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  1. “It has become clear the Emperor in his mental capacity is no longer fit to rule, holding this maxim it is imperative the Emperor declare a regency or have one of his heirs succeed him, either through abdication or brutal force. The Emperor has finally revealed his true colors; we must not forget his decision to allow the Allfatherists of Nordengrad to remain while we bled to oust the heathens, and we must not forget his decision to support the execution of canonists. Seeing of what is becoming of the people I hold so dear, the best course of action to remedy our unstable and reactive dichotomy is the removal of the Emperor, on the basis of his heretical claim that he is a divine being like GOD and for abusing the armies of man to the further to means of him and his family, not of us, the people.”
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    MCName: ExplorerEze Name: Charles Guillen Age:  17 Race: Human
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    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    This looks pretty cool! I am interested but I got a few questions, and perhaps I’ll check out some of the gentes and families and join in through there. Is there a discord invite link? I’m Eze#7386.
  4. i agree with this suggestion, it should be newest reply. newest thread is just weird and clogs up important threads with other meaningless, I mean less important, roleplay.
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    Writ of Indulgence

  6. Thesis on the Abbot and Monastic Precepts To Monastic Postulants and those considering to be a monk; I have been in the shoes of those considering to be monk; and I believe the life of a monk is to truly connect yourself in a community and with GOD. Before one rushes into the monastery, Monkhood comes with precepts, and places emphasis on prayer and work. We should reflect on what it means to be a monk and what GOD wants from us, as we look towards monastic life. As the scriptures say, “Thou shalt not lie idle or inactive, nor forget thy duties in favor of sloth” Now - listen, to your master GOD’s precepts, and incline the ear of your heart. Receive willingly and carry out effectively your loving father’s advice, that by the labor of obedience you may return to Him from whom you had departed through sloth. To you, therefore, my words are now addressed, whoever you may be, who are renouncing your own will to do battle under our Creator, GOD, the true King, and are taking up the strong, bright weapons of obedience, poverty, and chastity. These three counsels, I believe, are most important in becoming a monk. And first of all, whatever good work you begin to do, beg of GOD with most earnest prayer to perfect it, that He who has now deigned to count us among His sons may not at any time be grieved and saddened by our evil deeds. For we must always so serve GOD with the good things He has given us, that He will never as an angry father disinherit His children, nor ever as a dread Lord, provoked by our evil actions, deliver us to everlasting punishment as wicked servants who would not follow Him to glory. Let us arise, then, at last, for the Scripture stirs us up, saying, “For I have given to thee the pleasures of the world, and they shall relieve thee in the theatre of virtue. And thou shalt take them in restraint, and shalt not become a thing of vulgar enjoyment like the beasts of the earth” Horen 3:3 Let us open our eyes to the deifying light, let us hear with attentive ears the warning which the divine voice cries daily to us, “And there is no pain with GOD, but without Him. And so thou sufferest not in retribution but in separation, and in the Skies all shall find solace” Owyn 6:7 And again, “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid thee, My faithful, this: Thou shalt keep fast to thy word and to thy station, and aspire not to greatness among men, but to My glory” Horen 6:4 GOD tells us to turn away from evil and do good; seek after peace and pursue it. We shall not aspire for greatness among men, but only for his glory. What can be sweeter to us, dear brethren, than this voice of GOD inviting us? Behold, in His loving kindness GOD shows us the way of life in the monastery. Therefore, with faith and the performance of good works, let us walk in His paths by the guidance of the Gospel, that we may deserve to see Him who has called us to His kingdom, the Seven Skies. For if we wish to dwell in the kingdom, we must run to it by good deeds or we shall never reach it, we must defend the good and do good. GOD commands of us, “And thy people cry for justice and for purity. Takest hold of this blade, for it is a symbol of holiness, and by it thou shalt cleanse man of sin.” Godfrey 4:7 This we shall do. But he also commands, “For I have ordained for thee a destination of virtue, and I have set within thy path the key to the gate of the Seven Skies. And thou shalt take only the path of virtue and shalt not stray into clearer paths, for though they be clearer they lead to impure ends” Horen 1:3 This we shall also do. Therefore we must prepare our hearts and our bodies to do battle under the holy obedience of His commands; and let us ask GOD that He be pleased to give us the help of His grace for anything which our nature finds hardly possible. And if we want to escape the pains of void and attain life everlasting, then, while there is still time, while we are still in the body and are able to fulfill all these things by the light of this life, we must hasten to do now what will profit us for eternity. We must remain faithful and part of us flock and defend the world against the deceivers of earth and those within devilish beings and deceptors being described by scroll of Auspice. Having given us these assurances, GOD is waiting every day for us to respond by our deeds to His holy admonitions. And the days of this life are lengthened and a truce granted us for this very reason, that we may amend our evil ways. My brothers, do you not know that GOD’s patience is inviting you to repent? But, before entering monastic life, one must consider the four types of monks. There are four types of monks, The first kind are the Virosites: those who live in monasteries and serve under a rule and an Abbot. These monks have established themselves in permanent communities among brothers