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  1. THE BANISHMENT AND BETRAYAL OF THE ANNILERIR 8th of MALIN’S WELCOME, 1769 With the barbaric assassination of The Most Blessed, the late Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal, and association with supernatural beasts, it is deemed fit by the State to officially declare the previous Annilerir, Adeline hereby BANISHED from the State of Haelun’or, branded a traitor of the highest degree. Any attempts of her return shall equate to an immediate trial. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Signed by, The Maheral, Acaele Lazul The Sohaer, Alaion Miravaris
  2. The Carnation of Unity 1769 With the assassination of Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal, we find ourselves in a time of mourning, of strife, and, consequently, political divide. The last five elven days will forever reflect each mali’thill’s character, their words and choices echoing through our Silver City. With this in mind: the only right choice is to walk justly, honestly, and with the memory of that who upheld and served as the purest of mali’thill. We will not forget Malaurir Azorella, the Bee, who in her tenure yearned to maintain the centuries of tradition and law that Haelun’or is founded and prospers on. To honour her, it is called on by all lliran to place a carnation, in the color she was fondest of, upon one’s lapel. The carnation, which is not only a nod to her moniker as the Bee, but stands as a symbol of remembrance, of mourning, but also of celebration. May her name bloom from our lips and her memory be carried with spring’s morning breeze. Let the offering of the carnation be an act of peace, good-will, and let that which divides us wither away as we stand in unison, in admiration and reverence of the woman we loved, so we may plant the seeds of the blossoming future which binds us together. liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe. Penned by, Phandelver
  3. Earnest ran a hand down his face, taking a deep breath. After an entire saint’s year living in Haelun’or, this was terribly insulting. Retrieving a simple quill, the butler begrudgingly filled out the form. Full name: Earnest M. Banks Birth year: 1640 Marital status + additional occupants and relatives: Married – Not applicable Occupational status: The butler to the Maehr’tehral talonnii. An open letter appealing your worthiness for citizenship: In full transparency, starting my morning to this missive was an incredible disappointment. That being said, I’ve been serving as a butler within Haelun’or for fifty years-- longer than some mali’thill. Not once has my citizenship been revoked in that time: until now. With that said, Haelun’or is my home just as much as anyone here, and I’ve full intentions of keeping it that way. Sincerely, Earnest M. Banks 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1761 Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  4. “Importance of Pacifism in Haelunorian Society” A Study by Phandelver In recent years, the violent inclinations within Haelun’or have been on the rise. Upon one’s first arrival to the esteemed Silver City, one is welcomed by the dazzling white buildings towering above them, lanterns and lights surrounding a town square eager to entice them to stay, as if arms stretched out to greet in a grand embrace. Indeed, the city and its citizenry are very beautiful, but it has come to this returning ‘aheral’s understanding that one’s fellow ‘thill have grown to become more inclined towards violent solutions to otherwise amendable problems. This study intends to address this dilemma, and to make the argument that pacifism permits a precise path to achieving, adhering to, and maintaining the philosophy of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, while violence muddles the mind and damages not only the victim, but the inflicter. To be noted: names of our fellow citizens will be omitted from this piece out of respect and to maintain a sense of privacy and cordiality. As Mali’aheral, we’ve both the blessing of Larihei and the gift of Malin: the yearning for knowledge, and the longevity of life, granting us the ability to discover and remember the history of our own people, and the history of others. As such, this allows for us to accept and acknowledge shortcomings when they arise, and to improve ourselves not only based on our own history, but also of the other lesser races. Humanity has often been marked with such a branding of violence. They are, of course, Valah, and in their short time to experience life, they’ve very little opportunity to earn much wisdom and learn from their predecessor’s mistakes, therefore prone to repeat those same errors and use similar tactics of brutality when confronted with a problem. Violence is in fact a tool of Humanity, whose nations and leaders fall time and time and again. An entire generation of Man has grown up in the “Time of Troubles”, which started officially in 1710 under the rule of Antonius Horen. His reign alone was bloody and tumultuous, slaughters of his subjects taking place his very own throne room. His march on Ves and the burning of the city marked the beginning of such an era, Humanity still scrambling to recover and find some sense of stability after decades of war. They turn and betray one another, and