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  1. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Trial][W] PlusOneMorale's Game Moderator Application

    NO! Yes ❤️+1lovely man ❤️
  2. Morganosaurus Rex

    A Change in the Wind

    Morgan Hallowfall thinks for a second, seeing the small robot which totally works with tech-lock, as he'd try to prod it with a long iron stick.
  3. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Plugin] The Magic Plugin, Why Not?

    You say it like the idea of dealing 4 hearts of damage for x attack, locking x players in place with an ice wall for x seconds and flight is not a pvp-orientated thing... Adding PVP focussed spells limits the free-roam creativity by players merely *creates spell* *uses plugin* and if you say I'm wrong then sure I am because they wouldn't even bother, they'll just call pvp and use the plugin instead of roleplay anyway. " It also mentions that the magic would only be provided to a select few that are known well for their magical prowess since it really shouldn't be distributed as easily as magic is now and it also specifically states that magic shouldn't really even be a use for combat in the first place because it's easily power-gamed." So basically another circlejerk, gotcha. By only giving magic to a select few, others will feel left out and the system as equally unfair as the server is already, Having like 10 people with the ability to use the plugin out of the 300+ users of magic probably lurking on the server somewhere, you're simply creating a little circlejerk fo friends who like using their clicky click magic for memes, I mean it's not uncommon or unheard of for people like GM's to under-the-collar do things for friends, I mean have you ever heard of the mob grinder underneath Courland on Axios? **** happens and monitoring that **** is merely just another piece of **** onto the **** list of **** Gm's need to do ****
  4. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Plugin] The Magic Plugin, Why Not?

    YEAH GUYS LET'S LET PVP GOONS GET WHAT THEY WANT MORE BUFFS TO WRECK NON-PVPERS WITH YAYYYYYYYYY LET'S ALSO RUIN ALL THE MAGIC LORE BY TURNING IT INTO A ******* PVP SYSTEM YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY no. no no nononononon no. Everytime a magic system is requested It's denied Think why Maybe it's because, actual ******* mages who aren't braindead and don't just want to hop on a roleplay server to find some retarded braindead goon use magic just so he can be xd the best clicker on a click server, it's a pointless ******* idea, mages don't want any ******* plugin, it's roleplay, we ******* imagine the ice shard, we don't need to take 3 hearts of damage from an ice beam Runesmithing exists, so this rune system just ruins the magic and makes it a meme, please for the love of god why the **** are we still on this page of 'xd magic system for non-mages who just come on to click at each other'
  5. Morganosaurus Rex

    End of World prediction

    Yeah, 99 intellect with all skills put into interpreting bad art
  6. Morganosaurus Rex

    Dominion of Devils

    An Aheral stands watching the conflict of multiple elves placing up the actual facts instead of the dumb bullshit the human nations want to set-up to prolong their clicky click click war.
  7. Morganosaurus Rex

    End of World prediction

    what the **** even is that, I see a dude with one eye holding a green blob and a winged person to the right
  8. Morganosaurus Rex

    Implement the new territory plugin

    >Freebuilds not killing the server >Example one, an area ruined by mob-grinding apparatus >Example two, inactive settlements (Haense and Marna are the cities at either side, they don't count as they are tiles) >example three, landscarring, albeit it doesn't show very well, in this area, lava has been taken, coal blocks dug up and replaced with cobble, magma blocks the same, etc. Landscarring. >Inactive Settlement (I helped build this and I know it's inactive, I regret working to get this built in the first place, knowing it was just going to go inactive) Conclusion: Atlas has been fucked up by landscarring, stupid freebuilds that become inactive in less than a week, etc. Cities are built for 4 people, fortresses litter the map, people harvest (And I will admit I have done, but only in areas that have already been scarred) materials on the map that they can, people build things and then leave them either unfinished or try to keep a claim on them, even though they do nothing but act as a little fort to stop attacks. The tile system last map was a lot better than this. If you want to get a form of freebuild without this, then make very small tiles for a lower price, e.g. 5k for a 40x40, or put on stricter limits and so forth. It's at the point where I'm sick of finding someone's shitty house in the middle of no-where, which the player probably hasn't visited because 'lol its my pvp storage' or hideous cobblestone towers that are just pvp forts, I mean look at this: This fort uses leaves around a moat to stop people laddering out and so forth, this is the sort of JUNK I find on the map.
  9. Morganosaurus Rex

    Community Update VIDEO

    ily marim thanks 4 help
  10. Morganosaurus Rex

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    >stating it's rushed >not contributing which parts are rushed >saying it'll get denied without looking at it completely >:Thinking: Emoji If there are any issues with the lore, it'll go into pending and then issues will be declared, unlike Zarsies which was self-denied, and Geo's where it was simply stated (No offence to dad geo) that the requested edits were not attended to. In this rewrite however, such changes have been addressed, and anything unaddressed can and will be.
  11. Morganosaurus Rex

    Teachers Wanted!

    Application: Mc Name: PuddleMancerPro Discord: Sheepthulu#5032 Timezone (EST,GMT,etc): GMT RP Name: Morgan Hallowfall Race: High Elf Age: Like, 200ish New Subject Idea: N/A Subject(s) Seeking to fill one any (from list) that are unfilled: Medicine, Combat, Blacksmithing, Magic (not teaching, merely teaching about the void as a whole) Prior Experience : - 180+ Years of experience with dark forces - Warfare and Combat experience - Previous Military Experience - Alchemy Practice - Medicinal / Herbology practice - Three voidal arts - Practice around rare materials -Blacksmithing Training (I do own that forge...) -A wide range of arcane knowledge
  12. Morganosaurus Rex

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    Yeah boi @Jentos Our goodies went innies
  13. Morganosaurus Rex

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    Descend to Ascend
  14. Morganosaurus Rex

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    @ZachoSnacko By what Lore? Everything else has been scrapped 😉
  15. Morganosaurus Rex

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    ******* LOVE YA SECURITY BBY ❤️ Thanks for using my barebone shite and turning it into this beauty m9, I love it