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  1. Fahad smiles at the missive as he continued his walk in the new settlement
  2. Ct best team and congrats @Amelica. I'm big proud
  3. Fahad looked at the now lifeless body before him as a tear rolled down his cheek "You shall be missed, friend”
  4. Fahad nodded in approvement with the missive, a smile resting on his lips
  5. Buying PvP goons with cookies

    1. mazok_is_robertgoodwill


      @Mazok can help you out, he’s robert goodwill



      [i mean remington]

  6. Fahad smiles at the invitation, looking out from the Palace’s windows. “It shall be my honor to attend.”
  7. Pfft Qali Farfolks have been around so long and we don’t get no love
  8. Fahad smiles at the invitation as he nodded in approval “I must find something nice to wear!”
  9. Fahad Al-Nabeel smiled as he welcomed the people of Vitenna into The Sultanate!
  10. Fahad stood at his balcony staring into the horizon watching at the desert sun descended, a paper resting on a table beside him. The Farfolk Prince would remember the wonderful moments shared with the dwarven Princess. “You shall be missed”
  11. Fahad watched as his uncle signed his name, a smile appearing on his face
  12. Fahad nodded in approval of the missive before walking off to tend to his family
  13. Fahad Al-Nabeel smiles warmly at the victory of the brave soldiers of The Sultanate “Allah has blessed us with victory!”
  14. @planttyy Hey! Feel free to contact the same person I mentioned in my previous comment on discord!
  15. Hello! How’s it going? Please contact Lyonharted#0001 on discord! They will help you out regarding this!
  16. I’m a PvP goon... I should probably attend these sessions to change my ways - Good Job, guys!
  17. Beautiful! I feel like this is something everyone needs to read. Good Work, Muffins!
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    Changed Status to open
  19. @Zacho is my favorite moderator 

  20. Fahad would emit a soft chuckle as he took a seat besides her, The Farfolk Prince closing his eyes as she kissed his cheek “Are you sure it’s such a wise decision to trust me with cookies? I might just eat them!” Fahad responded as he teased her but would soon after copy her actions
  21. Fahad Al-Nabeel glanced over to his beloved wife with a smile “Please don’t overwork, my dear. You are carrying our child! I shall prepare, just tell me what I should do!”
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