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  1. This war was all a secret ploy to increase Urguan’s Power Projection so they can have more monarch power.

  2. (( @Papa Liam you did it. Congrats)) Pervinca Driftwood the halfling chuckles “Ah surprise ter beh sure, bu’ ah welcome one. ‘opefulleh t’ey’ll elec’ ah Emperor who’ll take par’ ‘n our Drinkin’ Nigh’s ‘ere ‘n Brandybrook!”
  3. Who needs to fight in wars when you can come on down to Brandybrook and drink BOOZE!

  4. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board... T’a Third Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night! ~The wee halflings of Brandybrook enjoying some drinks with the High Elves!~ Nay reason ter let these recent ‘war’ things keep us down! While the bigguns around us march ter war, us wee folks ought to party ever harder! Recently our village has been booming with plenty of new’uns comin’ in from near an’ afar, an’ thus we ough’ ter celebrate with another Drinking Night even better than the previous! When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ of the Next! ((Saturday, 20th of July, 4 PM EST)) Where: In the Toady Traveler Tavern ‘n Brandybrook, t’a home of the halflings! What: Ah drinking party, silly! Who be invited: Everybodeh excep’ fer Hearth Underson who’s well known fer bein’ improper! Praised be our glorious Brandybrook! -Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Official of Brandybrook [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  5. I’d bring give Halflings a speed boost when sneaking or crawling so that when 1.14 comes to LOTC we can build Halfling burrows that are only 1 block tall and maneuver around in them normally. Finally, the solution to the age-old Halfling door dilemma is solved! Simply make them 1 block tall and use new 1.14 mechanics to crawl through them!
  6. Upon hearing this, Pervinca Driftwood would try and do her best Dwarf impression: “I’m here all year - come on ya fowckin punk arse swimmer 🙄 I’ll be waiting on ya - I’ll be waiting on your punk arse - wait matter of fact give me your barony location I’ll come to wherever you are and give you a chance to make good on your promises since I know you won’t actually come here me Caer Bann lol what army rank where you in ‘umie? See you’re talking to an Dwarf Legionnaire. - PvP God group #420 - I’ve ACTUALLY been on raiding missions - I’ve ACTUALLY been in swordfights - and on the 1% chance that you’re ACTUALLY a military veteran I’ll tell you to shut up in yar mouth ‘n listen- we were saving baby warriors on a daily basis because they have no fowcking idea what to do when arrows start flying the other direction - so no - I’m not worried about you - the Legion is still using Coalition war hand me downs so you’re saying your equipment is dated and sporting extensive wear and tear? Annnndddd no need to involve your top secret lies I mean spies whoops - cuzzzzz I just told you and the skygods where I inhabit - you can come here or give me your barony location and I’ll come there - either way”
  7. bro you just posted cringe

  8. The new conflict rules were literally created so that anything would be fine so long as everyone OOCly agreed to it. Everybody in this conflict OOCly agreed to it and were fine with what was happening. I still have an ol’ grude against TrendE for invading Dalek’s forest, but even I realize that this conflict blacklist is unfair. #FreeTrendE
  9. TrendE was just a Ghaz alt all along

  10. ((judging by the comments here it looks like the Dwarves and Humans are fine with there being a war. They’ll probably agree to some no-cap raid rule agreement so they can click each other to death a bunch until they get bored.))
  11. “Hos’ili’ies agains’ Oren? Wha’ ‘os’ili’ies?” Questions Pervinca Applebrook, woefully out of the loop.
  12. If this isn’t enough for LOTC to finally have GNOME LORE, I’ll just work on this for another 2 hours until it’s all gucci.

