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  1. NotEvilAtAll

    Whitelist App Reform [Your View]

    The new application format reminds me of the original whitelist applications during Aegis.
  2. NotEvilAtAll

    Looking to play in a family

    The Applefoots could always use another player. Contact me or @Tha_Mystery_Man on discord.
  3. Absolutely epic screenshots from the event we held in Brandybrook today. It was quite the blast indeed!

  4. Gathering by the docks, awaiting the beginning of the Tournament. The first shogging match between Rollo Applefoot and Apollo (Rollo wins!). The shogging match between Daisy Applefoot and Liesl Applefoot (Daisy wins!). The match between the losers of the first two matches (Liesl wins!). The arrival of the Forest Dwarves. The match between the winners of the first two matches (Rollo is disqualified for cheating!). The match between Daisy and Liesl that determines the winner! (Liesl wins!). Giving Liesl Applefoot the prize! Fishing in Dinkle River! The arrival of Arugula, the Squid Lord! Fighting the squid with the power of fishing hooks! Shogging with the Squid Lord. Kerraline must face the squid alone!
  5. NotEvilAtAll

    Shogging Tournament Reminder!

    Daisy Applefoot was chatting with Liesl and Kerraline when Liesl suddenly ran off to pin something to the Notice Board ”hrm... she mus've been signin’ up fer t’a Shoggin’ Tournamen’.” ”Yer in” She’d then say.
  6. NotEvilAtAll

    Brandybrook Shogging Tournament!

    Daisy Applefoot appears to be very excited! ”T’a Shogging Tournamen’ beh ‘appenin’ VEREH VEREH SOON!” She’d holler ((3 PM EST TODAY!))

    This lovely Shogging Tournament is going to occur inside of Brandybrook TODAY at 3 PM EST! Be there if you can! While it is preferable that you sign up before taking part, everyone is welcome regardless of whether or not they signed up to play!

  8. NotEvilAtAll

    Imperial Folly

    Daisy Applefoot the halfling sighs as she watches the fighting from her burrow in Brandybrook “Le’ us pray ter Lord Knox tha’ t’is figh’in' doesn' become ah bloodeh world war, as his’oreh is so apt ter do.”
  9. NotEvilAtAll


    “Maybeh if yeh Empire folks followed yer own advice ‘n stopped in’erferin’ wi’ other Nations, t’a world would beh ah be’’er place” Daisy Applefoot would retort as she watches Imperial soldiers fight Elves outside of Aegrothond.
  10. NotEvilAtAll


    “Yer ah fool. Yeh s’ill consider us halflin’ peoples ter be blind fools livin’ far away from everehone else when tha’ nay beh true. Brandybrook , t’a curren’ village o’ me people, is loca’ed righ’ nex’ ter Aegrothond, whom weh consider ter be our friends. We’d care much less abou’ t’is war if weh lived ‘n t’a Cloud Temple as weh did ‘n Dunshire, bu’ t’a monks nay le’ us do so t’is toime ‘n other arrangemen’s ‘ad ter beh made. Never before ‘as potential war come so close ter us, ‘n never before ‘ave weh been so powerless ter s’op ‘t.” ”Yer aggressions agains’ t’a Elves we border is considered ah threa’ ter our own peaceful lives, for if war breaks ou’ be’ween t’a Empire ‘n t’a Elves, Brandybrook will end up exac’leh smack dab in t’a crossfire. If t’ese aggressions agains’ our friends con’inues ‘n war beh declared, wha’ guarantee do weh ‘ave tha’ Brandybrook will nay be burned down by rowdy Imperial soldiers? Yeh’ve burned down en’ire ci’ies ‘n t’a pas’, ‘n yeh probableh plan ter do more burnings if ah war breaks ou’.” ”Rollo Applefoo’, me ‘usband, fre’s over t’is all t’a toime. ‘E nay wan’s ter see Brandybrook ‘n flames, ‘n nay wan’s ter see t’a fields o’ Brandybrook sal’ed. If yeh Empire folks learn ter s’op murderin’ t’a Elves ‘n s’op ac’iveleh tryin’ ter star’ ah war, maybeh ‘e could sleep ‘n peace fer once. Maybeh weh all could sleep ‘n peace fer once, knowin’ tha’ Imperial soldiers ‘r nay comin’ ter burn down ah third o’ Arcas. Maybeh... maybeh...” Daisy Applefoot sighs and starts drinking her Applebrook Porter once more, still looking at the finished letter before her. She’d seal it up with some beeswax, stamp a basic square symbol on it, and give it to Pal, the local mailhalfling.
  11. The Zizek vs Peterson debate was lit as heck.

    1. Space


      i don’t know i think it would’ve been much better if zizek just took one for the team and explained all the dumb ideas that peterson had in his intro, rather than whining along with him about PC police and sucking him off with only a few dunks

    2. Lirro


      Peterson btfo’d

  12. NotEvilAtAll


    Daisy Applefoot sighs “T’is is t’a second time ye Empire folks have waltzed on in’o ah settlemen’ ye are nay at war with ‘n murdered everehbodeh yeh could find. Clearleh yeh fellows all be chivalrous knights ‘ndeed!” She’d cackle.
  13. Has any character on LOTC ever made Absinthe before? While it’s technically a 18th century drink, I feel like it would fit in well with the server regardless.

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    2. NotEvilAtAll
    3. WuHanXianShi14


      i literally rp singing covers of paul simon songs irp do what you want

    4. xxx


      yes I sold it on my now pk’d auvergnian character. u can definitely do it 

      Edited by xxx
  14. NotEvilAtAll

    Shogging Tournament Reminder!

    [!] A piece of paper would be mailed to anyone interested in the Brandybrook Shogging Night. Brandybrook Shoggin’ Tournament is comin’ soon! ~Daisy and Cherry begin preparations for the Brandybrook Shogging Tournament~ Since ‘t has been ah while since the original notice went out, I feel it is necessary for me ter remind everyone who signed up for the Tournament that the event will take place in but a few Elven days! The prize is the same; a golden shovel and 1,000 minas for the best shogger of all, and the time, location, ‘n all other details remain t’a same ter! ~Time and other matters~ What: A shogging tournament + drinking night! Where: In Brandybrook, the home of the halfling race! When: Close to the end o’ this Elven Week! ((3 PM EST, Sunday the 21th of April)) Who is invited: Everyone who doesn’t cause trouble! ~Current Roster~ ~Rollo Applefoot @Tha_Mystery_Man ~Daisy Applefoot @NotEvilAtAll ~Harold Applefoot @dkink14 ~Apollo @Georgios ~Zkrew-Luz’Raguk @NoZaku ~Kasfer @Archipelego ~Aiden @Archipelego ~Liesl Applefoot @Nonival Aneh las’ minute signups can beh done with the following format: Name: Race: Tell us more about yourself: Why do you want to win this Tournament: Long Live Brandybrook! -Daisy Applefoot [!] The mail would end with the official seal of Brandybrook ((Original post:
  15. NotEvilAtAll

    The Chancellor's Report, 1712

    “Oi dunno. Yeh’ve li’’eralleh declared elsewhere tha’ ya wish ter go ter war wi’ t’a Elven Union. Yer rallyin’ troops fer war ‘n foreign terri’ories, nay ah precau’ion fer defensive purposes” Daisy would reply.