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  1. cant get doxxed if you dox yourself first On a serious note, welcome to the server! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out at un-w#9099 :)
  2. lotc is an open world that is meant to be explored and interacted with. there's no such thing as someone who isn't "open" to RP, bc the moment you log on, you subject yourself to the world and players around you. the people you interact with subject themselves to your interaction by logging on to the server i understand how the new player experience can be, and more so, i understand how rough dealing with anxiety can be. with that being said, i sincerely think your hesitance to approach strangers in-RP is just a result of overthinking. no one is judging you for engaging in conversation in-RP, because that's what the world is about. of course there will be instances where someone might not respond the way you would have liked, or someone might be totally AFK, but it's not something to let bother you too much remember, it's just a game, and you can choose to disengage at literally any time

    1. Adelemphii


      wo-oah here she comes.... she's a--

  4. The rain beat hard upon the scholar's back, hands and knees soaked in the muddy imprint of the ground. Words from a stranger, yet someone so familiar, seared with ire and passion in their pursuit of guilt. They walked away, and a single word rung in the ears of the grounded man amid the hazey downpour. Unholy.
  5. I hate that "bait" nowadays is people saying something fkn dumb, people calling them dumb, and that person going "HUR HUR GET BAITED XDD I GOT YOU SO GOOD"
  6. Awful mindset to have. It's true that it's a server of communities, but we shouldn't be OOCly encouraging this whole "pick us or them" behavior
  7. A lissome scholar wanders the alleys of Vienne, opting to take the short way home as opposed to facing the busy streets and merchants begging for trade. His palm drags along the wall, hoping for some semblance of balance in the dark, and meets the crinkle of a parchment. Shrrk! First, he curses, a thin papercut drawn across the edge of his finger. Then, he looks up, and snatches the piece from the wall. Though half-blind, he undertood all too well the message the piece suggested. He shoved the paper into his pocket before carrying along.
  8. install the dynamic surroundings mod i promise it will change ur minecraft life

    1. K_rusader


      Where can I get it?

    2. un-w


      1 minute ago, K_rusader said:

      Where can I get it?


    3. Venomous_Pup


      This here also has some good mods to download


  9. does anyone use MPM anymore

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    2. RandomRhunes


      MPM’s the best

    3. Nug


      i dont really play lotc much LOL but i updated it the other day bc the mod dev noppes pinged his disc with a new release for 1.16.5 

    4. Mordhaund


      Used to use it. Got too inconvenient.

  10. [!] Young couriers can be seen pinning a missive to various trees, notice boards, and walls throughout central and southern Almaris. To my Poets, Bards, and Authors, Since I was a boy, my father taught to me the values of literacy and humanities. He taught me the merit behind paperwork and diligence, all while stowing away my longing for artwork and experience. For long I have worked to refine my skill with the pen and paper, to perfect the craft of self-expression. I see all the worth in the world behind this forgotten, yet ancient art we few hold so close to heart. So often I find myself without the sustenance of scholarly connection, of creative expression and artistic forging. In my suffering, I came to the conclusion that the pen is an illusion without its counterpart paper, just as the scholar is aimless without his likewise acquaintance. Here I write, grasping into the empty realm, bargaining with the utmost anonymous and strangers’ eyes of my life, for those who can provide what I seek. Please, find me if you have what I’m looking for. I linger in Vienne. ~Castiel A. P.S. Send a courier if you intend to write to me. I have a violent phobia of avians.
  11. celianor where is your library i am literally begging u

    1. KILL_MAPS


      its in the academy but the academy is locked good luck


      it also has no books rn

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    2. LoTC's Next Top Model
  12. absolutely begging upper management to remove the potato spam feature

    1. wowj


      you can pay like 8 dollars to stop the spam


    30 more minutes to touch grass. The clock is ticking. Death is inevitable. 

    1. rukio


      Does knitting green yarn count?

    2. un-w


      @rukioI will allow it

  14. Nowhere on the internet is safe for minors, because its not just an LOTC problem the way some ppl think it is. Look at literally any other online community Nothing we do will ever 100% protect every single minor, because as @Wizzarsaid, it's a lazy solution to a larger problem on the server
  15. the main argument for this whole "raise the minimum age requirement" thing from ppl (not just u satin) is mostly just "we can't ban every single predator etc so the current system is unreliable and inefficient" as if raising the minimum age requirement will somehow solve this if the solution you propose cannot be enforced or moderated any better than the problem itself, it's not a solution
  16. Skin commissions open, check out my page here


  17. skin commissions on hold as of 4/23 edit: skin comms resumed
  18. can we please hide map art from showing up on the latest topics page

    1. Mordhaund


      how many times do we have to say it before they do it 

  19. un-w


    which sound improvement mod are u using
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