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  1. Morganosaurus Rex

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

  2. Morganosaurus Rex


    Ouchies, everyone insulting old staff member like *****, focus on the topic dumbasses instead of trying to throw shade on other people like Tahmas Back on topic, yeah sure it's a bit annoying there there is no communication, no management of management and poor decisions being made, and although yeah sure taking it to Discord PMs usually ends in BS, it's also a pain putting it on the forums because new players are gonna see these issues and be like 'onoes xD time to leave' and go, Just make a giant Discord group, put an anonymous report etc, this topic has been going for a while now with no forward movement, just more people joining the witch hunt That's my 2 cents, now time to wait for the 20 '(x) has quoted your message' where people try to pick it apart and insult it, xd
  3. Morganosaurus Rex

    [I]Jondead, froggydylans' Game Moderator Application

    When I first met Jondead, he was playing the edgiest to God char And from that day I was like "This guy has no chance on here" Then I met him playing his current char and I was like "Wow he's a decent guy, and he roleplays really well" This guy is actually a nice dude who enjoys the server, and for that I can only say that he'd Make a terrible GM because he'd donate too much time into LOTC and eventually fade Thanos victim style +1, let's get some GMs that we can agree will do the community some good
  4. I got bored and all the posts are like 'ew no lt is bad remove magic change it xP xP' So, and try to actually not be an ass here, I made a form, I intend on making it into a pie chart which categorizes the issues If you're not a meme loser and actually you are someone willing to help the server, just think about these when you fill it in, it has three spaces so think wisely: Is your issue with management of Lore? E.g. Lore bloat Is your issue within the Lore? E.g. Certain magics or things Is your issue within the Staff? E.g. You don't feel as if you are updated enough Why? Well, I want to help the LT know what we actually want in a general format so maybe they can focus on it right now, no offense but seeing 50 small changes to 50 things is not as good as 10 massive changes that make a positive impact on the server. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdbGbY4KQckqxJOfy6CuDwt-mbbqSmyAj85J4dsvhU5kIEUHQ/viewform
  5. Morganosaurus Rex

    Enough is Enough.

    That's all I meant Pond lol, the fort is my only worry in this xD
  6. Morganosaurus Rex

    Enough is Enough.

    Tbf, orcs are in the wrong but I'mma still chip in and say this: When a player moans or insults the GM team, it means there is a problem in the GM team that needs to be rectified, if the GM team banned every player that had some sort of ill-thought against the GM team or any staff team in that matter, then the server would have about 11 players. There are problems in almost all teams That need to be rectified Second thing though is I mean it's not like the Dominon are the cleanest slate, having witnessed multiple meta rallies, both High Elves and during a spook fight where someone essentially triple bird emoted to call for backup.
  7. Morganosaurus Rex

    Vegetarianism's Game Moderator Application

    An absolutely terrible (+1) man he's not even fit (+1) for this sort of (+1) role and he totally (+1) won't be getting my (+1) +1
  8. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    Just ******* accept him
  9. Morganosaurus Rex

    Return of Non-Magical RP Crafting

    I agree tbf, VIPs legit get so many renames 'n' stuff meaning it just makes LOTC in my eyes 'pay to play' yeah sure you've gotten whitelisted, what's that you're a blacksmith? Sorry please donate like £20 just for one or two swords and stuff every 3 days! IRP crafting is not encouraged by any staff team and that is a problem, it's roleplay, it's crafting, it's development, it's learning, blacksmiths should exist in LotC and they don't because no-one wants to spend £20 just to play a persona, it's stupid, completely stupid and the best we can do is bring back IRP crafting or at least make it so everyone can actually rename items, maybe hey, VIPS get to recolor them that's fine
  10. Morganosaurus Rex

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    And @MavrominoIt seems darkstalkers are basically just 10x more durable physically anyhow, they can take a beating etc and are essentially immune to slashing or piercing damage (1d10 bludgeoning?), and there is also abyss forging which can help them get noice swords for fighting
  11. Morganosaurus Rex

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

  12. Morganosaurus Rex

    Declaration of war on Renatus

    "I, Morgan Hallowfall, do take up arms against Retanus. May silver drown the wicked dragon, they shall have no refuge from what is to come."
  13. Morganosaurus Rex

    Gms ban an entire 40 people so Renatus can win

    In a nutshell Massive amount of people on Reiver side, all allies and friends and some even inside, all get banned for 30 mins as 'unauthorized fighters' Complete an utter method of collapsing our thing, meaning we lost when we were clearly going to win, like, some people want to take down Retanus, it's a fact, and the reasoning behind it is still unclear and whatever it is, stupid really
  14. Morganosaurus Rex

    Gms ban an entire 40 people so Renatus can win

    >Retanus Tries to get CBs from Every single nation >People fight back >Everyone but like 8 people get banned
  15. Morganosaurus Rex

    Gms ban an entire 40 people so Renatus can win