after the Blessed Fabian Viroi. Another less common name for the Virosites are Cenobites. Those that have heard of the Humbertines know of these monks. The second kind, the Vytenites, wander from community to community preaching, performing acts of faith, or aiding those in need which are named after wandering priest Blessed Vytenis of Visiga. These are which are known as Gyrovagues. This is where our distinction of monk and friar, comes from, for a friar pursue mendicant orders and a monk looks into monastic community. The third kind, the Hermits, live in seclusion from society, and go out from community into the solitary combat of the deserts and even forests. They are able now, with no help save from God, to fight single-handed against the vices of the flesh and their own evil thoughts. They are known as the Anchorites. The fourth kind, The Sarabaites, live by the sword and in communities to spill blood. Their law is the desire for self-gratification: whatever enters their mind or appeals to them, that they call holy; what they dislike, they regard as unlawful. Let us look into the problems of each type of monk which has been listed. For example, the Vytenites, although many righteous, are easily prone to growing wild from travels and living as poor beggars wandering from each community to another. These friars spend their whole lives tramping from province to province, staying as guests in different monasteries for three or four days at a time. Always on the move, with no stability, they are prone to indulge their own wills and succumb to the allurements of gluttony. Let us take the Hermits as well, living in their own seclusion. Few are called to this way of life devoid of all society and stuck dealing with an internal battle of their own, with no help whatsoever. The fourth kind of monks, the Sarabaites, although they fight for GOD and profess a more violent doctrine, they forget their true allegiance to the spiritual well-being. These monks, not having been tested spiritually, as for example the gold in the furnace, by any rule or by the lessons of experience, are as soft as lead. They live in twos or threes, or even singly, without a shepherd, perhaps in a castle, but not under the presence of GOD. Their violence doctrine and constant indulgence in the pleasures of the world make it difficult to focus on self improvement. One may ask, what of that of the Virosites? Passing these over with GOD’s help, I believe in the life of the Virosites, the strongest kind of monks show to be the Virosites. For GOD invites us to live in communities of holiness and benevolence, and that we must acknowledge our superior. Let us consider, submitting to an abbot has the benefit of resisting corruption, for while living in a monastic community allows the devout to check and rectify each other. Now, all the difficulties with the others monks have been presented, but the truth is, all this vice could be cleansed by having an abbot and community to watch one another. To be a monk, my brothers, is to truly devote yourself to our Lord, GOD. It is best to be in a community which has the strongest stability, who form bonds of iron and unity, to uphold and uplift the word of GOD together, under the gentle command of a guiding abbot. Not all monks choose to live in a seduced community, but you Virosites who enter into the monastery, the question is, what is required of an abbot? Well, the answer to that is, the abbot is important for regulating and living the precepts of monasticism. An Abbot who is worthy to be caretaker of a monastery should always remember what he is called, and should live up to the Virtues of his Superior, GOD. It comes with tremendous responsibilities and is not for everyone. An Abbot ought not to teach or ordain or command anything which is against the Lord’s precepts; on the contrary, his commands and his teaching should be a leaven of divine justice kneaded into the minds of his disciples. Let the Abbot always bear in mind that at the dread Judgment of GOD there will be an examination of these two matters: his teaching and the obedience of his disciples. For example, we can take the sheep and the shepherd. Let the Abbot be sure that any lack of profit the master of the house may find in the sheep will be laid to the blame of the shepherd. On the other hand, if the shepherd has bestowed all his pastoral diligence on a restless, unruly flock and tried every remedy for their unhealthy behavior, then he will be acquitted at GOD’s Judgment, knowing he did his best to correct his monks. Therefore, when anyone receives the name of Abbot, he ought to govern his disciples with a twofold teaching. That is to say, he should show them all that is good and holy by his deeds even more than by his words, expounding the Lord’s Virtues in words to the intelligent among his disciples, but demonstrating the divine precepts by his actions for those of harder hearts and ruder minds. Let him make no distinction of persons in the monastery. Let him not love one more than another, unless it be one whom he finds better in good works or in obedience. Let him not advance one of noble birth ahead of one who was formerly a slave, unless there be some other reasonable religious ground for it. But if the Abbot for just reason think fit to do so, let him advance one of any rank whatever. Otherwise let them keep their due places; because, whether slaves or freemen, we are all one in GOD and bear an equal burden of service in the army of the same GOD. And let him not shut his eyes to the faults of offenders; but, since he has the authority, let him cut out those faults by the roots as soon as they begin to appear. He must take care of the monks and cut the roots of degeneracy and sinfulness before they appear. Above all let him not neglect or undervalue the welfare of the souls committed to him, in a greater concern for fleeting, earthly, perishable things; but let him always bear in mind that he has undertaken the government of souls and that he will have to give an account of them. He is not only responsible for himself, but for others, he will be answerable for the salvation of the souls in his care, and should strive to be the best example of GOD’s teachings. And that is the duty of an abbot. -Neophyte Melchior Guillen
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    Survey on the Nature of History; Dialectical Musings

