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  1. Question. What is a mina? Is it a silver coin? A gold slab? a crystal?
    Do we have bank notes? We have an international banking system, but how does it work? are IOU’s the only thing or do we have actual bank notes and paper money?

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    2. Cpt_Noobman


      Have you seen Mr. Krabs’ first dime?

    3. Lirro


      Minas are a debt and interest free currency spent into circulation by players

    4. JuniperSelkie


      A mina is a disk of translucent green crystal, produced by the monks.

  2. Chryosaurus Rex

    Event Battle Discussion

    It sounds interesting for me. Something that could be really cool would be something like a multi-stage siege with this kind of system. Let’s say, it begins with group A, a bunch of scouts, having to check out the forticifcations and sneak around, then room B goes in to set up a staging ground for the army. Once the camp is set up, the rest go in, now there’s a new RP spot where the rest of the event-chain can be based from, the big army camp for everyone, and thats it for the week, now people can plan and gather people and resources and stuff in the new camp. Then some group prods at the defenses to see how they work, maybe some other group has to go out and take out some outposts or soultrees or something elsewhere, and then do things like that for a few weeks and the single battle event could be stretched out into a whole chain of events telling a larger story. Something like this would encourage cooperation between different groups, because no one group is big enough to do everything, give more context to the events, make them more accessible since you only need to make one time of many instead of a single laggy PVE battle, which you might miss and therefore miss the big event. And it would also mean the side-events aren’t locked to smaller groups, since it’d be easier to get involved in them so you know the whole story instead of just the smaller bits you hear during the big world-events. Of course, as dingo mentioned, you need a really good team to pull it off. And yes I realize this post is an utter mess and much bigger than the original one
  3. Chryosaurus Rex

    On the Effectiveness of Wyvernbone Armor: Buff Needed Because of Math

    But wyverns fly so why are their bones heavy? Also no, heavier does not mean better armour, bone is still a terrible material for armour because if its exposed to the air it becomes even more brittle, and its easy to cut through compared to 90% of metals
  4. Chryosaurus Rex

    RP and Map Size

    The map isn’t too big, I think its about the size of Axios? The issue is rather that the map is full of nothing. A large area full of absolutely nothing with the active nations spread far apart which makes it extremely discouraging to ever leave the place you are because it’ll take half an hour to go to the place you want to check for RP, and another half an hour to walk back to where you started if there’s nothing there. Along this sprinting on the roads you’re likely to pass dosens of abandoned freebuilds just sitting there, not being removed, not being used, they’re just there for no seeming reason other than for one random person to sit in a few of them alone, proclaming themselves leader of some big group thats never around. Basically, if the nations were all close to the cloud temple it’d be fine, if freebuild didn’t cover the entire map it’d be fine, if the out edges of the map were wilderness with stuff to explore like ruins and forests with event sites instead of just more freebuild it’d be fine. In my opinion, at least.
  5. Chryosaurus Rex

    Fort Strong Warclaim

    siege tower boats. I want this to happen
  6. That’s the thing, any donator can, which means a bunch of people (myself included there) who doesn’t want to or cant pay for donator are simply locked out of the economy, other than grinding bread and wood and selling that Basically “for just a few dollars you too can actually get involved in the more interesting rp on lotc” Yeah lovely I myself would appreciate something akin to Nexus, but also not nexus, because dear god I also remember nexus and how broken it was. But some way to make more unique items
  7. Chryosaurus Rex

    [Varendozian Bounty] Goblins of Ardes

    A mercenary captain grabs one of the posters spread around Adria and walks into the tavern, showing it to the rest of his guild and discussing whether to take on the bounty or join in one of the days battles
  8. Chryosaurus Rex

    Carrion for the Crows

    Alden sighs as he hears the news and paces back into the tavern, rubbing his temple “I told you to stop this madness. I told you... Oh well, You’ll die soon, and be at peace.” The elf runs a finger across his cheek as he walks across the room towards a fire, shaking his head multiple times “And so Fenn too falls to barbarism and displaying their dead enemies like some kind of animal in a pissing contest.”
  9. Chryosaurus Rex

