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  1. ExplorerEze

    Harian Cartel [Recruiting]

    IGN ExplorerEze IRP NAME Alfonso Trastamara SKYPE zekem01@outlook.com (yo yo yo) TIME ZONE US Central IRP RACE Human (farfolk) In was a cold day in winter when Alfonso Trastámara, a simple man, could be seen trudging in the snow from the Tahn Docks to the Gates of Adelburg. A random man in the snow? How is that interesting to any? To understand, we must go long before this incident, around 6 years ago. I, Alfonso, spent years exploring the practical basis of alchemy, magic, religion and matter. For years, I lived a simple life in Adelburg as a bartender and city guard. In my small apartment in Adelburg, I experimented with various substances and liquids. Combining my scientific work with academic research, the basis of my research was set and formulated. Devising many new hypothesizes and theories, I felt I needed more space to perform experiments. I moved to the Island of Asul on my family's estate. There, aside from living alongside my family, I spent time working on my experiments. Not living too far away from Adelburg, I would arrive there once in a while to maintain my apartment, study in the library, and work in the tavern for money. I aimed discover more about the mythical atom, the inter-molecular forces that give matter its general properties, and the interactions between substances through chemical reactions to form different substances. I explored the scientific method of experimenting and rational thinking. Aside from this, I believed magic and religion could perhaps play parts in alchemy and the physics of the world. I found it necessary clearly defeind the line between magic and science, for a practical basis must be applied to find the truths of society rather through simple lore and belief. e
  2. ExplorerEze

    [RP Alchemy] Feedback Needed

    As an alchemist, I am looking for more expansion and explanations about the other "scientific" and metallic parts of alchemy. Alchemy, I feel, is lacking on lore concerning metals. A huge goal of alchemy is the transmutation of lead into goal, and finding the Philosopher's stone, while the server is much more oriented toward potions-making, the elixir of life, and nature. Don't get me wrong, those parts of alchemy are essential and worth it (how else would we make potions and drinks?) but at least some sort of more information - or lore or something - on transmutation, the philosopher stone, metals, and chemical reactions would make it better. My character, for example, is much more interested in turning lead into gold than creating the elixir of life. I'm not saying that transmutation it has to be possible, but it would be nice to flesh out the philosopher's stone and metallic aspects more. Currently, blacksmithing and metallurgy is the only way I can learn about metals, etc, and I can''t really sadly consult alchemist lore for that. Alchemy was the medieval forerunner of chemistry ... so