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  1. Look the LT said the exact same thing I said If you want lore approved make really good lore. If that doesn't work Keep doing it
  2. That's me
  3. Then keep doing it then, see what the previous guys did and interweave it into a bigger one, and if that get's denied just give up, sheesh not a difficult thing.
  4. I'mma repeat what I said before for more Repz Guys, if you want to get guns 'n' sthtuff intu deh serva Write deh lore fur it.
  5. This discussion is becoming way to salty, guys chill down a bit sheesh, I can literally smell the resonating Aggro coming off of this discussion... Anyway, my thoughts. Techlock is okay, magic guns were removed and stuff due to abuse, and that's 100% fine, if you want a weapon get fire evocation or something, that way you don't even have to shoot a gun of any type in 3 emotes, you can just create a ball of fire in like 4! Techlocks prevent us from making giant mechs, that being said when someone said 'if it looks like a dog and barks like one...' it does ring a bell, Dwarves / Arcadia people are the few people that actually put rune cannons into distribution, I mean look, they've legit built a destroyer with 4 rune cannons on it at one point not so long ago and don't really distribute rune cannons, and when they do they sell them for like 1k+ or something. If people want to get tech passed, they write lore for it, simple as hell, if you want a gun, make a long as hell lore post describing how they were first made, what sort of concentration of gunpowder, how they are reloaded, maintained and how it won't be wildly distributed into the server causing mass havoc like all the PVP nations actually shifting to Rp just because they have 1 shot rifles or something. I like to think about it in this way. We have TNT, a high explosive that is used for war sometimes, gunpowder is a known thing and stuff, so in this context, someone must have thought at some point since the first map: 'Wait this stuff is explosive, If I put something infront of it, it'll push that thing really hard!' thus, creating the first weapon. Again however, people Need to write lore and Good lore at that to get it through.
  6. this is a beautiful write up about Soul Puppetry and can really help people understand it. +1
  7. MC Name: PuddleMancerPro List in Question: No1LovesMorgan changed to PuddleMancerPro Error in Question: In Water Evocation and Illusion, I should be set to No1LovesMorgan, I have recently just changed my name Link to Magic Application (If Relevant): N/A
  8. I'll just go with the evocation idea +1 for that Everything else is un-needed, shifting is a semi difficult magic to get, transfiguration too. Mental magic is kinda overpowered, but a master of the magic (T5) Should still be able to get through most wards, maybe including a roll check etc would help idk
  9. Sometimes the events aren't bad It's the people in them *Coughs* yesterday's world event *Coughs* Some people think it's okay just to meme around during events where others actually want to rp in it Maybe something to stop that would help, Idk how you can work it out
  10. "Two thousand mina" a robed man with silver lining shouts out "Jokes ******* I'm in the Enchantry. Maybe next time you shouldn't be a bad dealer. Your core is as useless as a blind man enlisted in the Oren army." "As an Archer." he'd add
  11. Why are you worse than me
  12. Morgan shrugs, spending a few hours literally writing away the thing, scratching it out. Before facepalming, writing the completed message and sighing OOC: I've been working for what feels like an hour...
  13. Ouch didn't realize people got so triggered.
  14. #Tox
  15. Why not just make a democratic city: GMs are PRO to solve conflicts 3 'houses' that people can get invited two which act as a political party, like Conversatives, Labour and shoite (**** the tories) People elect the Party by what they promise Party puts what they promised into play We all happy. Why? Having GMs as PRO solves the 'I want to nuke my city' Having 3 different parties solves the Oren Syndrome People electing the parties allows us to still get some say People can also join these parties to help effect the world, giving us more stuff to do. Anyone wanna quote and criticize?