    1. Zidoax


      Finally, I won’t just be playing an small goofy dwed

  13. GNOME LORE Origin/History Within the old Aegis village of Greenshire, there lived a small community of halflings who were unable to find or properly inhabit Dunwood. These halflings were like any other, loving booze and pipeweed, living in small holes in the ground, and all-around being merry. They traded with their neighbors and lived a peaceful life not unlike their Dunwood brethren. However, dark things were coming to Aegis. As the Undead started to move in from the North, Greenshire was hit hard by the Undead forces without any knights or Ascended to protect them (Unlike Dunwood, Greenshire was not an Orenian vassal). The halflings of Greenshire just barely survived by digging into the soil and hiding from the Undead, hoping that they wouldn’t be sniffed out. Only the small and cowardly halflings survived, with the rest of their kin being slain. When it was time for the Descendants to leave Aegis for Asulon, Greenshire’s population consisted of nothing but a few pipsqueaks and runts smaller than the average halfling. They were persecuted in every settlement they tried to live in, and had no luck rejoining with their old halfling kin. Thus, the runty folks from Greenshire stayed small and weak, never able to gain a proper footing in their new Asulon home. Eventually, the folks from Greenshire stopped being recognized as halflings and became known as “Gnomes” due to their small size. They lived in and around halfling villages or in solitary holes in the ground far away from others. Some gnomes managed to learn skills and live inside of human and elven cities, yet most gnomes did naught but live in holes eating worms and mushrooms, for they had no skills to speak of. As time passed on, the gnomes took on different characteristics and cultures. Those who moved to the cities and took on some sort of craft became well known for their deft, small fingers capable of producing fine works; sometimes they were even able to learn magic or even ascend to some level of authority! Those who still lived in holes in the ground were less cultured, sticking to their mushroom-eating, hole-digging ways. These ‘Forest Gnomes’ became well known for stealing crops from farmers and living in bizarre settlements of holes, mushrooms, tree stumps or fallen logs, and the occasional hut made from pebbles or stones. Description Gnomes stand at around 1’6’’ to 2’ tall. They mentally and physically mature around the age of 20 (compared to the halflings’ 32), although “mental maturity” isn’t something that even gnome adults are known for. Much like the halflings, gnomes have a higher chance to have Heterochromia Iridium (2 eyes are different colors) and usually have curly hair. Their feet are usually left bare, letting onlookers marvel at the hair that covers them. Their hair can be any color, although black hair is much rarer than other colors. Culture(s) Civilized Gnomes Civilized Gnomes are gnomes that have moved into a Descendant city and work some sort of profession there. They speak the language, follow the culture, and participate in the politics of whatever city they are in (only if they are allowed to, of course). Known for being addled in the head and quick with their fingers, gnomes are eccentric figures whenever they’re found inside of a city, drawing lots of attention with their crafts and size. From alchemy to blacksmithing, these gnomes will do whatever it takes to put food on their miniature tables. When a gnome learns magic, they are usually considered to be a Civilized Gnome, since learning magic requires the gnome to interact with non-gnomish society. These gnomish mages are the craziest gnomes of all, coming up with the wackiest of schemes and practicing their magic with reckless abandon. Forest Gnomes Forest Gnomes have not moved into a city, either living alone or with a small community of other Forest Gnomes. These Gnomes wear basic clothing made from scraps, rags, or leaves. Their diet consists of nuts, berries, and mushrooms found near their homes, occasionally through small-scale farming. Their accent is thick and hard to interpret, although it’s clear that they are speaking some form of Common. Their interactions with outsiders consists of burglary runs, crop theft, and the occasional scuffle that the Forest Gnomes are bound to lose. Forest Gnomes have a strange affinity with squirrels, often keeping them as pets or using them to collect acorns. These befriended squirrels are allowed to roam free, coming back to the Forest Gnomes of their own free will. The exact methods used by the Forest Gnomes to befriend squirrels is not well known. Some think that Forest Gnomes can talk with squirrels, but such claims are probably false. Forest Gnome Housing ~A rather Gnome-like home underneath a tree in Brandybrook~ ~A Gnomish burrow in Mellsburry! (techncally a Kobold home, but it’s exactly what a Gnome hole would look like)~ ~An example of a Forest Gnome settlement built into giant mushrooms~ Redlines Forest Gnomes Forest Gnomes, while able to befriend squirrels, cannot talk with said squirrels no matter how hard they try. Befriended squirrels will not fight for Forest Gnomes under any circumstances. They may help with theft, but won’t fight when commanded to. Cannot befriend more than 3 squirrels at a time. Cannot be taller than 2 feet. Cannot be smaller than 1 foot 6 inches. Civilized Gnomes Civilized Gnomes who learn magic do not gain any bonuses for being a Gnome. Civilized Gnomes, while better at the finer details of crafts due to their small hands, are not any better at the rest of craftsmanship. Cannot be taller than 2 feet. Cannot be smaller than 1 foot 6 inches. Purpose For Forest Gnomes, their purpose is to be used in player-run events where said Gnomes try to burgle or steal crops from farmers. As a result of this, I’m open to Forest Gnomes being an event-only race if the Story Team wills it so long as regular players can use them in events too. For Civilized Gnomes, their purpose is to allow people to play as Gnomish tinkers, wizards, craftsmen, etc. if they wish. I do not expect many people to play as Civilized Gnomes, and thus I’m open to Civilized Gnomes being a CA-only race if the Story Team wills it. (EDIT) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Players just making a Gnome character or using Gnomes in events in order to spam people with the “You’ve Been GNOMED” meme will probably be banned for poor roleplay and toxicity. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is serious lore, not a dumb meme you can use to troll your friends.
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