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  1. Morganosaurus Rex

    The Secrets of Carbarum

    Me see me likes
  2. Morganosaurus Rex

    Charter System [Your View]

    I like it!
  3. Morganosaurus Rex

    Redemption for Incompetence

    the GM team is just corrupt, rip Orcs hope you guys get comped
  4. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Denied] Bluee's Forum Moderator Application

    perhaps +1
  5. Morganosaurus Rex

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    Flamboyant saw it first, like a hound on the move As he smelled there was lore that he didn't approve. "What is this Krugsmas Magic from this Krugsmas Elf? Rewrite it at once, or it goes on the shelf!" You beautiful beautiful man
  6. e +1 He’s a good guy and has come a long way idk what the dude above was thinking, looks like a meme account to me
  7. Morganosaurus Rex

    Morganosaurus Rex

  8. Morganosaurus Rex


    Note to the Application Team, I have sent a message to this user in the discussion of their skin, they’ll be attempting to get their skin situation resolved so please take a moment to deny it due to the skin reasons, other than that I’ll allow you to work on the rest
  9. Morganosaurus Rex


    Ahh Z3M0S no, you’re chaddwarf and a great person, I hope whatever situation you’re in improves rn my man, Idk what it’s like with Leukemia because I ain’t got it but google tells me it’s shitty so I’ll take google’s word as an understatement, I hope your situation improves dude 😕
  10. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    I’ll let you decide what I think, the guy had a history of being toxic prior GM, and once resigned broke several rules and now wants to try and be GM again. Hell he got banned after he resigned too not so long after.
  11. Morganosaurus Rex

    Codex: Regulations of Alchemy and the Arcane

    “We are opening opportunities for those who are magically inclined to reside within our limits with a sense of freedom to practice their arts within limits, I can assure you that this will improve our relations with those with magical affinities and bring to the table what other nations of the Human Race usually won’t allow.” said Morgan politely
  12. Codex: Regulations on the usage of Alchemy and the Arcane Definitions of the Arcane: The Arcane is an inclusive word used to describe anything supernatural. Definitions of Alchemy: Alchemy is an inclusive word to describe anything that has been created through the mixture of natural or quasi-natural resources to create a product. On the Arcane: Evocations (e.g. Electrical or Arcanism), Transfiguration + Translocation, Cognatism, Sensory + Mental magic, Telekinesis, Voidal Shifting, Conjuration; arts that manipulate the voidal plane or use it in some way. Refer to the tributary clause On the Dark: Dark Shamanism, Necromancy, Blood Magic, Mysticism, Demonic Arts, Shade arts All dark arts are prohibited within the principalities confines, those found practising any of the dark arts listed will be trialled and henceforth executed unless expressed reason prevents such. On the Deific: Druidism, Shamanism, holy magic (e.g. Clericalism) Shamanism is prohibited around official / consecrated areas (E.g. The Palace or perhaps a graveyard) Refer to Tributary Clause for more information On Artificers: Runesmithing, Golemancy, and other arts that involve the creation of items and beings through less-than voidal focussed means. Refer to Tributary Clause On magical/quasi-magical material: Thanhium, Ruibrium, Magnetic minerals, Boomsteel, Arcanium. Thanhium is strictly prohibited due to its instability. for other material please refer to the Tributary clause On the alchemical: Creations of potions, poisons and other creations Although potions which have positive boons are allowed, poisons come under the tributary clause. Taboo creations such as false-life and giving life to creatures is a great taboo and comes under similar punishments as utilizing dark arts. The Tributary Clause One must present His Majesty, the High Prince / The Court Mage with a tribute for each art they wish to utilize, this tribute must be of equal value that they see their art (minimum of 100 minae) Examples could be: A transfiguration enchants a ring that allows the user to conjure a small shard of ice A voidal shifter gifts knowledge and insight to his High Prince on the operations of the void and the method of utilizing his art in a comprehensive explanatory scale. A holy mage imbues their powers onto an object and gifts it to the High Prince or tells them the comprehensive explanation of the usage of their arts and what it does. A person wishing to use their Arcanium blade within the cities gives the High Prince 100 minae and shows them lightly the effects of Arcanium By doing so, they are given a permit with their name of it, signed by the High Prince or his Court Mage which specifies what they are allowed to practice Flouts, Violations and the Temporary Permit Clause Flouting Violating Temporary Permit Clause This clause can be given by any governing body or higher unit, as a justified reason of using their art/item, this could be, for instance, a guard under attack gives permission for the user to unsheath an arcanium blade or use magic to take down an opponent who has the upper hand. Signé au nom de His Royal Majesty, Louis II of the House of Rosiere, Prince of Rosenyr, Duke of Peri and Northwatch, Count of Pris, Baron of Pessac and Anders, Defender of the Rosynian, Lairnic, Adreni, and Matrian peoples Morgan Hallowfall, Court Mage of Rosenyr
  13. Morganosaurus Rex

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    When will you accept me as a nice person and love me Phil -Morgan
  14. Morganosaurus Rex


    Eh Blago you were a boaster and an ass but I didn’t hold that too hard, people are assholes to the opposition it’s just a thing that happens, good luck on Irl and anything that happens on it, you’re probably a nice guy apart from the jitterfingers 🙂
  15. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Denied]L1L_PLugg13's Game Moderator Application

    I believe this man is beautiful Na but for real, decent guy and we do apparently need staff, your best bet +1