    Words of Peace

    Alden goes back to work as he hears the news, expanding the farms outside of the mercenary camp further and helping the rest gather firewood and materials for a proper house to replace their tents during the winter “Clearly peace isn’t an option for either side” He comments to the closest worker, a large tigrasi “We should begin selling our stockpiles of food and iron to the ones who’ll need it for a lower price than before, and join up in the fight when we have a chance”
  10. Chryosaurus Rex

    Malevolence: Into the Firelands II con, Xionfall

    Rhys, having been the second one into the fortress just after Aelthir, and having helped hold until the others making up the force could catch up to them takes a moment to rest against the stone walls after the battle. He looks out at the conquered castle, chuckling as he sees the other Ivae'fenn pile up the bodies of the fallen and moving to help them "Well fought, well fought lliran. I enjoyed it immensely. Just hope this luck will continue."
  11. Chryosaurus Rex

    The Remembrance Guild

    Name: Rhillen ((MC Name)): Chryasor Age: g8 Race: Mali'ame Are you interested in becoming Scribe, or a Sentinel?: Sentinel. Published Works (Scribe Only): Combat Experience(Sentinel Only): Fought in multiple wars, lead battles during the Axios apocalypse and worked in several settlements to help prepare them against and fight off raids, along with several encounters with monsters, men and everything inbetween when travelling the continetns of Atlas and Axios. Allegiance: Holm. Did Someone Recruit you to the Guild? If so, please state their name: Dargo. What amount of time can you dedicate to the Remembrance Guild? ((How active are you, on a scale from 1-10? Please state timezone as well)): 5 ((central euorpe Discord: Chryosaurus rex#2356
  12. Chryosaurus Rex

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    I'm curious, why not?
  13. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Chryasor (shunon_north was a previous name) Ban Reason https://gyazo.com/fd4a79398bd77d35612ac63fcd584d94 Players Involved Chryosaurus Rex FlamboyantRage By your own understanding, why are you banned? I got banned due to breaking lore and CA rules. Firstly, using alchemy i thought was valid due to earlier misinformation without bothering to double-check it, which is entirely on me, I sohuld always check those things, arguing from ignorance when information is availble is inherently stupid. Then using metal and broken golem to repair bones on my character without approval, which i find odd. Replacing bones isn't high-tech, it wasn't a golem arm or anything of the kind, and i have never seen an app for it. I have though seen people running around with redstone arms and other techy things like that without applications, but again, I should have double-checked these things to make sure. And lastly, I used an atronach without ever pplying for one. I used it in some casual RP with friends, so i thought it would be fine, which, yeah it really isnt since i never applied for it, and as i found out later, where my character had gotten it (Haelun'ors atornach army) didnt get transferred to Atlas where he got it so the thing shouldn't have existed to begin with. Overall this point was simply me being an idiot. Why should you be pardoned? One, my ban is about two months overdue since it should have been lifted, and two, I took some time to look over the reasons i was banned, and they were all fully justified. I'll make sure to try and look back in the future and remind myself to double check everything before I do it. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? As stated above, I'll simply double-check before i do things to make sure its actually possible and allowed and i dont need to apply for it, not too difficult really, should go a bit ont he way to teach myself to not be so lazy with these things overall Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Well they overall just seem like the general "be nice to others and it will be a better time, don't be too serious or angry about the RP and it will be more fun to participate in it" sort of thing, which is in now way bad. I like them when they first got posted, I still do. A lot of the community, myself included at times, i can admit that, need to be reminded that not taking everything here seriously at all times and being nice to people is a better solution than getting angry about RP and quite frankly being twats. I mean yeah we’ve all been taught this since kindergarden but it doesn’t hurt being reminded sometimes, and having “rules” from the guidelines doesnt exactly hurt. Summary : Telling people to be nice and not too salty is a good thing, to quote a meme older than dinosaur fossils “is just a game, why you have to be mad?”
  14. Chryosaurus Rex

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    Hey maybe osmething good will come from this then, +1 seems like a good guy to have as the community manager, i approve
  15. Chryosaurus Rex

    [Feedback] Nation Status

    This far to my experience Holm is more active the the Dominion, Fenn, Haelun'or, Sutica, Kaz'ulrah and a few human nations I've run through. But isn't counted as a nation. Just saying.