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  1. Nafari

    Avchirran ito Alderyn

    (IC) Name: Myrin Age: I believe I’m in my four hundredth year. Race: Mali’ame. I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Alderyn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond. (OOC) IGN: Nafari Discord: Nafari#9975
  2. Nafari

    The Iron Wolf Clan

    [!] Around the Federation multiple flyers are pinned around advertising a Family seeking able-bodied warriors. The Ikurn'Chirr of Sutica ⚫⚫⚫ The Birth of the Clan: Within the heart of The Federation of Sutica, two Mali’ soldiers brought together, finding similar views, Political and otherwise. The two Elves, Nafari and Leolin brought together to form Clan Chirr in the heart of Sutica. A Clan that looked out for each-other. One that was accepting of all Men and women with hearts of Iron and the senses and skill of a Wolf. One that would become something the two Elves never had, Family. ⚫⚫⚫ What the Ikurn'Chirr stand for (Knight Artorias from the Darksouls series.) A painting of a Chirr Warrior and his Companion. ======= Chirr’s are Warriors, They know the Art of battle and what it can do someone as know how to Fight and defend themselves, Family is their Second most important thing to them next to being Strong and being able to fight. Chirr’s are wise enough to not seek out fights or war but are always ready for it and are trained for every situation. They Care for their Family, They train their Children to be Warriors they Teach, They Test, They advance. Chirr’s also know how to Craft Weapons, They can Forge Swords, Spears as well as Axe’s and other Weapons – Finding themselves well versed in multiple weapon types as they believe as an Elf – your long life should be used to Master The whole art of Combat, rather then a single weapon. Religion is a decently important thing in a Chirr’s Life, Yet they have the freedom to Worship any Religion as long as it does not Disrupt their everyday life or Warrior Style. ⚫⚫⚫ Family Tattoo and Marks The Family Tattoo that signifies their Identity to the Family. The Tattoo would be near their Eyes have stripes on their For head and Face. As well having an image of a Wolf on the bottom of their arm. Family Weapons ======= Ikurn’ahern or in Common the Iron Blessing. A recipe set to be handed down to family members by the Elders. Ante’Andria or also known as the Last hope, Famed Sword for Saving lives in the Battle against the September Prince. ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Interested? Fill out the small application below and one of the Elder’s will get back too you! Or for more infomation Contact Nafari’Chirr (Nafari.) Or Leolin’Chirr (Elite_Snipes) Name : Age : Gender : Combat Experience : Is Sutica your Homeland? If not then where : ======= OOC ======= IGN : Discord :
  3. Nafari

    The Div'cruan

    Name: Gan’Lelier T’dyrr Age: 20 Gender: Male Do you intend to learn, or do you perform, any sort of Voidal or Deific art? Which? I one day wish to learn Shamanism. Do you accept that in joining this order you may at times be tasked with taking the life of another mali’ker? ..Yes Do you accept that under particular circumstances you may be removed from the order? Yes. And under serious enough terms, executed? Yes. (OOC) MC Name: Nafari Discord: You got it boss.
  4. Nafari

    Nafari's Event Team Actor application

    If I do get accepted, I’m bringing some Events to the halflings, I miss my hobbit friends.
  5. Username Nafari Discord Nafari #9975 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Sutica. Staff History I applied twice for ET in the past. Ban History Yes. PM for the situation. Blacklist History: Never been Blacklisted. Why do you want to join the Event Team? Since I joined LoTC I've always enjoyed partaking in Events, and personally play a lot of DnD - and found that writing Encounters for my campaigns was very similar to LoTC events. I personally would love to pop into a City, playing an ET creature to give the Players of LoTC a fun time. There's just something about the Rush that is having people involved in a story you created, And having been following the LoTC storyline for a long time, I find that I enjoy the thought of being able to take part in forging it and the land it's placed in. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I can promise to partake in any event I might be needed for, And will most certainly do my very best to be active as an ET and promote active and fair Events across Atlas. (Or whatever Map we reside on.) I will do my best to promote a calm, and mature respect to the Other Et and to the Players partaking in my Events. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Low-Fantasy, Some High Fantasy, Dungeons and the like all sound like good fun! Also involving Random Encounters that Players can walk into by simply rping as they would on LoTC. What makes a good event? I believe a Good Event comes when it's made with the intentions to keep the Players involved, immersed, and enjoying the scenario. I also believe it's important to be as respectful as possible to those partaking in the event, being sure to explain anything they might've miss-understood, Keeping a calm attitude the entire time to ensure everyone has fun! Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event:
  6. Despite what anyone says, I’ve had nothing but good fun and laughs with this person, he’s proven not only to be a skilled and worthy role player but an outstanding, calm and collective person oocly, never once since I met him two years ago has he ever lost his temper nor broken a single rule I can recall. If anyone if suited for this job it’s this man right here. +1
  7. Nafari

    The Order of the Scarlet Fist

    Name: Formally Ai’kia Atrix.Presently know. plainly as Ni’katira Or Nina(Nine-ah). Race: Mali’ker Age: 585 Past Combat Experience: Was an initiate in the Ker’Nor military before the eruption of the Volcano. Then joined the Warkhawkes as a Guard till Axios, then moving into seclusion to self train and achieve a self guided inner-peace. Noteworthy Skills: Uses a Simple Quarterstaff, Yet focuses on the art of unarmed combat. While attempting to learn of the Mortal form with the end goal of learning physical weaknessees, found himself wrapped up into a amateur passion for anatomy. Magic Status/ History: Never once found any use or interest in magic of any kind. Purely physical.
  8. Nafari

    [MT] Hedge... why...

    This man has to be one of the Best not only Orc Roleplayers. But diverse and flavored roleplays on LoTC to-date. Even without him asking me I still have to say this is the biggest YES I've ever seen. +1 #HedgeForMT
  9. Nafari

    Magic of the Oblivion

    Little detail. To short, Horrible formatting And you're a new player, You'd best want to wait before you post Lore such as this. We have a conversation and you didn't even know what Magic Tiers were, So I'd say that this magic is unfit for the server, The creation of something like this would mean alot of lore would be thrown out..So from NafariSafari, Gonna have to say -1