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  1. Wildfire reads over a copy of the missive, unease creeping at his features. "When the dwarven Ireheart was slain by Him in Siramenor, I stepped forth without persuasion in order to settle the grudge once I knew it would keep our people safer. Once again has He taken a life, a once-friend of mine. This time, no one will be around to clean up his messes, lest he once more puts us all at risk by cowering behind our walls. What will he do now?"
  2. hi third skin auction, im just copy-pasting the rules and stuff enjoy RULES 1. any attempts at skin sniping will simply result in the auction being extended so dont do that :] 2. all of the following skins are made by me 3. some are alex model, some are steve, so u are allowed to change the model and make minor edits to fit ur character 4. any edits made must still result in the skin being identifiable as my original work, be reasonable 5. if you're buying the skin for someone please please let me know either on discord or in ur reply to save me concerns of potential skin theft
  3. ppl laugh at hur dur minecraft roleplay but don't realize how truly engaging and significant some of the storylines on here can be and its kind of sad that most of us probably don't tell anyone what we do on LOTC irl
  4. Amid a calm chat with his counterpart, Brother Wildfire would begin in a quiet but heated rant whilst he leans back in his seating, ankles crossed. "How often is it that I've seen Mali join Elvenesse, our green motherland, only to be pulled away at the slightest breeze of persuasion? Much like our Father Circle do they join us, claiming utmost loyalty and trust all until they hear of, oh what, cheaper drinks? Softer pillows? The smallest, mundane conveniences that would so easily persuade them!" He began, opening his mouth before delayed words left him as he sat up some. "We are a
  5. what will I ever do now that I can't play an OP mixed halfbreed orc-elf to be handsome and also super buff and strong????
  6. im build starved but I don't want to apply to thje event build team for it 

  7. day 2 of sharing possum pics (u gotta view my profile...) 

  8. day 1 of sharing possum pics

    1. ImCookiie


      first and final day I hope 

    2. Gemini


      So where’s the pic?

  9. (insert topical comment about 1.9 / 1.8 that you would personally agree with)
  10. Eir'thall looked upon the once destroyed home in awe, genuinely surprised that anyone would ever bother to do a favor for an ass like him.
  11. The letter reaches Wildfire some time in the morning, delivered by a young courier. He reads carefully, though a scowl tugs at his features before he shows it to his counterpart, beginning to rant while she read. "What empty words. Even an idiot can see that he only sent this out due to the risk of unattunement. He aids the duo who overgrew our home in a weak attempt to send a 'message' in littering our home with what were undeniably threats, and he has the gall to beg for mercy when it all comes around to bite him in the ass? All because they wished to push their own agenda while preaching
  12. are we just gonna pretend that claiming someone's an "undead" after they didn't PK isn't just an excuse to use methods of RP to OOCly badger players

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    2. blindmind


      I'd ban Dave, but that's not my call. Totally understand that this is basically a lose-lose situation. I just think it's funny that characters can pretend that Monks don't exist on a global level when they've been so fundamental to lore and society.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      @Spoons you haven't seen it for the past few months because the past few months have been almost entirely conflict free apart from a few raids.

    4. Mavromino


      14 hours ago, blindmind said:

      You could say whatever you like, sure, but for something like this to be a widely accepted truth in RP, you need to satisfy certain conditions. Those being: eliminate public knowledge of the Monks on a meta level, or have a state/government disavow the existence of Monk magic by punishing characters who acknowledge it. Historically speaking, I'm sure the server will lean toward the latter.

      According to the rules you can't rply know that the monks revive people.

  13. u guys are actually despicable

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