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  1. Server Rules Rewrite

    This is a fantastic change. Especially the War & Raid rules :)
  2. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

    They have, and I added a clause to let people know in case they didn't. To me, dynamic & good RP isn't always RP I've previously consented to, especially in the case of villainy. My logic on allowing 4 is, currently if you lose every single time to 4 people, and are raided on the dot you can only be lawless attacked every 1.5 hours out of 48. And if you defend successfully, you get every 1.5 hours out of 120 hours. That cannot interrupt your RP all that much, especially given the fact there are countless ways to avoid even that. Build raid tunnels, bunkers, barricades and when raiders come go hide behind incessant amounts of iron doors, get a guard force, pay for one, make peace with the raiders etc.
  3. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

    idea: maybe implement trial periods with higher/lower caps and take community feedback on actual events rather than individually perceived assumptions
  4. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

    I've tried to clearly define / rework things so if they need to be changed again it's more simple. Whether that be adjusting caps, times, etc.
  5. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

    Not entirely sold on your definition 100% as far as wording, but as far as specifying it better / including your specific clauses I'm down 100%. Expect in the next feedback to see some changes there, thanks!
  6. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

    I suggested in the last thread, 8+ off a settlement, and 12+ on a settlement or something like that, but that'll require a lot more effort/thought/feedback before it gets materialized. For now, I'm just discussing raid rules.
  7. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

    - Alright, after 100+ responses and pages upon pages of feedback I've re-drafted the proposed new Raid Rules, again. This version is a little different than the last time, as these changes I've made on my own accord, I don't believe I even shared them with anyone but the Administrator who gave me the "OK" for this post. I've done my best to lower caps & simplify things, as they have been suggested to be adjusted by a large portion of the community. Please try to keep the feedback focused to the topic at hand, thanks! - Raid Rules: The following assemblage of rules characterize the proper regulations regarding “raids.” On LOTC raids can be defined as, “a group of individuals performing either premeditated/spontaneous villainous RP (roleplay) on or in the vicinity of a settlement.” Intentional loop-holing, or attempts to remain playfully ignorant of these rules depending on the severity of the offense will result in either prohibiting the raid entirely, voiding it, or villainy blacklists being given to member(s) of the raiding party. General Any attempt to camp the edge of a territory in order to draw people out, or block people from entry for the sole purpose to perform villainous RP (often referred to as “raid-baiting) may not be done with an active raid cooldown, or for more than one hour a day without a cooldown. Camping roads leading from a FT (Fast Travel) to a settlement with the sole intent to perform villainous RP is allowed until the actual roleplay occurs, after which the villains must leave for a minimum of 2 hours. FT’s between Isles using boats are allowed, however FT carts owned by players may not be used. Two Party Consent Clause: The majority of the rules present within this document may be negated if both parties consent with proper conventions. For example, the owner of a FT cart may place a sign explicitly allowing raiders to pass through or if during a raid if the primary region owner consents, raiders may raid with an increased number. Lawless Raiding: Lawless raiding is defined as players killing, robbing or causing chaos within a settlement. This type of raid is restricted to 2 - 4 players. The raiding party is given 30 minutes to start conflict within the settlement or they will be forced to leave. If conflict is initiated, they have an hour to finish it meaning the maximum time on a raid is 1.5 hours. In times of war, lawless raiding is replaced by war raids with 2 - 12 players. War raids require an approved warclaim post, and express permission from a War Team GM. Lawful Raiding: Lawful raiding is defined as players attempting to rescue an individual from within a settlement or counter-raiding which is responding to a settlement being raided by in turn raiding the settlement owned by the initial attacking party.. This type of raid is restricted to 2 - 12 players. The raiding party have 1 hour to rescue the captive and are allowed to use TNT / ladders as needed. The raiding party is given 30 minutes to start conflict within the settlement or they will be forced to leave. If conflict is initiated, they have an hour to finish it meaning the maximum time on a raid is 1.5 hours. This type of raid requires GM approval , and bypasses raid cooldowns. Raid Cooldowns: 2 day minimum, and 5 day maximum. If the settlement defends successfully by killing or fending off the attacking force, they maintain the ability to invoke the maximum cooldown. If the defender loses, by either fleeing or being killed by the attacking force the minimum cooldown will be used.
  8. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    This seems like it could be really easily abused to me, but I'll bring the idea of this up specifically when we have a staff meeting to discuss the new ideas. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    I mean there are other things that can be done as well. Namely, increasing defender defaults 8+ = pvp, to on settlements 12 or something. What are your opinions on this?
  10. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    I was brainstorming ideas about the 8 person PvP default being for conflicts that occur off a settlement, and maybe 10-12 for a PvP default on a settlement. I think it's a little out of my jurisdiction but I'll bring it up at our next meeting, just to play around with the idea.
  11. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    I agree. The practice of raiding 10+ settlements a day is unacceptable to me. I don't know about a spread sheet, but I'm willing to add a section to these rules allowing something like maybe 1 raid every X amount of hours, and if you're caught breaking that it results in a blacklist. I'll bring this up at the next WT meeting, hopefully we'll be able to work out something a lot more solidified.
  12. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    That rule has already been changed and updated in the current raid rules. That change is also reflected in this proposal of the rules.
  13. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    What would you say an acceptable cap is? Do you think the current cap of 3 is fine? With your stance on the PvP / RP dynamic you mentioned, what material changes would you make to combat that?
  14. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    brutal I mean, I'd hardy call the suggestion of raising raid caps being increased by 4 maximum and the option to invoke longer cooldowns for a successful defense a biased decision. And by calling it a biased decision, you're insinuating I made this call 100% myself which is giving me all too much credit. I brought this before the War Team, admittedly with mixed results however we all agreed these were worth posting just to test the waters for feedback. I asked the Administration for approval on this post too. I respect your opinions on these topics. I appreciate the feedback!
  15. Your View: Raid Rules Update

    I'd say either killing them or forcing them to leave.