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  1. Bishop Frederick Guillen of Pembroke applauses the Archbishop for sending an inviting, friendly, and good-matured message to his brethren in faith. As Bishop of Pembroke, Frederick can devoutly say he does the same, and if anyone has questions, know that the Bishoprics of Avalain and Pembroke are open for questions, services and anything else as a part of a common brotherhood of faith all across Curon and other dioceses.
  2. “Libtards BTFO. This is truly a masterpiece and I am in complete agreement.”
  3. “It has become clear the Emperor in his mental capacity is no longer fit to rule, holding this maxim it is imperative the Emperor declare a regency or have one of his heirs succeed him, either through abdication or brutal force. The Emperor has finally revealed his true colors; we must not forget his decision to allow the Allfatherists of Nordengrad to remain while we bled to oust the heathens, and we must not forget his decision to support the execution of canonists. Seeing of what is becoming of the people I hold so dear, the best course of action to remedy our unstable and reactive dichotomy is the removal of the Emperor, on the basis of his heretical claim that he is a divine being like GOD and for abusing the armies of man to the further to means of him and his family, not of us, the people.”
  4. This looks pretty cool! I am interested but I got a few questions, and perhaps I’ll check out some of the gentes and families and join in through there. Is there a discord invite link? I’m Eze#7386.
  5. The Huntmaster strokes his beard as he receives news of the Jayaman Emporium. A huntsmen and a footsolider, his grand taste in the arts and academics is unquestionable ; indeed, he has spent long hours preserving the treatises of the past and has now embarked on his newest theory. Although, to be such an esteemed man, one must also take a look into the musical arts and literature of society, and it seems the best Jayaman has caught the eye of the Huntsman. An intriguing concept, the art of this piano must be preserved and thoroughly questioned. And that means, the most honorable musician, Jaya Jayaman, is humbly invited to an rendezvous and meeting with the huntsmen of The Grand Lodge. Let it be known, that Baltasar Guillen, once contacted by the Emporium, shall be paying a hefty sum to purchase the services of Jayaman, and may be willing to pay more than 500 minas in purchases, and meet with Jayaman personally.
  6. IGN ExplorerEze IRP NAME Alfonso Trastamara SKYPE zekem01@outlook.com (yo yo yo) TIME ZONE US Central IRP RACE Human (farfolk) In was a cold day in winter when Alfonso Trastámara, a simple man, could be seen trudging in the snow from the Tahn Docks to the Gates of Adelburg. A random man in the snow? How is that interesting to any? To understand, we must go long before this incident, around 6 years ago. I, Alfonso, spent years exploring the practical basis of alchemy, magic, religion and matter. For years, I lived a simple life in Adelburg as a bartender and city guard. In my small apartment in Adelburg, I experimented with various substances and liquids. Combining my scientific work with academic research, the basis of my research was set and formulated. Devising many new hypothesizes and theories, I felt I needed more space to perform experiments. I moved to the Island of Asul on my family's estate. There, aside from living alongside my family, I spent time working on my experiments. Not living too far away from Adelburg, I would arrive there once in a while to maintain my apartment, study in the library, and work in the tavern for money. I aimed discover more about the mythical atom, the inter-molecular forces that give matter its general properties, and the interactions between substances through chemical reactions to form different substances. I explored the scientific method of experimenting and rational thinking. Aside from this, I believed magic and religion could perhaps play parts in alchemy and the physics of the world. I found it necessary clearly defeind the line between magic and science, for a practical basis must be applied to find the truths of society rather through simple lore and belief. e
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