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  1. I spent too much time making this crud

  2. thank you for the bitcoins, I have now released your profile picture from captivity.

    1. Telanir


      Pleasure doing business.

  3. Oh boy I can’t wait to see everyone AFKing on their charters again to meet arbitrary activity requirements!

    1. Mojo


      A new market has been created for afk alters

    2. Hiebe


      If you have an alternative way to track and verify charters please let me know ill send it up the chain the best i can.


      Atm its plugin based, every 15 mins it checks how many players in the region.

  4. Sketchy halfling event in Brandybrook oh boy oh boy

    1. Whiplash


      i’ll show you sketchy when i teach the halflings about how to be “fiscally conservative but socially liberal”

  5. very reliable news

  6. yet another Brandybrook Drinking Night

  7. server crash oof



  9. Do you accept fortnite V-bucks for your bridge selling scams?

    1. Boruto


      no, fortnite is a foul stain upon earth

  10. hello please give me rep for my terrible halfling newspaper I spent like 20 minutes creating it with the 3 braincells I have left in my body

  11. You have not yet voted today! Please consider voting to support Lord of the Craft and claim your rewards. Use /vote to see a list of voting sites.

    1. WhereIsMySpoon


      You have not yet voted today! Please consider voting to support Lord of the Craft and claim your rewards. Use /vote to see a list of voting sites.

    2. Tigergiri


      /vote disable 

  12. My suggestion for fixing LOTC’s economy without grinding

  13. I am very very excited for the future of Minecraft Roleplaying after this merge! I cannot wait to gun down schoolgirls with electrical evocation as the teachers try to stop me using Ki power, only to be suddenly stopped by the big bad school bully who takes my lunch money to pay for a runesmithed arm.

  14. someone at Mojang needs to make pufferfish able to eat carrots

  15. My halfling newspaper is the least biased newspaper ever created! 

  16. Why have the forums been looking like the mobile forums on PC from my perspective? The Recent Status Updates and Latest Topics are shown below whatever I’m looking at instead of off to the side.

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    2. Tigergiri
    3. NotEvilAtAll



      I ain’t seeing it. Clicking on “Theme by jcdesign” brings me to some other website

    4. Tigergiri


      hmm i dont know whats wrong? maybe a refresh or  close browser and open again



  17. Either fix mining in the CT mine or have there be some kind of PSA that mining in the CT mine is temporarily disabled.

    1. Salty


      Edit: Lapis is mineable but iron and diamond isnt??????


    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Yeah. It’s really weird

    3. z3m0s


      Should be fixed next restart if it hasn’t happened already.

  18. Which one of you DDOSed the forums this time?

    1. MadOne


      mac face hacker group

  19. Once Hytale comes out, LOTC is screwed lol. The second someone makes a moderately competent RP server there it’s all over. We got a few years left until Hytale is scheduled to release, yet the longer LOTC exists the weaker it gets, so I doubt we’d pull ourselves together by then.

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    2. Stargush


      It’s especially coming when a LoTR MMORPG set in the second-age comes out.  https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/10/20688192/amazon-lord-of-the-rings-mmo-athlon-games

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      @Stargush An LotR MMORPG already exists and I’ve played it before. It’s called Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO), and it has some roleplayers on it to this day who run roleplay events. I literally stole the idea of the weekly Drinking Night from the hobbit roleplayers on this MMO. They’ve been hosting Happy Hour RP events in the MMO’s Green Dragon Inn since 2009 or something.


      MMO roleplaying communities don’t compete with LOTC very much due to the vastly different chat systems and organizational methods as well as the genre difference. MMOs don’t let you create your own settlements, modify terrain, and almost never have official Event Teams of any kind. Roleplaying communities in sandbox games like Gmod or Minecraft are much more likely to have these things.

    4. SquakHawk


      gonna be great

      same people same **** though

      but im just being pessimistic about it, maybe it’ll be wonderful who knows, we missed out on banking on the huge minecraft-nostalgia-trend that went on earlier this year which was a missed opportunity certainly

  20. Minecraft beta is the only good version of Minecraft

  21. O7 you were an epic gamer from the epic gamer times.


    I only met you in-game once during the whole Mellsburry vs Reedsborough fiasco, yet I still know that I met you. Bahbou told me that you were the leader of Reedsborough at the time, although in retrospect I’m not certain that was the case.


    Knox bless you

    1. Butterpotato02


      It’s been like 3 years since I’ve seriously played LOTC so I’m not sure why you posted this? (If anybody else sees this LONG LIVE MILLY add my snap: butterevjen02 if you want me to log on for halfling RP over xmas break xoxo)

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      @Butterpotato02 I like to browse through old sections of the forums relevant to halflings. I found that you commented on the 2017 Pendlemere Storage burrow theft drama thread, so I checked out your profile and was hit with a wave of nostalgia from my time as a halfling in Axios.


      Server is really laggy rn since 1.14 is terrible for servers, so I wouldn’t recommend you play over the winter break until the lag is fixed by updating to 1.15..


      If you want to you totally can though. The halflings have been running weekly events ever since I started the tradition in early 2018. You could show up to one of those.

  22. We have free cookies please come to this party (or else)

  23. the lag and server crashes were so bad we had to move the Brandybrook Drinking Night to a different RP server lol

    1. Old-Rattlesnake


      I’ve been sitting here moving in 10 block increments trying to travel and just gave up. Server is a joke right now. It’s barely functional.

    2. Old-Rattlesnake


      I’ve been sitting here moving in 10 block increments trying to travel and just gave up. Server is a joke right now. It’s barely functional. Also the forums are laggy as **** making me repost.

    3. rukio
  24. I play pokemon go everyday



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