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  1. either I have a really bad reputation around here, or it's my name. ******* hell

  2. "Oh my" a supposed dead Holy Ser Vitaly I claps
  3. Name: Jörn Irongut/Ironheim (( MCName: Sovietski )) ((Discord/Skype: WILL PM BOTH )) Race: Dwarf (( Timezone: UCT +3 )) Write a little about why it is you wish to serve the Aengul of Order: I've always admired the paladins of Xan, and the opportunity to finally join them shines and I think I'd make a great servant and a great addition. I wish to join to fulfill my dream of becoming a paladin.
  4. "Yer retarde' uruk, t'ese unde'd aren' yer normal feral unde'd, t'ey be control'ed an' won' kill on sig't, ya fat fuc'" Jörn Ironheim(gut) says to the orc, facepalming
  5. "S'ould execute t'e wretche' Rodren t'a' tried tae disown 'is own brot'er..." Jörn Ironheim comments.
  6. [ MC Name: Sovietski ] What is your name? Jörn (Ironheim, not anymore) Where do you live? Naywhere What are your primary skills? Alchesmit! Aspiring runesmith, looking for teacher Short biography (5+ sentences): Jörn was born to Ghodräu Ironheim and Wylla Ironheim, a small dwarven family. At young age, Jörn was constantly in contact with potions and alchemy in general. His father was, just like him, an aspiring runesmith, hence why he wants to be one. At the age of fifty, he finally came back to Urguan after twenty five years of study. How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM CordialOblivion): None. Seeks to be honorary member. Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: Aye! OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Yea. Skype name? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required) Sovietski
  7. when the post is in creative writing you know this **** either a meme or just pure dumbness
  8. oh hi
  9. Pryderism ----------------- Pryderism is the term used to talk about the Pryderi folk’s religion. “Biotheits”, most of the Pryderi population believes in two gods, Tywyll and Golau. However, if you ask a Pryderist Druid, he may tell you Cernunnos and Tywyll are the rulers of our world and Golau of the Underworld. Pryderist Holy Scriptures: “Y tu allan i'r dyfnder, rwyf wedi cryio at Thee, O Tywyll: Tywyll, gwrandewch fy llais. Rhwyll Golau i'ch clustiau fod yn ofalus i lais fy nghais. Os wyt ti, O Tywyll, yn nodi anghywirdebau: Cernunnos, pwy fydd yn sefyll? Oherwydd gyda Duw mae maddeuant drugarog: ac oherwydd eich cyfraith, yr wyf wedi aros amdanat ti, O Tywyll. Roedd fy enaid yn dibynnu ar Ei air, mae fy enaid wedi gobeithio yn yr Tywyll. O wylio'r bore hyd yn oed y nos, gadewch i Israel obeithio yn yr Tywyll. Oherwydd bod yr Tywyll yn drugaredd: a chyda ef lawer o adbryniad. A bydd yn achub Cymreicacch rhag ei holl drallodion. Gogoniant i'r Tad ac i'r Mab, ac i'r Ysbryd Glân. Fel yr oedd yn y dechrau, yn awr, a byth fydd, byd heb diwedd.” Morgannwg 1:1, 1. “Gobeithio ynoch chi, yr Tywyll, a Golau chi'n rhoi bwyd iddynt ar amser tymhorol. Golau chi'n agor eich llaw, ac rydych chi'n llenwi pob peth byw gyda bendith. Gogoniant i'r Tad, ac i'r Mab, ac i'r Ysbryd Glân, fel yr oedd yn y dechrau, yn awr, a byth fydd, byth byth.” Llywellyn 2: 4,12 The Pryderi take both these passages from the Scrogliau Sanctaydd (Holy Scrolls) very seriously and if anyone disrespects, distorts or hurts those words in any way, they shall be executed. The word’s exact pronounciation were never known, for that is old, difficult, tongue-twisting Pryderian. The Old Pryderian words are, in every church, carved into the stone walls behind the altar, alongside an image of Cernunnos and Tywyll, with an image of Golau under them. The Pryderian are very serious when it comes to talking about religion. They do not take kindly to criticism on their religion, but are always looking for improvements related to the way they praise their gods, for they think it is insufficient. Pryderism is a very traditional religion with a simple motto: “Canmol eich argwlyddi” ‘Praise your lords’ Alongside the old Pryderian words stated previously, these words are always present aswell, only less important than the actual Holy Words. One of the most recognisable periods of the Pryderist Church was the Years of Joy, when the Pryderi settled down and finally stopped moving and weren’t being ravaged and destroyed by disease. These years, the church manage to implement its authority fully on the society. The Pryderist Church, alongside Eóin Rhawena and his brother, the Dictydd, Gráeff Rhawena established the Church’s authority as a “second pillar that holds society, alongside the chieftains”. The people took kindly to that, and thought they were safe, and they were for a while. ----------------------------------- REFORMED PRYDERISM Reformed Pryderism is frowned upon but accepted by many. It is the belief that all was created by Cernunnos and his children, Golau and Tywyll, rule over the north and south, respectfully, while two new deities, Gwynndow and Ffanduil, rule over the west and east. As stated previously, while it is frowned upon by even the High Chieftain himself, the “New Pryderist Church” considers itself the maximum authority, denying the Hen Ffyd (Pryderist church’s name). The Gorchynymm Sanctaidd Newydd (New Holy Order, New Pryderist Church) has since talked