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  1. Out of Character Information What is your Minecraft account name? dantayyyy. Alts are dantayyyyy and dantayyyyyy. What Timezone are you in? AEST, Australian Eastern Standard Timezone. How old are you? 14. Are you aware that the content and interactions of this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? Yes. Have you read and agreed to the rules? Yes. What is the rule you agree with the most? Rule #3, or: Excessive trolling or the use of 'memes' in roleplay is disallowed. I agree with this rule the most due to how frustrating it can get when I see people trolling and memeing in roleplay, an activity I typically take rather seriously. Are there any rules that confuse you or don't make sense? Nope, I understand them all. How did you find out about Lord of the Craft? I'd actually known about it for a while, though only now figured I should check it out. After reading the wiki and whatnot, I can confidently say I'm excited to see what there is to offer. Links to past Whitelist applications: N/A. Have you logged into the server yet? Yes. Definitions What is Roleplaying? Roleplaying is pretending to be another person and acting in their shoes, to put it simply. Whilst roleplaying, you can practically do whatever you wish, some examples being: smithing, fishing, fighting, inventing and a lot more. What is Metagaming? Metagaming is the illegal act of using OOC (out of character) knowledge IRP (in roleplay). An example of this is finding something out about another character over the discord, then acting on that information with your character on the server. What is Powergaming? Powergaming is another illegal act, this one of doing relatively impossible things in roleplay. An example of this is in the middle of a CRP where someone would emote: *dodges all attacks and kills u*. In-Character Information Character's name: Zaheer Azevado. Character's sex: Male. Character's race: Human. Character's age: 27. Biography: Zaheer was gifted a below average life, living on the streets of Auguston of the Holy Orenian Empire, living off the scraps of the rich. His mother and father abandoned him as a child, leaving him to fend for himself in this realm. The first decade was the hardest, having to find his own food and depend on the rubbish of others. He is a Heartlander deep within, though is as far as one can get from nobility and whatnot. He had to educate himself in the art of combat, watching the training practices occurring throughout the city, practicing with but a stick of wood. Additionally, he had to do the same in all other forms of education, staying in hiding from the city's officials, not knowing what they'd do to him. Hiding like that was a challenge, though something he just had to overcome. At the age of 13, he met a girl but a year younger than he, and he formed a bond with her. Though, unfortunately it did not last too long, her handing him in to the city officials when she found out of his situation, not wanting 'scum' like him to litter the streets. He managed to get away, barely, but he succeeded. After that situation, he had learned not to trust anyone, keeping to himself so he can survive. It carried on like this for yet another decade, him not knowing what to do, not wanting to continue living a life of which he'd had. Eventually, he had enough, escaping out of the city and travelling off. He now wanders around the continents, unsure of where to go, and unaware of where his destiny lies. Personality Traits: Zaheer enjoys being alone, though does hope to make a friend or two during his travels across the world. He dislikes people in general, typically just disliking the world itself for the life it gave him. Ambitions: He has a slight interest in the act of Dark Magic, seeing the power that lies within, and the cowardice most contain to use the magic. One thing he longs to find during his travels is a teacher, to educate him in this art more. Strengths/Talents: Zaheer is extremely talented in the ways of hiding and running, knowing how to navigate around typically hard to navigate places, and find a good location to go into hiding. Weaknesses/Inabilities: He is utterly terrible at social interaction and loathes it to a point of actively avoiding it. Things like speeches make his heart race, being terrified at the thought of him being the one doing it. Looks: Zaheer has a thick mustache across the top of his lips, that being one of his most noticeable features. He has dark brown eyes, with dirty brown hair, rivaling the earth in color. He managed to steal some clothing from a wandering caravan in his travels, now wearing some orange and brown clothing, with a more in-depth detail at the skin below. Skin: http://prntscr.com/hk6aue.