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  1. You could always play one of the bajillion kids belonging to @Tha_Mystery_Man
  2. “Wha’ is t’is liberal crud? Oi though’ tha’cheh Snoo’eh Elves weren’ abou’ tha’ sor’a thin’.” comments Pervinca Applebrook.
  3. “Do yeh guys ge’ off ter declarin’ evereh other elven se’’lemen’ ter beh evil despi’e tryin’ ter care abou’ t’eh ‘Co-Exis’ance’ of all elves?” comments Pervinca Applebrook. “’n yer eyes, Fenn beh evil, Vira’ker beh evil, Llyria beh evil, Aegrothon’ beh evil.... yeh’s basicalleh jus’ sayin’ tha’ aneh elf who ain’ wi’cheh is ah bad elf who needs t’a die. Nays much inclusion ‘er coexis’ance t’ere.”
  4. I think we should ban anyone with an opinion on LOTC and create the true centrist utopia.

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    2. IZipZapManI


      That sounds like an opinion right there 

    3. Starryy


      This is FACT, and I am a factual individual who agrees with facts. Approved.

    4. Zacho



  5. Yeah. I remember @Aythyinae sending me some East German scout music when he told me he planned to make scouts. Probably more commie inspiration than anything else, just with added racism. Although I’d appreciate it if you guys took more efforts to not justify your racist IC policies OOCly. In modern LOTC building a difference between IC and OOC opinions of communities is difficult, and thus it’s hard for people to like you guys seeing as your characters want their characters to be thrown into acid pits. Maybe try and be more vocal in how you don’t OOCly hate all the people you ICly want to genocide so there ain’t this “High Elves are literally Nazis!!!!” drama every few months.
  6. I’m not always a fan of what the High Elves do, but I’m pretty sure that there’s more unironic commies in the High Elf playerbase than Nazis. Also, I think the current High Elf scouts are moreso based on East Germany’s Ernst Thälmann Pioneers, although one could argue that the Nazis give some inspiration too. I suppose a better argument to be made here would be against Authoritarianism on LOTC instead of against any ideology in particular.
  7. Pervinca Applebrook chuckles “Bigguns sure do loike t’eh beh real silleh! Good thin’ t’is is onleh ah joke, jus’ loike t’a res’ o’ biggun cul’ure!”
  8. “’irin’ genocidal bandi’s ter do yar biddin’s now, are yeh?” Pervinca Applebrook would sigh as bigguns behave stupid once again. It seems like bigguns are always stupid.
  9. “Who?” comments Pervinca Applebrook, concerned that the bigguns are decentralizing themselves with irrelevant baronies and duchies that have no reason to exist besides their owner’s power fantasies.
  10. I don’t think all those forum threads were necessary. There should be some rules against spamming the forums like that.

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    2. rukio


      @w_ill Sorry who are you again? never heard of you

    3. sophiaa
    4. Jaeden


      All of you need to shoosh, this is a bit of a cringe.


      Anyway, people have always been allowed to make threads like that, as long as they have a purpose and a reason to be separate. While I feel like it could be grouped into one thread, I suppose it makes organization easier. Plus it's a good flex I guess.

  11. Dark elves don’t blush; they do a double backflip and unsheathe their katanas when aroused.
  12. Brandybrook has a beach with a volleyball net so if you wanna see some midget babes in swimsuits you know where to go.


    although I’m pretty sure any bigguns trying to date a halfling would get lynched instantly.

  13. ((Making a fleshed our Guild hierarchy when there’s not enough people to form said hierarchy isn’t usually a good idea from what I recall. It’s best to start with just one leader and their followers, dishing out specific roles and responsibilities as time goes on. A good example of this would be the ol’ Salty Salmon crew in Brandybrook. They don’t have any sort of guild hierarchy besides Deek being the Captain, yet in spite of that they’re able to grow naturally as characters in the crew learn what they’re good at and what their role in the ship is.)) Pervinca Applebrook would try to notify Deek Driftwood in order to tell him of these fellows. Maybe they could team up to take on even bigger bounties.
  14. Pervinca Applebrook laughs, knowing that she’s selling Hay Bales for 1/6th this price over in Brandybrook.
  15. Admin team using GOMMUNIST propaganda in their banners oh no. I guess we’re the People’s Republic of Mineman RP now.
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