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  1. Morganosaurus Rex


    “Question, firstly it’s Fenn’celia which was an ancient Alias” “Secondly, aren’t you just a turn-coat traitor snow-elf who I taught alchemy to?” “Third point, I’ve never technically lied to any officials and committed treason” “Conclusion, you’re paranoid and targetting other factions that you fear will become more popular than yourself as you know you are a weak and incompetent fool.” noted the mali’aheral Shame unto Morgan, the degenerate elf otherwise known as Fenn’Celia, for harboring anti-imperial sentiments and acting upon them, treason and espionage, and lying to and/or misleading empire officials.
  2. Morganosaurus Rex

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    When will Flam say something too yeet
  3. Morganosaurus Rex

    A Map of Arcas

    Ahh, fair, looked like Inkarnate mountains
  4. Morganosaurus Rex

    A Map of Arcas

    Inkarnate? I love it ❤️
  5. Morganosaurus Rex

    [PK] The Vulture Flies

    Can I have more books for my shelf
  6. Morganosaurus Rex

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    I do enjoy that this has alternations from just alchemy which is nice from you, especially ones with mana crystals instead of alchemy straight is quite good
  7. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Magic Lore] - Galderes

    As a puddlemancer I can affirm that this looks like a good puddle I’d slap my +1 on it
  8. Morganosaurus Rex

    Playerbases thoughts on Cults, Evil Groups, Antags.

    Westerlands, I forgot that group Still have a token from the place tho lol
  9. Morganosaurus Rex

    Playerbases thoughts on Cults, Evil Groups, Antags.

    Interesting parts: when done properly they bring conflict into roleplay and are something that as Braz said above, are enjoyable to roleplay for or against such groups Pitfalls: Again with Brazilian, most groups who try this are undeveloped characters being unnecessarily edgy (e.g. just joined the cult and are instant psychopaths) or just generally unnecessarily edgy in general, there is a level that people need to watch. The reasons should be clear too, iblees cults when Iblees is x_x is pointless and is just an excuse for edge in my eyes Expectations: Fun, roleplay should be fun, I want to fight or help these groups, feel involved Groups: Mordring event group (the necros and players involved), although not the most engaging, when I did meet them they were there and I noticed them, they had people inside of it too that went there for roleplay and had a past that made them built it, they weren’t just over-edgy players doing it but actually well-developed characters and experienced players.
  10. Morganosaurus Rex


    Too bad Caesar is already dead because he’d probably do it again
  11. Morganosaurus Rex


  12. Morganosaurus Rex

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    eh it’s time
  13. Morganosaurus Rex

    Minerals of Arcas

    Cheers, yh it’s just a lot to take in at once so I thought maybe separating them would make it easier to view!
  14. Morganosaurus Rex

    Minerals of Arcas

    I do like all the different features, but I also feel it would be nice for them to be categorized Maybe like a ‘mundane’ area and a ‘mystical’ area Good way of splitting it as some have more-than-normal effects whereas others are just slap bish bash normal no magic whatsoever
  15. Morganosaurus Rex

    Please Delete My Account

    ^ Same Chill Jesus the unchill People have to go to bed dude it’s not a 24 hour service