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  1. (This little group is a player-made event group that is here to offer an alternative interaction with the Event, No matter which side your character ends up on – let us all have fun!) [!] Across Arcas’ major cities, flyers are posted by a figure robed in crimson fabrics. ”Lies! Lies lies! all of these lies spread by this supposed “Styxius” A magi’ whom knows nothing! There is little facts given in these ‘notes’, Only rumors spread by a mind of ignorance. The voidal tear is a natural event! The endless power that is the void is bound to spawn strange anomalies such as this tear. And now! This mage has people on edge, trying to get people to close it! Do they know not what they do?! Closing this tear will cease the connection between our realm and the void – Those wanting to close it whom call themselves mages will soon find themselves completely powerless if they continue these acts! Cease the closing! Cease the ignorance! Support the tear! Feed it mana so that we may keep our connection! Join our cause, send a bird to the location of the tear if you wish to join us! If you wish to keep your arts!” (OOC: Discord: UnjustNafari9975 to send your Rp message.)
  2. Mellsburry gang represent.

    1. Lirro


      Rise up


      Actually reeds was better than this **** hole

    2. Nafari


      Mellsburry used to be the shi ngl 

  3. How did your mom like it last night?

    1. Nafari


      I thought she was yelling Dreadlocks..Not Dewlox..


    2. Dewlox


      Who the hell is that, am i missin’ something?

  4. I love how everyone’s sitting here talking about banning him and not banning him – when he could get this server in a $hit ton of trouble due to the fact – He’s got proof of a GM flirting with him, whilst he was underage. Sucks to suck.
  5. Name: Gan’Lelier T’dyrr Age: 20 Gender: Male Do you intend to learn, or do you perform, any sort of Voidal or Deific art? Which? I one day wish to learn Shamanism. Do you accept that in joining this order you may at times be tasked with taking the life of another mali’ker? ..Yes Do you accept that under particular circumstances you may be removed from the order? Yes. And under serious enough terms, executed? Yes. (OOC) MC Name: Nafari Discord: You got it boss.
  6. Name: Formally Ai’kia Atrix.Presently know. plainly as Ni’katira Or Nina(Nine-ah). Race: Mali’ker Age: 585 Past Combat Experience: Was an initiate in the Ker’Nor military before the eruption of the Volcano. Then joined the Warkhawkes as a Guard till Axios, then moving into seclusion to self train and achieve a self guided inner-peace. Noteworthy Skills: Uses a Simple Quarterstaff, Yet focuses on the art of unarmed combat. While attempting to learn of the Mortal form with the end goal of learning physical weaknessees, found himself wrapped up into a amateur passion for anatomy. Magic Status/ History: Never once found any use or interest in magic of any kind. Purely physical.
  7. Little detail. To short, Horrible formatting And you're a new player, You'd best want to wait before you post Lore such as this. We have a conversation and you didn't even know what Magic Tiers were, So I'd say that this magic is unfit for the server, The creation of something like this would mean alot of lore would be thrown out..So from NafariSafari, Gonna have to say -1
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