove that you’re a talented and inspiring creator. The Jury would be held by Rex, Dominus, Tekgoth and two more volunteers. The water-mill powered auto-hammer Maybe engineering isn’t your thing and you’re not the greatest tinker, have no fear, OxCon holds more than just a get together for tinkers and engineers. Stalls can be set up and used by anyone willing or wanting to sell off their interesting items, even spending on the local shops is advised, if shopping or setting up a shop is also not for you, well we all know and love the enjoyable sport of social drinking, make new friends and be served drinks imported from around Arcas. You would also may find yourself interested in goblin gambling machines, the many minigames and so on. The entrance of the said event The goblin Ox Fort rests on a hill just infront of the orcish capital San’Azgak, but fear not, during the event, no hostile actions would be done towards the many races of Arcas or citizens of friendly, neutral, or enemy nations aslong as you bring a mind willing to share it’s contents. Feel free to travel there by taking the road from Clould Temple to Krugmar, then before reaching the Orc Nation, take a narrow path towards the big green building, with lots of cranes hanging from its walls. See you there, friend! OOC: Contact BEZERKER#2703 if you want participate in the contest with your invention. Anything can be the contest item, as long, as it’s top notch enough for the picky goblin jury. - Many thanks to Livviez for helping with this post, and Gallic with taking these screens
  7. The young, The Uniter, The Altruist [!] As you approach the orcish city of San’Azgak, you’d find yourself getting towered by a huge sandstone statue of a red Uruk bearing a red banner. It appears to be a piece of a delicate goblin stonework. Masoned with tiny hands, The Behemoth rests himself on a single knee, supporing itself with a banner pole, seemingly having trouble to handle the weight of the whole war nation. Its stone muscles tense, and its strong legs pierce the stone pedestal. The harsh beard made of stone puffs from under its chin, its tusks are made of Raguk Myrzym’s bones and finely chinseled with clan’s symbols. Surely, this artwork was made with love and respect to The Last Raguk. The signs on the pedestal would state “A Tribute to Skalp’Raguk, from Clan Ox”, the following signs would list the titles “The young, The Uniter, The Altruist”. Truly is, Skalp was The Youngest Rex, The Uniter of Nations and The Altruist of Self-Sacrificing. The statue of Skalp bravely gazing up in the sky, probably meeting eyes with Skalp’Raguk himself, peering down from the Stargush’Stroh at the glorious Ox goblin tribute. - Glory to Spirits, Glory to Skalp
  8. “I juzt wait for da day, wehn Bruddaz can go to Hoomanz wiffout ‘em ballz bein’ grabbed, iz dat too much I plea?” says the old goblin Shaman
  9. Two short green figures would be seen through the window of an Ox Fort tower. They’re seemingly overseeing the Goi of San’Azgak, discussing on some topic. Two goblins, one of old, and one of youth. - “I would never forget their scream. The whole Tuk district was turned into a slaughterhouse…” sighs the old one - “It was long time ago, Snawt, and you still want to revenge?” exclaims the younger goblin - “No… no, the time has passed. But I would never forgive clan Lak for their deeds.” The old goblin would bang the table, glancing at the spiers of orcish capital. - “The whole city is in my sight… in my hands. If the war with dwarves turns this place in ruins, I can always hide my goblins here, in Ox Fort.” grunts the goblin of old - “Exactly, we are in war! If you go against Lak clan now, it would kill us both.” the young one shakes his head. - “I know… I know. That’s why I develop my clan, gathering every good goblin around to help our mission. It is us, to create new devices for our nation, without a fear of being slaughtered by own brothers…” - “That is good. There’s no need of more goblins dying.” The old one huffs, shaking his head. He unclips a sharpened bone from his shaman belt. He would use the bone knife to cut his palm open. - “You never heard this talk, right Vrig? Ox and Shrogo shouldn’t be enemies, but friends and brothers. We shall bound in blood. No headbutting, we’re not some kind of grunts to break our skulls, innit?” says Snawt’Ox handing the bone knife to other goblin - “Yes, I never liked the headbutting anyways. Let our clans stay strong…” Vrig’Shrogo says and cuts his palm open. He would grasp his bleeding hand into Snawt’s and shake it. Vrig and Snawt shaking hands in agreement. The alliance of goblin clans begins.
  10. Looking for someone to play two Goblin kids.
    Tiny green boy and a girl.
    Msg if interested: BEZERKER#2703

    1. Renz


      Shot you a PM

    2. Demotheus


      Some ONE to play TWO goblin kids!?!? ?

  11. Golin’Twa, the Ox dialect. This one list is for a guidance purpose, only for those, who play an Ox Goblin. This can not be known in RP until learned via other Ox goblins. Basics: Golin’Dar – Goblin Homeland Ug-gie - Hello Wagwan - Greetings / What’s Going On? Walkie - Good Bye Finna - Going To (Finna Fishing etc) Wud – To Cook, a Chef Gaffle - To Steal (Finna Gaffle etc) Okie-dokie - Yes, with pleasure Mon - Friend Shekelz - Minas Zhakin’ - Happenings/Going on (What’s Zhakin’ etc) Rankings: Big Bozz – Goblin Lord Zteambozz – Head Engineer Dankzter – Goblin Criminal Puzzla – Engineer/Trader Hitgobo – Goblin Assasisin Gaffla – Thief, Rogue Racial/Nouns: Gobbo, Gobzter, Gobling – Goblin Oxie – Ox Goblin Grunt – Orc Pudge – Olog Hoomie - Human Tinkan - Knight / Armored Person Dorf - Dwarf Elfski - Elf Nixi - Dark Elf Pixi - Wood Elf Tixi - High Elf Mixi - Mixed Race Elf Edgy **** – Snow Elf Teeni - Halfling Kitty-Kat - Kharajyr Khastrate - Bad Kharajyr Ztoneman - Construct Zhomo - Shaman Mojoman - Mage (any) Olyman - Holy Mage Zhadowman - Dark Mage Misc: Lezbomanzer - Female whom into their own gender Backbro - Male whom into their own gender Finda - Detective Grizzle - Weed / Pot / Cactus Green Grizzled -Stoned / Beaten Up Supra - Prefix meaning above Glitzy - Something Shiny Goomah – Lifemate Laktard - Disabled person Shoota – Bow / Crossbow / Launcher Choppa – Blade / Axe Boom-boomz – Explosives Adjectives: Beevy - Large / Impressive / Muscular (Though Sometimes Obese) Cheeze – Small / Unimpressive / Weak Puzzla - Intelligent / Insightful Zkrambla - Untelligent / Absent Minded Dragga - Furious / Angry (to be updated) Join Ox Clan!
  12. I’m bringing my goblin clan Ox back.
    Who wants to play tiny naughty gobbo?


    Edited by Rip and Tear
  13. “RINA-EDITH. WROTE. IT. FOR. ORYM.” the stone lad would slowly throws it down the mailbox. “ORYM. BE. GOOD.”
  14. Rip and Tear

    Skin Request

    drop yo info there BEZERKER #2703
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