    As Melchior reads the paper, he inquired into the results of the survey. It seems are the most logic answer are race and class, for nationality and relativity always changes, but a man’s race and class he was born into does not. He begins saying, “History of man is a history of class struggle? From freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, oppressors and oppressed, burgher and worker. Of the worker revoluti-.” he stops himself from finishing such a silly notion.
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    [✗] [Server] Harrison Ban Appeal

    Although this is your first offense, Metagaming is a serious offense and destroyed my own reputation and character OOC and IRP. This majority effects my roleplay and others who relied on my character because you decided to metagame. Personally, something I feel like this should be a permaban, but since it is a first offense a 2-week ban sounds fine – eh, perhaps it should have been a bit longer. It’s more than this, you have convinced the imperials to dislike me now on the pretext I was n0tt and got you banned, which is a major problem. Although most would say “find another OOC group”, I can do that – but I’m sorry, I don’t feel you should be unbanned unless you take steps to reserve your metagaming repercussions and prove you won’t do it again. Anyone can say sorry. Considering what you said was “what i did was perceived as metagaming”, ‘if what i did was still metagaming, then ill be sure to not do it again, regardless of my opinion on it.”,” way that made it appear that i was only going off of ooc information ”. I don’t know man. Seems like your opinion on it is still different and hasn’t changed since your clear metagaming ban
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    gamingfishtv's Application Team Application

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    A Response to Legal Confusion and Dissent

    Melchior Smiles.
  11. The Huntmaster strokes his beard as he receives news of the Jayaman Emporium. A huntsmen and a footsolider, his grand taste in the arts and academics is unquestionable ; indeed, he has spent long hours preserving the treatises of the past and has now embarked on his newest theory. Although, to be such an esteemed man, one must also take a look into the musical arts and literature of society, and it seems the best Jayaman has caught the eye of the Huntsman. An intriguing concept, the art of this piano must be preserved and thoroughly questioned. And that means, the most honorable musician, Jaya Jayaman, is humbly invited to an rendezvous and meeting with the huntsmen of The Grand Lodge. Let it be known, that Baltasar Guillen, once contacted by the Emporium, shall be paying a hefty sum to purchase the services of Jayaman, and may be willing to pay more than 500 minas in purchases, and meet with Jayaman personally.
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    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Mr. Williams petitions for the opening of a new library and thereby votes for Xalid Arden. Small Council Vote Voter Name: Baltasar Clan: Williams Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Kanna Yander Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid Arden
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    Harian Cartel [Recruiting]

    IGN ExplorerEze IRP NAME Alfonso Trastamara SKYPE zekem01@outlook.com (yo yo yo) TIME ZONE US Central IRP RACE Human (farfolk) In was a cold day in winter when Alfonso Trastámara, a simple man, could be seen trudging in the snow from the Tahn Docks to the Gates of Adelburg. A random man in the snow? How is that interesting to any? To understand, we must go long before this incident, around 6 years ago. I, Alfonso, spent years exploring the practical basis of alchemy, magic, religion and matter. For years, I lived a simple life in Adelburg as a bartender and city guard. In my small apartment in Adelburg, I experimented with various substances and liquids. Combining my scientific work with academic research, the basis of my research was set and formulated. Devising many new hypothesizes and theories, I felt I needed more space to perform experiments. I moved to the Island of Asul on my family's estate. There, aside from living alongside my family, I spent time working on my experiments. Not living too far away from Adelburg, I would arrive there once in a while to maintain my apartment, study in the library, and work in the tavern for money. I aimed discover more about the mythical atom, the inter-molecular forces that give matter its general properties, and the interactions between substances through chemical reactions to form different substances. I explored the scientific method of experimenting and rational thinking. Aside from this, I believed magic and religion could perhaps play parts in alchemy and the physics of the world. I found it necessary clearly defeind the line between magic and science, for a practical basis must be applied to find the truths of society rather through simple lore and belief. e