their own allies, in a lashing out of self destruction. One remembers the stories of these things when one bears witness to angered shouting, demanding a dirt-ridden ‘aheral be persecuted and scalped for the misunderstanding of their darkened hair-color. Would not merely washing the hair do well and fine? Prisoners are more likely to be tortured, and in some cases murdered there in the cell. If a Mali’aheral wanders from the path, is he not first permitted a trial, a right of redemption to embark on the Path of Purity? Yet, the idea of trial has appeared to reveal a particular undertone to the growing trend of quick judgments and harsh verdicts. The late Okarir’san, Silir Uradir’s own trial ended with him taking his own life, rather than face his fellow citizenry and be branded impure. Irregardless of what the pariran’tirs’ possible verdict, his choice to avoid it wholly and entirely illuminates the repercussions of the citizenry’s increasingly low-tolerance for error: fear. Fear should not be a dominating factor in Haelun’orian society. Ne, Mali’aheral are a people too keen on discovery and knowledge to dawdle long on such a negative emotion. Fear limits the mind, setting barriers around oneself that starves one of knowledge and sense. As does violence, which spurs rage and drowns out common sense, prohibiting progress and wisdom. In that way, fear and violence are interwoven. Esteemed Mali’aheral are beyond utilizing the weapon of valah to harm one another. Even the city’s own Sillumir- the Weeping Blades, give themselves for Haelun’or, as martyrs defending Her people. When it is absolutely necessary, they are intended to engage in combat so that the average ‘aheral dare not have to. Considering the origins of the Mali’aheral, and the desire to maintain a strong, prosperous race, it is questionable to use violence when it is not absolutely necessary, which is only found when one is a soldier. To end of the life of another- especially, another Mali’aheral, is a great loss to be mourned, as had that elf been redeemed through the Path of Purity and reeducation, they could have contributed greatly to society. Let us take a lesson from our own beginnings: not even Larihei chose the path of violence, our esteemed Lady only departing peacefully with her Mali’thill. May we act in Her honor, and walk in her Silver Light. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.
  5. The aforementioned butler only nodded briefly, his brow creased as he read the missive in the midst of refilling the Maehr’tehral’s tea. “I pray their trials don’t end as bloody as Silir’s-- we know both these men. Surely, they’re both redeemable in the eyes of the State.”
  6. Congratulations! You’ve won! More Player Models, commonly referred to as MPM, has just updated! How exciting. Now, you can show to your friends just how f---ing massive your rp default dark sorceror paladin warrior is. BUT WAIT! HOW do you know what percentage ratios to use? There’s so many options! Do you feel like something is… a little off? Like your head is the shape of a football? Does the average player TOWER over you and your thicc ass, even though you’re supposed to be only six foot two inches tall? WELL MY FRIEND, LOOK NO FURTHER! With the LATEST in MPM technology, this TRAGIC struggle is no more! Introducing: math. That’s right. Our very own @GrandpaBlue has come up with a SIMPLE method of figuring out your five-hundred year old druid sugar daddy’s height. The ladies will love him. DIRECT your eyes to the example below: By GOD. Revolutionary. So, my friends, please-- do not humiliate yourselves with personas who look like they’re the Asparagus characters in Veggie Tales. When in doubt, merely refer to this simple tutorial to guide your way. Thank you.
  7. Earnest jumps, nearly drops an entire tea set, indeed startled by such a loud proclamation. “E-err, yes yes, of course!”
  8. “Did-- who lied to this poor man?” Earnest wondered, looking over to the Okarir’hiylun.
  9. Earnest scoffed, setting the missive aside as he stood by the kitchen counter with his cup of morning coffee. “This new wave of SIllumir are only continuing to cause problems,” he informed the sink in a disapproving mumble, before washing the dishes left discarded within it.
  10. “AVE, Alexander II,” shouted a priest from the back of the room.
  11. A GOLDEN BULL OF THE HIGH PONTIFF DANIEL VI TO THE CLERGY AND FAITHFUL OF THE REALM 10th of Harren’s Folley, 1723 Dearly beloved, As the seasons bring about change and rebirth, The Holy Mother Church continues to grow and flourish, our time of prosperity continuing under the guidance of our Creator. As we continue to look towards the future, we celebrate and cherish the path we walk together, hand in hand, as children of God. Our Pontificate has found a remarkable resurgence of faith, and as such have found it both suitable and pleasing to recognize and raise the servants Siguard van Reza, Saint-John Parell, and Humbert of Saint Jude, welcoming them to the cardinalate of our Church with open arms, as they serve as a reflection of pious deeds and dedication to the faithful flock. May we continue to serve the faithful flock truthfully, wholly, and completely, so help us God. Pax Vobis Msgr. Lochlan Cardinal O’Malley, Secretariat to His Holiness
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