with the folk of the Pryderi to accept the new faith and not the old failed Hen Ffyd. -------------------------------------------- WYKYSS FFANDAY The Wykyss Ffanday is the official holy army of the Pryderi. A warband similar to the others in the Pryderi, the one thing that distinguishes a Marchog (Wykyss Knight) to a regular brigand is their sacred tattoos, that adorn their forehead and some parts of their neck. The Wykyss Ffanday and Gorchynymm Sanctaidd have fought many battles, mainly the Battle of Hwenwyel, where a hundred Marchog fought off an invading two thousand Gorchynymm brigands, showing the true power of the Wykyss Ffanday and the Hen Ffyd, and silencing the Gorchynymm Sanctaidd Newydd for the next fourteen years. -------------------------------------- GOLAU BFOR The cult formed by a Pryderist apostate venerates the evil god Golau. Much as the cultists of the Canon, the Bfor offer sacrifices, feasts, mass murders or even their own body parts to satisfy “Golau’s Hunger” (Golau w Hwyl). Much like the Gorchynymm, the Golau Bfor tried to institute a new holy order in place of the Hen Ffyd, claiming Golau was the true ruler of the Saith Ysguw (Pryderi heaven). Fought off by the Marchogs of the Wykyss, the Golau Bfor were never seen again since the Battle of the Three Brothers (Gráeff fought in a front against Ylgulwndas, while his brother fought the rest of Ylgulwndas’s warband where his half-brother, Adeldard, died in battle) ------------------------------------------ DINISTRIWR ENAID Dinistriwr Enaid, or Destroyer of Souls, was the title given to a man, named Wynne ap Oweinn, who defied his faith, creating a group of five rebels. When those five dead and only Wynne remained, he took upon himself to slay all the people who even thought of praising Tywyll and Cernunnos. After he swore that, he rode off to the villages, single-handedly plundering and killing all on his way. Wynne “Dinistriwr Enaid” ap Oweinn is sometimes known as the “representation of Golau on our world” and will be forever be recognised as an example of evil and hate amongst the Pryderi. ----------------------------------- NOTABLE FIGURES OF THE HEN FFYD ARCH-BISHOP WYLLKAND AP HWEINGULL Founder of the Hen Ffyd and Writer of the Holy Scrolls. TRYWEILL AP WYLLKAND Continued his father’s heritage, building the first ever church - Hen Saffle. r” THRAKAUTAS AP TRYWELL Organised a pilgrimage for the Pryderi and granted them wisdom uknown to the folk until then. MARCHOG UNGYLL RHAWENA A Marchog who was part of the Battle of Hwenwyel, and was one of the few to live. Killed a hundred Gorchynymm fanatics. ARCH-BISHOP WYLLKAND II AP THRAKAUTAS Son of Thrakautas, Grand-son of Wyllkand, Wylkkand the II reformed Hen Saffle and built Hen Gwandau. The Hen Ffyd had two sites. ARCH-BISHOP GRAFFHAM AP UNGYLL Son of Saint Ulfred, Graffham built Hen Tryfell, Hen Tywylldugraw and Hen Heffland. Known as Graffham the Builder BISHOP YLGUR AP GRAFFHAM Ylgur never made it to his father’s position of Arch-Bishop, since he died in young age, though at the age of twenty, Ylgur organised the Second Pilgrimage and built Hen Ylgurthas. MARCHOG RHATARROS AP GRAFFHAM Second son of Graffham, younger brother of Ylgur, Rhatarros was the youngest man to become a Marchog, joining the Wykkys at the age of sixteen. TRYFELL OF HEN YLGURTHAS A man of poor origins, he managed to rise in priesthood inside the sect of Hen Ylgurthas. Built two other Hens, Hen Trydudd and Hen Hywel. ARCH-BISHOP YSWYLL AP RHATARROS Son of the Young Marchog, Yswyll was the auctor of the New Sect of the Holy Scrolls, on which contained writings from old-Pryderian finally translated. ---------------------------------- ANCIENT RELIGIOUS FIGURES. WYSSIEL MARKAN-KOLAW Founder of the Wyssyk Ffanday. FFYDAW MARKAN-KOLAW Brother to Wyssiel, Ffydaw was the first Marchog alongside his brother.
  10. u wot
  11. skaven best
  12. Big thing coming here, let's go... I can share this feeling... Losing someone you care about or want to care about is devastating to someone, even more when you know you can do it, just don't have the strenghts and/or don't want to do it. My case, was the "I'm gonna buy some cigars, son" and I never saw my dad again. I was 5 back then. Twelve years later, I'm at college studying History, with a good apartment living in another city, my dad shows up broke, addicted to cocaine asking help from me. My mother's interned at the hospital and I rejected my father at first. We had a huge argument as to why he left me and why I should help him. A week later, my father knocked on my door, on a good-looking suit and some flowers. I asked him what was going on and why he looked so 'fancy' (and why was he there) and he answered "I'm trying to make up to you.". What I'm trying to say is: It's destroying, it will destroy the person, but all you can do is either try to make yourself up or get over it. The second option granted me five years of crying myself to sleep until that day, the day my father cuddled with a seventeen year old boy. My condolences for your father. -Soviet the Emotional Brazilian. ((Crying rivers right now.))
  13. Holy Ser Vitaly Basiliesh 'The Ravager' lets tears drop as he watches his comrades from the Seven.
  14. why
  15. Kavdûl nudges his new master/brother, Orsûl "Let's do this" @Lhindir_